D'Angelo - The Charade Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Crawling through a systematic maze
And it pains to demise
Pain in our eyes
Strain of drownin', wading into your lies
Degradation so loud that you can't hear the sound of our cries (doo, doo)
All the dreamers have gone to the side of the road which we will lay on
Inundated by media, virtual mind fucks in streams

All we wanted was a chance to talk
'Stead we only got outlined in chalk
Feet have bled a million miles we've walked
Revealing at the end of the day, the charade

[Verse 2:]
Perpetrators beware say a prayer if you dare for the believers
With a faith at the size of a seed enough to be redeemed (doo doo)
Relegated to savages bound by the way of the deceivers
So anchors be sure that you're sure we ain't no amateurs


With the veil off our eyes we'll truly see
And we'll march on
And it really won't take too long
And it really won't take us very long

Revealing at the end of the day, the charade
All we wanted was a chance to talk
'Stead we only got outlined in chalk
'Stead we only got outlined in chalk
Revealing at the end of the day, the charade
All we wanted was a chance to talk
Revealing at the end of the day, the charade
All we wanted was a (the charade)

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D'Angelo The Charade Comments
  1. Nicole Brown

    Still beautiful in 2020


    iconic? yes.

  3. Travis Wheeler

    One of my top five artists of the decade.......😎

  4. Derek Irving

    Love my brother to death but smothering lyrics like this serves no purpose I wanna hear you clearly my bro don't wanna hear it from anyone else

  5. Joshua Ivey

    Yo D’Angelo is fucking elite wtf

  6. Chicadee901

    I swear I can hear Rosie Gaines coming in on the chorus blasting. Wow, I am blown away

  7. TheMoniMonster

    I overstand him just fine! And, I love every word! SANG, D!

  8. James Tyler

    Pure Genius!!!! Intelligent provocative compositions that GROOVE!!!!!Carry on D'Angelo!!!! :)

  9. Diane Stojentin

    What a beautiful song. It's got the brilliance of Prince, the serenity of Ravi Shankar, the soul of Stevie, and the heart of relief in the middle of a street festival, hearing something utterly different and feeling big speakers blast through your entire body.

  10. simply kendy

    I just love your music D' Angelo and Angie stone should do some music together would be awesome

  11. JMIAH

    It's a travesty that D and Prince never collaborated on anything... Even just to sit in a room and watch them vibe off each other would have been a dream come true.

  12. Vincent Williams

    D'angelo is the most eloquent, unintelligible person that ever lived. For those who don't get that, fret not, you're not supposed to.

  13. L Cassandra Joint

    Can we chaka and d'angelo on something new together. 💜✨💜 Geeesh. Genius. 2019 baby!!!

  14. Purple_Road

    My fave D'Angelo song. And he has a whole lot of good ones!

  15. Storyinsoil

    What a masterpiece of a song. Brilliant.

  16. nplovingham

    All we wanted was a chance to talk
    Stead we only got outlined in chalk

  17. Banannadb

    The bass at 1:10 holy shit

  18. DLloyd_KiiiNG_Israel

    The brilliance of Black Messiah is that D'angelo made it for 2019. If you look around, a lot of Black people are Waking up to the fact that we are the true children of Israel. D'Angelo knew the Awakening was just around the corner, listen to 1000 deaths. In that song he says "the moment of truth is near" . The moment of truth he is referring to is the Awakening of the true children of Israel(The Negros).

  19. Ingrid Wine - Fofinha

    2019!!! I love u D'Angelo!! Kisses from Italy ❤️😘

  20. Keith Harris

    I don't hear no Prince here, I hear that holiday pay attention funk. Love it.

  21. Maicon Capelli

    eleve the game

  22. Pedro G. Macedo

    Life changing bassline.
    Pino Palladino you're a legend!

  23. Beautiful Soul

    This message is deep! Listen and feel it.

  24. Ron Edward

    D'Angelo and Andre 3000 need to calaborate. Neither are afraid to venture outside the box.

