D'Angelo - The Line Lyrics

Let me tell you about it
I wanna tell you about it
Let me tell you

I've been gone for so long
Just wanna sing, sing my song
I know you've been hearin'
Hearin' a lot of things about me

Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know
I've heard, I've heard it all too clear
This is what I am going to do, yeah

I'm gonna, I'm gonna hold, hold on
Hold on to my pride, my pride
I'm gonna stick, I'm gonna stick, I'm gonna stick
I'm gonna stick to my guns, gonna stick to my gun, yeah

I'm gonna put my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it and we gonna see what the deal
I'm for real, I just wanna put it, put it on the line
That's all I wanna do, I've gotta put it on the line

And we haven't got much time
I've gotta put it, put it on the line
Know what I'm talking 'bout this evening
Said I get to put it, oh, yeah, I've gotta put it on the line

Listen to me

Said, I've got a bullet in the chamber
And I'm not afraid of the danger
I said, "We've gotta go down, down to the wire
I'll go through the fire with you, kill and die with you"

Said, "I know everybody watchin' me"
"I said the pressure is on from every angle, political 2 personal"
Will I hang or be left hangin'? Will I fall off?
Or will it be bangin'? And I say it's up to the man upstairs

I'm goin' to hold, hold on to my pride
I'm gonna stick, I'm gonna stick to my guns
I'm gonna put my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it and we gon' see what the deal

I'm for real, yeah, I just wanna put it
Put it on the line, I've gotta put it on the line
Somebody out there knows I'm singin' it bad
Would you help me sing the song

Moment of truth
To be sure everything should be alright

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D'Angelo The Line Comments
  1. I Am you.

    It's like the black mans struggle.

  2. DW 001

    he should’ve given *Tyrese* vocal lesson regarding his song *prior to you* 😒😌

  3. Wyoming Oregon

    As a sapiosexual, I approve this song✔💯

    I Am you.

    You're on the wrong video

  4. Jim

    still here right now .. jus wanna sing my song'

  5. DR Doctor

    the amount of weed i've smoked to this track

  6. shyguy

    so funky

  7. Azell Ray

    I used to put this on repeat sitting on the E train back then,just chillin'.

  8. Cristian Arratia

    Luke Cage

  9. Arise24

    I always try to bring this sound out on my songs

  10. devarius hickman

    Lookinn Thru All His Albums N Jus Came Upon This One N Jus Had 2 Asked Myself, WHY IS NOT STILL MAKING MUSIC LIKE THIS??‼️Cuz Its Jus So Souly Its Makes No Sense💯

    prod. Plutoboi

    devarius hickman idek man I this his inspiration for jazz n rnb has went out the window🤦🏾‍♂️ he could come bacc anyway now🤷🏾‍♂️

    devarius hickman

    @prod. Plutoboi If He Did, You Think He Still Gon Make The Same Kind Of Music Cuz If I Was Him I Would!!!

  11. david o

    In hard times I don't forget this song...
    Better than you rappers... I sing it, this is slowcore Baby!!!!

    devarius hickman

    This Is Wat You Call Music ‼️💯🙌🏾

  12. I don't Want To

    I think this is the best song I have ever heard

  13. Vonte Brown

    This is amazing, this is Truth, you can't sit down, you have to get up and put it on the line

  14. Herbert Wells

    awesome song, I can hear the bas line from (can we pretend) Bill Withers, different octave

  15. Nicole Jones

    such an underrated song

  16. Ashley Thomas

    Thank you for uploading this. People always forget to thank the youtuber.

  17. skills1ent


  18. Azell Ray

    True Soul Music.

  19. hawd fangaz

    Thats a good ass running pace!

  20. hawd fangaz

    This is My Theme Song for 2019.
    My 50th year.
    Will it be My Last?
    Only time will tell, but ima have to put it On The Line, if we gon' get past THIS.
    the stakes is HIGH, Baby.


    I love your creativity on how you make a theme song for each year

  21. Jordan Piso

    Soooo Nice. Used to have this track on repeat in highschool. Revisiting it out of the blue on a whim @1am. Love it!


    It doesn’t get any smoother than this.

  23. HMZ

    Thank You J Dilla for your input and influence on this album. I hear you James in every hi-hat, bass note anc snare. Thank you for the power of absolute infinite replaying of this song.

    Rest. in. Peace James Yancey


    Amen 💜

  24. Jemscloud

    I'm glad that he exists

  25. Blak Bleach

    The bop on this undefeated... ?uesto did this


    Yes Sir

    L. Daniels

    ?uestlove is so in the pocket, I can't stand it. The groove he puts on this jam is ridiculous. He's like a soulful metronome....

  26. Kristin McArthur

    This album and the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill were 2 of the most important albums of my teenage years and even today.

    Kristin McArthur

    @Jillian Douglas his album with the vanguard is good too. They say he's working on new music on the documentary that's supposed to come out

    Jillian Douglas

    @Kristin McArthur I can't wait I hope so




    No lies told here lol same for me

  27. MrDock808

    So SOULFUL!!!!!

  28. Glen Faust

    I used 2 get glazed out 2 this, so sexy