D'Angelo - The Door Lyrics

I told you once but twice
You wasn't very nice
In your hands you held my life
I told you once but twice, my love
Don't lock yourself out that door
No, no, no
Don't lock yourself out that door

Behind a silky shade
You danced the masquerade
On a float in your parade
And on the music played
My love
Don't lock yourself out that door, no no no
Don't lock yourself out that door

I wrote a perfect song
You sang it all night long
Held your breath when you were done
And waltzed out with the sun
My love
Don't lock yourself out that door, no no no
Don't lock yourself out that door

I told you once but twice
You wasn't very nice
In your hands you held my life
I told you once but twice, my love
Don't lock yourself out that door, no, no, no
Don't lock yourself out that door

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D'Angelo The Door Comments
  1. dreambrother80

    musically and feel-wise, this is definitely D'angelo emoting his Beatles influence circa "The White Album"

  2. celestial vibrationz

    Best track on the album n the whole albums 🔥🔥

  3. GotBettaBeats

    sounds like new age Al Green

  4. chris anderson

    Man!!! The Spotify Live Version of this is the absolute Truth!!!!! He brought it back to Church on that Live Version

  5. DLloyd_KiiiNG_Israel

    In pimp terms this sings means to a woman "don't get yo ass put on ice"(No contact whatsoever)

  6. Calvin Ferdinando

    D'Angelo even manages to make me feel sexy when I'm taking a shit

  7. badbn405

    Don’t let that gate be closed in your face. Real talk. Let me know if you get what he trying to tell y’all.

  8. Giles Peterson

    Just take note that this song is in the same key as Best Day Ever

  9. S. Raffaella

    groovy :)

  10. sultan colpan

    Thanx from Germany
    This is Great Soul Music&and gud Original Amerikan!
    Love It.......Keep your Head up

  11. Shamon R. Gaston

    My mama wouldve been blasting the hell out of this and the whole album if she was here fasho! The chorus alone sounds like something she would say

  12. Julian Lopez

    on some white album level of transcendant

  13. Tanine Graham

    he should have known i was ready to go when i started whistling the intro to this song unconsciously...😂😂😂😌✌

  14. candy5742

    Yes Lord! 🙌 my new ringtone

  15. Morris X

    Charley Patton Stylee.

  16. Morris X

    Real Old Timey....

  17. Anthon Knowles

    did that guitar just did the baby sound?..1:56 Dam love it..lol

  18. Neo Putu

    Imagine cruising back home in your convertible from the car wash

  19. Printess Berry

    don't lock yourself out that door

  20. clarice rivers


  21. Shay

    Yes, don't find yourself out that door.


    I dedicate this to my ex gf. Told you...

  23. zay Jones

    This kind of music can be played in any era

  24. Andre Jones


  25. Stanley Ziegler

    #HidenoriIshige dancer from #Japan and his #Musicality with #freestyle #dance to this amazing music brought me here ♥♥ https://www.instagram.com/p/BHaCwjGgBE_/

  26. ben lupinacci

    Come on baby, too good

  27. Kelvin Daniels

    this is the only song I like off the whole album.


    Might I suggest hearing aids and some lemon to clear the palate because your sense of taste has been dulled if you can't find something to like about this album set.

    Kelvin Daniels

    +gilnicbobby no I meant what I said, the album was boring except for a few songs

    Tyrone W. James

    Kelvin Daniels then u need to keep listening

    Kelvin Daniels

    +Tyrone W. James I've tried and I still didn't like it


    same way i feel about solange album...but i love this album...mostly

  28. Dana Moultrie

    great fucking song..lovet his jam


    Love this man. My favorite male singer. AH-MAZING live show. Sounds even better in person. #RESPECT

  30. Stefan fajer

    album of the year

  31. erl kimmich

    great stuff

  32. Andrea L

    This Southern Country Song is Very Amazing But it Sounds like it would have been a Perfect Match for the Movie "Idlewild" I'm loving it!

  33. secretbreak

    Reminds me a little of Prince in some songs...

  34. 4l4ddin77

    deep rooted and futuristic

  35. Osama Bin Wheelie

    Can't believe all the love in the comments. This is not the Internet I'm familiar with

  36. Morris X

    Put it on the Wall...

  37. Morris X

    Charley Patton Stylee..

  38. Artillus

    The Door, makes me happy :-D

  39. Sam Brockington

    Best song on the album, great to see D'angelo back

  40. Nathan Harris

    This is a funky/zydeco feeling groove.

  41. Anthon Knowles

    Dis deff my new forget about it ALL jam!!

