D-Pryde - Fancy Lyrics

Lala Yeah! Lala La La La
This ain't a mustard beat ho, but its okay

[Verse: D-Pryde]
Skate highs, rag up on my waist lines
Steez is too murderous, I swear my swagger take lives
If I was a pussy, homie I would have like 8 lives, cause you rappers kill me when you say that you gonna take mine
Ride with my regulars, I die for my regualrs
If I push wait, I will push a pie for my regulars
Fried chicken, red wine, how I dine with my regulars
Clean record bitch, I can't commit crimes on a regular
But I'm too rare, other dudes too fraud, if mustard on a beat baby, that one I'm a poop on
No I ain't a GMC, I ain't no Yukon
Yellow boy, got some chick that slurpin' me like udon
Magic Trick a rapper, poof bitch, yeah you gone
Any record you throw me, I cut it like a coupon
I could rap a verse outshine in what you done in two songs
I'm grinding for that hard bread and green like a croûton
Yeah, I spazz out gotta let me shine
Got her ass out then I guess she's mine
She golden like a Nelly, and I'm so clean swaggin' every top
No games like it's Serani tryna' ball out like the Mozzarella
If she say that her roommate's gone then I'm there A.S.A.P like mister Rocky
20 years old with a mind like I'm 30, showed up to her house clean, but my mind's looking dirty
And my chick marshmallow her behind's looking Hershey, but when she talk about me to her girls, she always be like "Girl Please."
'Bout to make a scary attack, your Twitter following took my following bitch, spare me the sach
You're about as noticeable as a fucking hair on my ass
Album coming soon, who says I never care about my fans, like wassup?
I only take her to the telly if she look like Tori Kelly, wassup?
Eatin' good while you jelly rubbing on my man

[Interpolates "Paranoid" by Ty Dolla $ign (D-Pryde):]
(Man I see two of my bitches in the club and I know they know about each other
I think these bitches trying to set me up, maybe I'm just paranoid)

[Hook: D-Pyrde]
Who that, who that? P R I Z Z Y [x2]
Now I said who that, who that? P R I Z Z Y [x2]

Prizzy bitch

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D-Pryde Fancy Comments
  1. John Kohai

    Did he delete this video from his channel? I can't find it

    Joshua Lava

    ricebowlazn yes he did

  2. 2windswords

    1:20 "I only take her to the telly if she look like Tori Kelly"

    In fairness, who wouldn't?