D-Pryde - Do Do x2 Lyrics

Ya, the broke wonder I ain't rappin all abt the pesos, rhiming skills
Kinda chill likke a couch potato, I'm your noodles to your pasta if u bought
ALFREDO, I tell em do it if u want but make sure simon says so,
And I'm the simon of the game baby follow me, these rappers cryin
Ball out no shoping spree, I ain't your property, this game ain't monopoly,
I'm your hinest so u better get down on your knees, the rap napolien, blowin
Like I'm dinomite, a litle cool, part sick, I guess I'm kinda tight, I left the game,
Came back and now I'm rhyming right, I'm like peter parker, after a spider bite,
Climbing up walls, swinging webs to all my enemies, spicing up a record I'll be
Blessin up a recypi, bout to rock and roll like john lenon siting next to me,
I'm yellow like mustard, Ketchup u better Relish me...


I was told to take my lyrics and just dum'em down, I really write the verses faster then a hundred rounds, I'm like the monster in your hood comin from under ground, don't worry girl I see u baby, ultrasound, the new gun in town, never let the gun bust, u can get your gun bux, I'm a bring my numchuks, jakie chan the game, u ain't tougher then this sucker, one verse will havem really rushin hours like chris tucker, looking weirder then your average rapper, justin bieber looking hair with some glases and a litle super star swag goin platinum bastards, put the charge to the game, I'm raps adapter, your girl lost my swag u can gladly ask her, and shes locked to my type u can grab the password, I ain't the type of dude to really act to big, but I just thought these wack acters how to blast a crack verse...


I'm a beast and all u wizards should be sumonin, I got'em tripin like I trew a foot infront of them, I'm rap covenant, go and tell your moma then, I'm scorrin faster an air ball and rebotheren, the bass trebbles, we ain't on the same level, cause my buz is bout as big as the chin on J leno, hahahaha, u be causin your females stress, it's killin me, don't blame it on the PMS, I'm rap pastor I'm bashin these wack bastards I'm back and I'm plan havent on slapin your ass bakwards, me fail is never gona prevail, your better of thinkin your keeping your feemale, HA, I'm kinda trheatenin, but she be txt messaging, I think shes filled with lestregan, because I'm acting fresher then... u, it's really everything my fames growin, it's litle D waka prizzy know the name HOMIE


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