  25. Philip D

    Great sound!

  26. Aliesa Nicole

    My fave.. so damn talented ❤️

  27. Clint McCloughlan

    What particular Prince song(s) does this resemble? I think I hear the similarity of the vibe, but I can't hear a direct parallel. LOVE THIS SONG

  28. tyest adams

    The lyrics tho!

  29. Bunny

    You can't be creative like this anymore , so sad that they rushed art for Greed.

  30. BK Lulu

    Prince is just dripping off this. That riff sounds like it was lifted from Glam Slam.

  31. Chloe Swopshire

    can u loop this for me forever? pls thx xx

  32. Michał Stanek

    1:44 to 2:27 it's eargasm; I love this culmination (coolmination) and the bass pulsing under rising vocal, "The charade / With the veil off our eyes we'll truly see / And we'll march on / And it really won't take too long..." GREAT!

  33. haha haha

    2018 <3

  34. RaeRae Jeru

    And while i agree that D'angelo does sound like Prince, He still has his own style. I grew up on Prince and he is a legend, but so will D'angelo be in time. D'angelo has more soul IMO

  35. RaeRae Jeru

    The melody in this song is beautiful, almost brings a tear to my eye ;)

  36. Klaus Lewis

    Why does this song not have enough views!

  37. Naijah Mills

    He was definitely inspired by Prince! :)

  38. Alexis Johnson

    I love this song theirs so much beauty to this song

  39. Samuel Agostini

    Lea sanchez adore ce son

  40. portzblitz

    Damn near perfect

  41. Ms Phoenix269

    This is such a beautiful song for so many reasons. I'll forever hear it as one of the last shout outs to Prince, before he left us.

  42. Miss Harmony

    I swear to God he should've been Prince Son!!!
    Ben in love with this man since the 90's!

  43. badbn405

    This man is absolutely beautiful.

    divine other

    Isnt he!

  44. Building 9

    Prince is ALIVE AND WELL. in this mans music!!

  45. Brandon Inu

    did anyone realise it's the same chords as Havona by Jaco Pastorius?

  46. Виктория Петухова

    Want to have real talk, and meet me? Click: #wowMeetMeHere

  47. DonDessaDesoto20s

    The song Really Love from this album is my ultimate.

  48. runthemachine

    D'Angelo fucking rocks. \m/
    Been loving him forever.

  49. Lilo Jones

    Thank You

  50. t lavouge

    I see Wat Angie stone ment

  51. d00bZubElEk

    Looked up the lyrics on Genius and this man is deep. I noticed he wasn't really a guy to speak such a strong opinion in his earlier work but that must have been the reason why he hadn't made an album in a while. Real artists take their time.


    Foster. she wrote this too.. lyrics are amazing

  52. Oluseyi Charalambous

    best song imo

  53. Antoinette Boyd

    I was there with him and Ms.Blige when this first came out

  54. Antoinette Boyd

    why talk when you can listen

  55. Izze St. William

    Few understand the meaning of this song... RIP Terrence Crutcher... Blacks have been living with an illusion of freedom for a good minute, it was all a #charade.... all we wanted was a chance to talk.. instead we only got outlined in chalk.

    Jaquayla Dotson

    Isaac Shaw I wish I could love your comment. So true!


    We are the true children of Israel! read Deuteronomy 28! D'angelo trying to wake you fools up!

  56. Elaine West

    So many would be proud

  57. Styles Blackwood

    phenomenal! sounds like jimmy was a rock star from commons electric circus album. also Imagine erykah badu vocals in this too!

  58. James Levi

    Oh yeah,a dash of Purple all over the track

  59. Deran Kogulan

    I remember this used to hve 24k views now 800k

  60. Carlos Williams

    Hot so hot

  61. Shay Dali

    Been listening to this song all day today and never searched the lyrics until today. Wow how ironic I was lead to this song today of all days with what's going on with black people being murdered & the Dallas fiasco.

