D-Pryde - Clogging Up Lyrics

I yell, and I moan
This shit is out,
Of my hole,
And it hurts,
This shit blows
And it's got me curling up my toes.

I'm shittin' into the crapper,
And I'm wiping my ass cheeks after,
And when a full shits too big now and I'm screwed now.
The toliets, clogging up, clogging up!
Ooh Baby.

It hurts, from my crack,
It's coming out, my ass.
I squeel, and it? smells?
This dude has just,
Caught my birth.

I'm shittin' into the crapper,
And I'm wiping my ass cheeks after,
And when a full shits too big now and I'm screwed now.
The toliets, clogging up, clogging up!
Ooh Baby.

In the bathroom,
It smells like pee and poo,
I'm starin' right down
And I need, to doo doo.

I'm shittin' into the crapper,
And I'm wiping my ass cheeks after,
And when a full shits too big now and I'm screwed now.
The toliets, clogging up, clogging up!
Ooh Baby.

[Gabriel Llantino:]
I'm shittin' into the crapper,
And I'm wiping my ass cheeks after,
And when a full shits too big now and I'm screwed now.
The toliets, clogging up, clogging up!
Ooh Baby.
The toliets, clogging up, clogging up!
Ooh Baby.

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D-Pryde Clogging Up Comments
  1. Jason Guy

    still my favorite song by PRYDE bumping this at the end of 2019

  2. B!G LD

    Been a fan since 2011 I was just a kid.

  3. Mario Aguilera

    Love this man who’s watching in 3005?

  4. Retrro Augiie

    2019 and on still be a fucking banger

  5. Effortastic

    D-pryde underrated.


    Still mad he cut hi hair

  7. Mohamed Em

    Can't understand. Are you too talented for this industry?

  8. JayOOOh24


  9. KW Trey


  10. Joe GUAPO


  11. Tyler Mays

    I’m glad dpryde finally blew up like he expected back then. Congrats bro

  12. Jeremy Ghost

    1.4 milli my guy!!!

  13. lerone johnson jr

    Russell do the right

  14. puzz88

    i need this on spotify for my rise up playlist to remind myself i'm on the way up too

  15. RED

    Did anyone notice thatdudemcfly at 2:08?

  16. Luca

    Noch wer von AltanaBanana?

  17. Wind Maker

    Why were the videos unlisted before?

  18. マルティネス悪質な

    2019 - D pryde them gold ol days

  19. Taro Pritchard

    First song by Russell that I ever heard. Been here since then bro

  20. Taro Pritchard

    Denim stains on my y3 belt BITCH

  21. AfricanDrSeuss


  22. Trizzy OVO

    shout out to all Prydepack! let’s boost the views!

  23. HOY GORYO!


  24. Josh Mykl

    damn, i remember back in '14, russ out here had me growing my hair out in hopes it's look like his

    Robert Medina

    Josh Mykl same asf dude 😂🔥

    Sweeterman Film’s

    Lowkey me to 😂

    Kenny Thao

    Haha sameeee🤣💀

  25. Nikko the Great

    Beat sick af !!! 🔥🔥🔥

  26. SoHotFilms

    This that shit. Im proud of you son 💥💥💥💥💥💨

  27. Glow

    Yasss!!!! Its back

  28. Lance TheDragonTamer

    so glad he put those og songs back up😈

  29. drip drill

    Finally back bro lol took long

  30. Touko Xiong

    Unlisted Squad <3

  31. Michael Hills

    WHY THE FUCK DID YOU TAKE THIS DOWN! one of my fav rap songs btw. worlds better than the new shit. stop falling into the generic, auto tune, shit rap black hole all of the other artists are being sucked into. you had an original sound and style right here. low key and roll another were great too. thats why these songs had so many more views than your newer stuff (as far as I can tell). relist these videos man...

  32. Bear ili

    russs, why is this unlisted? Just curious


    For whatever reason Russell keeps removing every old project. First people were saying he was trying to separate himself from everything before loverboy. Now he removed all the music videos from loverboy. I just don't get it. Doing stunts like this will hurt his brand. He needs to allow people to see how much he has evolved. Sure people are reuploading his songs but it's not the same he needs to have his stuff on the main channel.

  33. Vernon McClain

    I fuck with this pryde. This you right here

  34. Ruth Capa

    Imagine going from being a rapper with potential to being an autotune squealer... OOHH WAIT!!!! YOU DID IT!! I have lost all respect for you. You were a decent artist and I was proud to call you a Toronto native. I am now disgusted with your cancerous autotune squealing with absolutely meaningless lyrics. Its truly sad.

    Lance TheDragonTamer

    ok sorry


    listen to his album "Russell"!!

  35. Timo VanDeGriend

    What is the intro song?

    drip drill

    Bitches and gold

  36. roaminhomin

    I see those Rick Owens!

