D'Angelo - Really Love Lyrics

When you call my name
When you love me gently
When you're walking near me
Doo doo wah I'm in really love with you, I'm in really love with you

When you look at me
I open up instantly
I fall in love so quickly
Doo doo wah I'm in really love with you, doo doo wah I'm in really love with you
I'm in really love with you

All night beside you I'd lay
I love you deep when you come to my bed
Doo doo wah, I'm in really love with you
Ooh wah, I'm in really love with you, I'm in really love with you

When you touch me there
When you make me tingle
When our nectars mingle
Doo doo wah, I'm in really love with you, I'm in really love
I'm not an easy man, to overstand, you feel me
But girl your patient with me
Doo doo wah, I'm in really love with you, I'm in really love with you

All night I wish for you here
Lay your head beside my hip
Doo doo wah, I'm in really love with you
I'm in really love with you

Doo doo wah, I'm in really love with you
I'm in really love with you
Oh how I love the little things you do
I'm in really love with you

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D'Angelo Really Love Comments
  1. Isabella Maldonado

    My dad loves this song SO much.

  2. Beverly McFadden

    Sweet !!! 💋California Love Forever.


    My soul called me hear.

  4. Abrina Harris


  5. Tom Kraemer

    Nice to know that timeless music is still being created. History will forget 90% of the clowns making music today.

  6. Jeen ni Babe

    Napunta dito , after nalaman na pinakinggan ni James sa Spotify 😥😥

  7. Yousif Omer

    D'angelo has a classic album in every decade now the 90s 00s 10s

  8. Miya Reni'ta MB

    waiting inpatiently for the 2020 DANGELO DOC AND ALBUM . YASSSS

  9. jbvtme

    pure and unadulterated heart surgery

  10. Willie Woodard,Jr.

    When you call my name.

  11. daniel

    if someone said any line from this song to me in earnest my heart would fly out of my chest like the kool aid man and i would fall dead on the floor

  12. djw sam


  13. Drknmstr702

    The elegance of life is to be shared with those around us to tell people how we personally feel about them for them to give advice about the difficulties in life... thus song shall Express your feelings

  14. Jason Perulero

    The Intro Tho.🔥🔥

  15. Sean Griffith

    Shame their wasn't a proper music video but am back listening to voodoo for like the millionth time and listening to the RnB god at his best then Black Messiah is next 😌

  16. ayeo philly

    Anniversary from Toni Tony tone brought me here

  17. it's Tay


  18. Eddie McKinney

    Still listening as 2019 come to an end.

  19. BeingOBrien

    Neo-soul excellence. Dangelo will always be one of my biggest inspirations ❤

  20. Nalani Brooks

    This song is so sexy. I'm in love with Love❤

  21. Alicja Wolniewicz

    in love with this song

  22. Sapphire Luna

    This song always eases my spirit 🌹🌺🔥

  23. Eccentric Lullaby

    This is the kind of song you can imagine playing during masterful movie montages. What immersive ambience! It just took me to another time 🖤🖤🖤🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  24. Lady Jay

    💃🏽💃🏾La musica es fantastic! 💋🍤🍷

  25. Malek Ben Ammar

    4:57 to 5:06 sounds like honey to my ears

  26. Sam Eugene

    Still diddy boppin in the 2019 to this

  27. bourgeoisbrats

    For all the millennials out there, this is how you channel being influenced by Al Green! Lol

  28. MRS. GIBBS

    Makes me want to Tango....lol

  29. Life 4 Learning

    Hey Lo!!! I hope someone knows you and gets this message to you. Stop bullsh*ting and send it on. We out cheer...waiting. You know the marathon continues....

  30. Chris Quintanilla

    Learned about this song because of the Business Dave Top Ten on the Late Program.

  31. Tracy Knowles

    jamming music 🎶 we're going tagged eagles one art free me queen 👑 lol rain

  32. Sabrina

    Oh God I'm on a D'angelo binge and I can't stop!!!

  33. Sharon Thompson

    Thank you God for this most gifted man! His music elevated me to new heights!

  34. Carlito Banks

    U have to be musically sophisticated to understand how amazing this album is

  35. Charles Wade

    The words please

  36. M G

    Jemand hier wegen Chris?😂

  37. Michael Willoughby

    Is he still alive? D'Angelo? I thought he was stabbed at a performance. It would be good to know he was still alive. Came across his demo when I was really young from a friend of a friend who did small time promotions in Kitchener. Also had The Philosopher Kings Demo. I was into acid jazz.

  38. Racquel Milan

    Anyone know which Spanish guitar track that is? Feel like I know it.. thanks x

  39. Outer.Box.Dissemination

    This CD is so underrated. But, classics, usually takes time to resonate.

  40. Lateshia Childs

    I still have to get this CD by Dangelo

  41. Mylene Aunzo

    I'm here because some of the comments from one of FKJ's songs were saying it's a loose cover of this song.

  42. Lakeshia Kimbrough

    2019.......still rocking....❤❤❤

  43. Twenty-Seven

    A certified Business Dave Must-Listen.

  44. Native American

    👀peeking, so is real music from the heart coming back?

  45. Adam Mezo


  46. Angel Jackson

    Fall 2019!!

  47. shekkia801


  48. Moon Sun

    Musical genius. Truly on a different level.

  49. Deidade Kalondjo

    Best song of the album!

  50. celestial vibrationz

    I have a new found appreciation for this entire record. I was on the fence at first. Sounds completely different on my new headphones n that's fa sho...