  62. Boosie miller

    Didn't. Even have to look up the meaning of this song my spirit had already comprehend it the first time I heard it

  63. Alease Aubrey Frieson

    This song forever...

  64. Alonso Rodrigez

    My favourite song from this awesome album !

  65. Silencer3121

    Appreciate these artists making good music while they are still around. Don't wait until they have passed.

  66. Cluv22

    D to me, is another representation of Prince. He's not better NOR greater than him, but he DOES do good with how he is. If Prince is God, D is undoubtedly Jesus. Thats how i feel.

  67. Tracy Blum

    this is a track...sounds sooo much like prince would have written.....love it

    Tarsha Harris

    +Tracy Blum wowwwwww...you are on point..how you made this comment 3 days prior!

  68. Flair IV

    YOu can't fit this piece in any puzzle.. Stand alone artistry.

  69. Tobin Frost

    long live the funk

  70. J Chanel

    I'm always busting into the Raseberry Beret moves to this song lol. I love this song.

    Mister Brown

    And we love ya for it

  71. GrayFebruary

    This song was purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. You can hear "The Kid" all over this track. Grammy well deserved.

    star child

    Sounds a little bit like ''a million days''

    Charles Stevenson

    D' is the rightful heir to Prince' throne

    S Kelly

    @Adrian Clements thank you thank you thank you

    Sinatra ArTanis

    Who’s ‘the kid’?


    @Sinatra ArTanis watch the movie purple rain, its worth every minute

  72. Josh B

    This album is changing my life.

  73. Charlotte perard

    Hardcore shit we like here! Lycrics, good taste.

  74. Ms. Pretty Brown


  75. Oscar Carballo

    [^L^]...................... la evolución del soul

  76. Jason Mass

    64 mf's that ain't got soul...

  77. Michelle Crusoe

    This is like the best martini plus the best sex plus the best weather on a good hair day all rolled into one!!!

  78. thezenbum

    you got it

  79. Charles Jones Jr.

    musical genius....

  80. bmusic10

    sounds like something from Prince"s Vault. sometime D sounds just like him.

    Shib S

    +bmusic10 I know what you mean. Listening to him is making me cope.

  81. Tw*nkles Music

    love this album!!

  82. Pats Ballin Out This Year




  83. Teegan Curitz

    This man and his team.. these words.... #blacklivesmatter

  84. Allah Magnetic

    This album is an eargasm amidst an orgy with a choir of angels.

  85. Schlecht

    wonderful piece. a manifesto.

  86. Middy Mizzle

    Dare I say it..but Prince needs to pause, and consider..

  87. Jael Travere

    Genius Ever

  88. Zam Zam


  89. Middy Mizzle

    this is art on a high level....

  90. EFH

    lyrics are above anything out now

  91. Lucas S

    Great song. Reminds me "Money Don't Matter 2 Night".

    Kara Sarkodie-Mensah

    Yes you're right...that little pause before the chorus on this track screams Money Don't Matter 2 Nite! Saw this performed a couple of years back on his comeback tour...the album version has nothing on the live version...amazing track all round!

    star child

    A million days

  92. Bry'annacheray

    Love this!

  93. Casey Paige


  94. NathanSynth

    To Kill A Mockingbird by Kendrick Lamar is what put me onto this style of D'Angelo.  Both ways, great music!

    Ishaan Kuls

    +NathanSynth To Kill A Mocking Bird? LMAO!!! It's To Pimp A Butterfly, you fool! How can somebody get it so wrong?!


    +Ishaan Kuls honest mistake.

    Steph Ler

    +Ishaan Kuls lmao!!! too cute! but thats cool kendrick is putting people onto D'angelo

  95. Loretta Anthony

    Love love love this album you definitely hear the grown man....Philly loves you D please come back.

  96. Ken C

    I don't care if its another 10+ years till his next album. It's always well worth the wait. Love it and The Vanguard is amazing!