  37. BossRenTv

    way up! ^_^

  38. Que Money

    This is his best song in my opinion💯 next to "Things To Do"💎💎💎

  39. Fabiola Viana

    BR na área

  40. James B

    I been listening to him early 2008 ish he definitely deserves more views, all new music is trash

  41. zombies in your backyard

    Seriously where can I buy this song?


    Word to your mother man im in this bitch

  43. speero159

    When's the no jumper interview?

  44. Danny Ratsavong

    This video is too dope

  45. Danny Ratsavong


  46. Patti Faison

    this kid is so fire! The states need him on the airwaves!!!

  47. Madara Uchiha

    Still hear this song in 2017 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. DarkKai 33

    Whats that song at the beginning before the gun shot


    DarkKai 33 bitches and gold


    Damn, i'm just looking' back to one of my favorite songs from you and i'm so glad that i've found you ever since "priorities," and still you're producing good music.. Keep it up :)

  50. Terrike Byrd

    pride is my nigga

  51. christian teotico

    He's gotta find a way to put himself out there

  52. Vishnu Surendran

    crazy drums. Made me mad for the song

  53. k1ngk0u Vang

    @prydetv whered you get that shirt??!(!

  54. Dhruv Subramanain

    Plan A such a awesome album

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  56. Mravlje Mudo

    only begin is good

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  58. Domingos jose

    Crazy Drum Set .

  59. Joel Frantz

    pryde, you are that nigga bro 💯

  60. Ana Luisa

    My favorite song is roll another

  61. dJ miggy

    whats the song in the beginning???

    Joseph Rosario

    dJ miggy bitches and gold

  62. Saleh Albaity

    not bad man
    keep it up

  63. Lucid Dreamz

    you influence my music

  64. Alex

    This is dope, but who wears a gold chain to sleep?

    Jared Smith

    Latino Chino those who get fucked up the night before to rememember to take it off

  65. Chenro Tha Dragon

    this my shit right hurrr

  66. Decembers

    Does anyone what glasses those are lol

  67. Larry Conrad

    did this dude just pour the milk first?

    Xiao Fai

    Larry Conrad LMFAIO

  68. first last

    a milli!

  69. silver singer

    lmaooo at him filming in dundas square, feels weird seeing a local place in a mv

  70. Jesus Garcia

    dang that's crazy he said all my high school friends settled for an office job lol that's amazing and he just chilling living life.

  71. Teight

    2:06 is that mazzy maz?

  72. youhan911

    Please help me come up SHARE my music. i appreciate it.

  73. Prhymekid


  74. polo zouse

    Why don't get signed pyde

  75. haziqo


  76. UnknownFame

    6 Jesus just hit that One Million on Way up. Hell yeah! Well deserved, fo sho.

  77. Junior Alcantar

    I know you're depressed but congrats on 1 mil, stay up you on the way up

  78. The Everyday Grind

    i think im the only who kept coming back to check when it hits a mil

  79. Nathan Cady

    Oh shit man 1 milli

  80. Verrks

    1 million views!!!

  81. Jay Sin Lee

    It's almost to a million!!! Keep sharing this video everyone!! Pryde needs all the support right now.

  82. Berkin Ün


  83. Natchozzz

    1:15 Wheres drake?

  84. Michael Hills

    i want his shirt.

  85. Princessxthao

    @AltanaBananaTV brought me here👌😍 love it!😍😍

  86. Kon Konz

    I miss this relatable shiz. the new stuff just about bitches and money and alcohol tbh.


    um I think u need to re-listen to some stuff and actually think. what's alchohol used for? to forget bad memories. what are drugs used for? to calm down. why? his mom died. common sense

  87. Evert Nilsson

    It's something J-Coleish about it

  88. Angelyn Yadao

    To think he is only 2 years older than me, basically grew up with him. I still remember his "Crank dat byyah" he has come a long way!

  89. Michael Hills

    Gotta admit, since YouTube was created, i've liked a total of 10 videos in my history. And don't get me wrong, i'm on YouTube all the time. I've been using it way before I signed up for an account. That being said, Four of them were Pryde's videos, two were accidents.

  90. Apple Gee

    Bout To hit a million

  91. Static The Prodigy

    Waab! "Gave my balls to this game, call that sacrifices" Dope shit lol

  92. Braedyn Dowzansky

    can't find this song on Google play can someone help ?

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    Next to hit a milli!!

  94. ChivonRS

    Pryde the type of nigga to stand next to a 15 year old girl and still look more young than her

  95. Martin Brard


  96. Brandi mucha

    i never relized you was canadian cause im always vibing so hard instead of watching.. congrats i love toronto,,, and i love you ,, i hope u canadian tour soon speciall love for a little town called Kapuskasing please<3 @Pryde TV