  42. Anthon Knowles

    WOW...so  im here looking for my cellphone...then this track came on ... I was like @#$% that phone ..slid bak in bed took a puff ....whistling the sme time...lol


    @Anthon Knowles HAHA! That's fuckin' awesome.

  43. Simon Vidlund

    I can't figure one thing out... If you search lyrics of this song, it has a lot more lyrics than what he actually sings in the song... I can hear that he sing the same thing twice in the song but there is apparently two more sections with lyrics...?

    Simon Vidlund

    @Clarence Butler ?

    J C

    @Simon Vidlund He released a live EP this week on Spotify. He does the full version of this song on there

    Simon Vidlund

    What?! Really, I need to hear this. Thanks.


    @Ron Corley get outta here. Thx for the heads up

  44. Morris X

    Real Old Timey

  45. Deepak arya


  46. Dr. Tiffany Renée Jackson

    Cooler than the other side of the pillow!

  47. ASMR Xi Zui

    I hope he performs a secret gig like Prince near my hometown. Fingers crossed.

  48. sl8rock92

    I can't stop whistling this shit!! Lol! Is that a nod to Otis Redding/Dock Of The Bay? It's so commercial but still has the same D'Angelo SOUL. Has D'Angelo been watching Sponge Bob episode intros? Cause I sure have and they are LACED with Ukulele rifts (which I replay frequently). Plus this dude is actually playing the Ukulele...I get the feeling D is just experimenting with whatever sound he wants and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm goin to my Grandmama's house to sit on her on her old wooden rocking chair on the front porch. Somebody pour me some of that Country Time Lemonade...I Do declare!! Lmao!!!!

  49. Tommy O.

    Some left field country with a mix of soul. Only thing remotely similar to this would be "Spaced Cowboy" by Sly & The Family Stone.

  50. Sur Dazar

    Country-Soul? That's new... To me at least.

  51. A.M.

    I feel like this wouldve played well in Django Unchained.

    Excited for his performance on SNL tmrw!


    @Intellexual Hah, true. Maybe as a song to play out the couple as they trot away on their horses.

  52. uchechi1982

    This songs reminds me of the Dave chappelle show theme song

  53. humanparadox

    Did he sample this from Spongebob Squarepants? Lol

  54. P. Oastman

    Higher track 10 '95

  55. P. Oastman

    nothin even matters: is fire (ask j cole)

  56. P. Oastman

    ok, but i like: send it on, feel like makin love, heaven must be like this, cruisin, your precious love, i found my smile again, can't hide love, me and those dreamin eyes of mine!!!!!!!! Va All day 24089. make a ep with real r&b fire let them know. save this ish to link up wit andre 3000 & speech!

  57. Fabian Thomas


  58. Missilanious

    Best thing about this album, the executives originally had the idea to put Kanye, Prince, Busta Rhymes...on the album... so glad they decided not to. Such a great album top to bottom. This is how an album should be done, and the production is top notch even some people do not get it with the mixes.


    Prince would be dope, but not on main vocals. But on instrumentation and backs.

    Yati Israel

    i agree , but as prince fan it wouldn't matter if it was main vocals or background harmonies , i jus know the influence of that energy in the studio would have been extremely epic 


    Those 3 peoples are all sell outs and does nothing good for the black community.

    Yati Israel

    concretekos a lot of blacks don't do nothing for the black community doesn't mean you can't appreciate the art of our brothers

    Shirley Bourgeois

    and besides prince did a lot for the black community he just didn't want it blasted in the media.

  59. Roderik Flohil

    200% dope

  60. Mr. Joekzalott

    "Don't lock. your shelf out. that door."

    My shelf was misbehaving. Had to put it out.


    @Mr. Joekzalott Shum on now.

  61. moehammondmedia

    By far my least favorite track on the album, and with that being said this an AMAZING country-blues record. Sounds like a slight Bill Withers influence hovers over this one. Its packed with organic energy and so much creativity from the whistle intro and outro solos to its acoustic arpeggios to the buried slide guitar fills to its overall plodding feel....this album is a MASTERPIECE. In a perfect world this thing would go DIAMOND!


    moehammondmedia plz believe it blood respect diz man talent and hiz 4 the muzik 😎😎😎

  62. Diane Goins-Hall

    D!!!! I love you.....I won't lock myself out that door!!! MUSIC is back!!!!! FINALLY!

  63. King Vic

    This is black music

    Shafiq Husayn

    The Melanin is too strong for some. #Sunkissed

    Brandon Sorrells

    @Shafiq Husayn thank you!