  51. ImRomarkable

    🔥🙏🏾 love this Track favorite song on the album.

  52. Sean Griffith

    I waited so long for Black Messiah after Voodoo it was so worth the wait it seems a long hiatus does an artist good like it did for Maxwell.....such a fucking fantastic album d(^.^)b

  53. noob mk

    This puto is 100 years ahead of his time 😎

  54. Azet

    "When our Nectors Mingle" .....mhhhh, a creative way to describe sex.

  55. mason miller

    One of the top 10 albums of this decade.

  56. Tramone Russell

    FKJ and June

  57. amenra bey

    I love the picture of this thumbnail all power to Black people 🇱🇾 🇱🇾

  58. Rocky Williams

    This song been in my head for 2 days

  59. Mateus Saveca

    2019?Who else

  60. saki

    KingGnu の Vinylの元になった曲

  61. Elliot Graham

    You still the champ with this prove to me you still got it fam! Play on playa


    Nagchamppa Groove Phoenix Arizona year 2000 my Studio Apartment

  63. Jemseeds


  64. Trevan Willowbuff III

    When music comes before money. .. Brilliant art

  65. Kenneth Mitcham

    Couch, left hand holding glass of wine, her head on my chest, my right hand on her lower back vibes...

  66. mervin griffin

    7.2 million views! Where is D'Angelo?

  67. Tosha Potter

    My Good God! Michael DAngelo you've outdone yourself on this song! I feel like I'm in Heaven on Earth!

  68. Black Beauty

    Majestic vibes

  69. Pda Lxndr


  70. Bunny

    Welcome Everyone to Music 101.

  71. noob mk

    Most underated MF.he is 🔥🔥

  72. Kandice Moore

    Beautiful into

    Kandice Moore

    I mean intro

  73. Noah Schulte

    I want to thank life that I discovered d'angelo. I discovered him a year and a half ago and I fell in love with his music. I was depressed that time and I listened to a lot of new school rnb before, but when I discovered him that was different( i know he is not new school tough :)). I feel like many musicians and singers making music like it is their duty which makes it robotic unfortunately. But when I listened to his music it gave me a different perspective to music. I think you can hear his passion in his music. And through him i got inspired to play the guitar again and I also had the great chance to have some piano lessons which i am so thankful for. His music also leaded me to a lot of other music that is blessing my ears. I discovered some old bossa nova jazz songs for me and so on:) . And today I write own little songs in my room which I haven't published but I love it and I am so thankful and blessed to do this. It is very much fun to me.
    I am sorry if I do grammar mistakes, english is not my mother tongue :)

  74. S.D PYT


  75. Mackenzie Clopton

    One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. Makes me feel like I’m by someone playing a guitar in paradise enjoying myself.❤️

  76. Tee Tee

    2019! Still loving it. Thank you D’Angelo

  77. Rakia Withers

    I always thought of him as a prolific artist, I didn't objectify him like other people, I just enjoyed his lyrics !!!

  78. Sabrina Acree

    Beautiful will always love his songs

  79. Eligah Murray Jr

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  80. V Williams

    This entire album is a masterpiece!!! I play it daily!!! You can hear all of his influences in it - Prince, Ohio Players, Parliament Funkadelic, Sly Stone.... Lawd!!

  81. Flawed Pawn

    I kept replaying this until I fell asleep. Had a super vivid, but unsettling dream. Thank you though.

  82. 4doni5 (Adonis)

    Preparing breakfast to this for my love is the ultimate! Super Classic 2019 gang

  83. m a i l i n s c h m i d

    only came here because garrett watts said that this was the song to this upsetting marker video

  84. Dominique Mims

    My sister keeps this song on repeat it's great!

  85. jaminjuancockles coconutheadass

    Man, I remember listening to this album in the car with my dad over 5 years ago. I was only 9 then, but this really means a lot to me. For a while it was the only thing we listened to for years straight without it ever getting old. I may only be 14, but I'm glad my parents exposed me to what real music is. Nostalgia at it's finest

  86. charlene mckinney

    I would love for D'Angelo  to Score a Movie, especially a Spike Lee Joint!! This Song needs to be in a Movie !!!

    Isaiah Kettles

    charlene mckinney for sure he should...

  87. Poppa Boí

    Anyone else here from the P A T I E N C E coloring marker?

    Flying Swordfish

    @jessiicaa716 replying so I get notified if anyone finds it ://

    Nkashama Sankofa

    No. I been on Dangelo since I was 10 years old.

    jay abla

    Poppa Boí LMFAOOO YES


    I am lol


    What do you mean by the P A T I E N C E coloring marker

  88. Leo Pickles

    Reminds me of interview with a vampire

  89. Matthew Calvin Walker

    How am I just discovering the simple elegance of this sound in 2019?

    Kiara Penn

    If it make you feel better, I discovered it last week. shame!

    Alma Vela

    Matthew Calvin Walker same! Thanks to pandora

    F. M.C.

    Me too!


    Matthew Calvin Walker, REAL music never dies! What is popular today is noise, not music.

    Kristin Harris

    It's amazing! <3

  90. Sol Gomes

    "When you look at me
    I open up instantly
    I fall in love so quickly
    Doo doo wah
    I'm in really love with you" my song forever until I die 💗💗💗

  91. goat.911 goat

    it's 5am, i still miss you


    MasterPiece 🏆🎗💫💫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹

  93. Robert Allan

    I love his music.

  94. Anuncios portuano47

    I always knew when D came back he would not let us down. This brotha's art (cause it is art) is so unapreciated. Now we need maxwell and Badu as well.