    Yvette Pascascio

    @King Vic Nicholas Payton disagrees, check out this blog from him: https://nicholaspayton.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/will-the-real-black-messiah-please-stand-up/ was he a little harsh?

  64. Shakeria Clyburn

    His voice is so soothing to me, it reminds me of the old school music that my grandfather use to listen to when I was younger. The difference is the pace of the band and his voice slowed down.

  65. Sista's Place

    The whistle is obviously influenced by the classic "Snow White" theme sung by the 7 dwarfs, "He Ho, Hi Ho it's off to work we go..."

  66. Aaron Smith

    In other words. Baby girls once you leave, it's a wrap. No coming back

  67. Re ady

    welcome home my nigga.

  68. Nomis

    The melody reminds me of Arthur Lee's and LOVE "Everybody Got to Live" Slowed down 1/2 speed. 

  69. Turning Headz

    this is a classic D'Angelo sounding song...took me back to Devil's Pie

  70. TheCfrazier

     Has a Ma'Rainey & Dr.Thomas a Dorsey sound

  71. R Rog

    D'Angelo makes his harmonies sound so easy. Crazy

    Xavier Leeds

    His harmonies are the reason why I keep so many of his songs on repeat for hours

    Jill Smith

    Saw him in concert 2 days ago at Manchester Apollo, England. His harmonies are effortless. Very under rated and the band were red hot. Brilliant accomplished musicians.

    Building 9


  72. Mz K.C. Green

    Man I've missed him

  73. Jason The Pisces-Rising

    These twists and cord progressions! Yes!

  74. Jason The Pisces-Rising

    D'angelo ' s music is sooooo for the conscious! He has completely evolved. I love it! Most definitely unplugged and not mainstream! Love it!

  75. Xavier Leeds

    his harmonies man.

  76. chardelli

    D'Angelo is the marmite figure of music. I love marmite - just not too sure on D'A.

  77. small hell

    you gotta love slide guitar

  78. Nate Jacobs

    This sounds like a kind of song Neil Young could have written. That's how cold D'Angelo can get.

  79. Ryguy Mau Muhammedd

    CBPM & Indy Greens of Fredericksburg,VA for Jesus Sharia Law (albino aryan/leper awareness)

  80. 張心哲

    Can't resist to play this one again and again....so groovy.

  81. Don Johnson

    Brown Sugar I wanna get the word ryte...

  82. Don Johnson

    It sounds like few a them guiter players from back in 1900 but the upgrade version...this is top notch ever since brown suger...

  83. Leonard Shelton

    underrated he is getting his props

  84. realhardtruth

    Finally a CD worth spending money on! D' Angelo does it again!

  85. Hill MusiQ

    Im really at a loss of words... All i can do is bop my head in the most sincere groove of this track! The whistles give such life and meaning! Just absolutely amazing! #UNDERRATED   #TheReturnOfRealMusic  

  86. Luke Aiono

    this is my favorite song on the album :D

  87. Kitso Ntuli

    got that country feel, love it.  i wish he performs in South Africa some day 

    Tyrone W. James

    @joy ntuli Ok, this always confused me. There must be another version to this song and I'd like to hear it.

    Kitso Ntuli

    @***** kunini vele

    andy owen

    I sincerely hope that he does,for you, perform in S.Africa..

    Tyrone W. James

    Back up Andy, I saw her first!


    More bluesy then country but really the two go hand and hand!

  88. Rob G

    This is blues. 


    Idk what you think blues is but that's totally not blues


    @ThelolOfGods idk what you understood of blues and music in general, but if you dont get why he's saying this, you didnt get blues either.

  89. Johnni Drasco

    Can't stop listening to this song!👍😊

  90. Jasper Jamm

    This shit, this shit... is UNDERRATED!!! Honestly, the whole album is FIRE, but this song right here... it's why D'angelo is the best musician of our generation. Think about the influences...

  91. Daniel Stewart

    Haven't heard whistling on a track in a while. Only artist with true talent know how to include whistling, cow bells and tambourines in their music.

  92. Tyrone W. James

    Delta blues.


    I wonder if he used a stella guitar?

  93. Tom Waits

    I bet this is gonna be used in some lighthearted commercial at some point, lol. Easily one of the most accessible tracks he ever recorded.

    clive Ryu mgc

    @ConcreteKOS lol. true 

    Deepak arya


    Wil Sargisson

    +Tom Waits True. Even that suspect whistling can't ruin the catchiness.


    +Tom Waits hey its Tom Waits! I see you everywhere on YT it seems. Tom Waits knows his marketing

    Cynthia Brown

    Tom Waits well that’s up D.😉

  94. TheSavagedoll

    What an amazing production