D'Angelo - Prayer Lyrics

Soul prayer, soul prayer
Hallowed be thy name
Kingdom come, will be done, oh yeah
I do... the devil on your feet
I know that he will, he will try to stop you
From seeing your days
But you got to pray all the way
'Til you get on
I believe that some day we will rise

I know that he will try to harm you
And if you can
I know that you will make it to the promised land
But you got to pray, you got pray
Oh you got to pray for redemption
Lord, keep me away from temptation
Deliver us from evil, oh yeah
And all this confusion around me
Give me peace
I believe that love...

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D'Angelo Prayer Comments
  1. Sinatra ArTanis

    I love the Lords Prayer. 👼🌸👼🌸👼

  2. princereznor1

    Prince got Chaka Khan pregnant and they had a son-Michael D'Angelo Archer
    I LOVE this song!!!

  3. Travis Wheeler


  4. Willie Woodard,Jr.

    H1961 Haya Haya Most high my creator my savior Isaiah 43:11

  5. thekid23111

    Just a great musician. Also one of the beat producers of music ever low key.

  6. Lamarr Baxter

    Try listening this track sped up to 1.25, especially the end with the guitar solo😎

  7. Sammie Thomas

    Who's still listening in 2020,

  8. Tyrone W. James

    This grows on you like a mf

  9. S'busiso Mbambo

    If "genre was a person". This man is a breathing genre 🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥. I haven't bumped/ played album for straight four year. it's always gives me chills and sounds new everytime. Thank you D'Angelo , love from 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  10. Carter !

    what an incredible song and album. the guitar solo at the end is so powerful.

    very few records from this decade that i still replay

  11. Shyheim Kamal

    this song brings me to tears

    Melvin Stephens


  12. L Cassandra Joint

    That Church bell. Those claps..💜✨💜😒🎼🎼🎼🎼 2019

  13. DLloyd_KiiiNG_Israel

    The brilliance of Black Messiah is that D'angelo made it for 2019. If you look around, a lot of Black people are Waking up to the fact that we are the true children of Israel. D'Angelo knew the Awakening was just around the corner, listen to 1000 deaths. In that song he says "the moment of truth is near" . The moment of truth he is referring to is the Awakening of the true children of Israel(The Negros).

    j Pat

    Israell is a fabrication. Is for Isis(Aset). Ra is for God, the Sun and el is the creator force. Abraham did not exist, just like Jesus who actually Aset's son, HRU, who was born through immaculate conception. The European took this from the Nile Valley.

    The Nicene Council, the Nicene Creed, created the Jesus character in 325 by the command of Emperor Constantine. It became the official state God of the Roman Greco world. Before the Nicene Creed the character was known as Serapis.

    Now this is human history, not belief.


    @j Pat The word "Israel" represents a nation of people who Historically can be identified as the so called Negroes. They gave us religion but never taught us the Bible. The Bible is a compilation of Ancient Text written by the ancestors of the Negroes.

  14. Clockwork

    This mans music brings all my emotions out. I dunno wtf it is.. I don't listen to D angelo often because of this..

  15. Clockwork

    The "BELL"? omg. Who's idea was that? 😢😢😢

  16. unspokenrespect

    This one's got some stank on it

  17. Miki Minach

    this is fucking art

  18. NPS

    how did i just discover this ish? so dope!

  19. Jameel Buntley

    That high note he hit so smoothly at 1:45 with the offbeat drumming by the GOAT Questlove and then that almost alien soundeffect in the back with that guitar ughhhh D’ Angelo is the GOAT man HANDZ DOWN

  20. lamia sangs

    "But you gotta pray all the way 'til you get on.." ❤ YES & even then, you gotta stay prayed up. Sang that D'angelo 🔥🙌

  21. Erick L Williams


  22. Giorgi Jakeli


  23. OuR BloC

    i can hear Sam Elliot's song "Everything means nothing to me" in parts of this. Am i trippin ?

  24. Seven Thirty

    This has been the best R&B album of the year EVERY year since it's release. I have yet to hear anything this year that'll top it. But that's just what D'Angelo does....whenever he decides to do it...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Melvin Stephens

    you ain't lying I listened to this almost everyday

  25. Ray D.

    D'angelo never once lost his soul. He came back even though they tried to make him one thing, and said no, there's a deeper meaning... This prayer I feel it, I know God hears it

  26. blaqmarc

    This would be D'Angelo's version of Prince's song God.

  27. Marvin

    who is the killer on the guitar???

    nolva 757

    Marvin d produced the whole album


    Wow! I did not know that. It is really an incredible Album.

  28. Gypsyblood777

    do the vocals cut out at the beginning or is supposed to be like that?

    nolva 757

    Gypsyblood777 d did it


    Love this!

  30. Simón La Onda

    Dirtiest funk beat I ever heard. I got serious chills down my spine through out the whole song when I saw him live two years ago @ the second coming tour.

  31. rwashingtin3525

    His 3 for 3 😌😌

  32. Darnell Wardford

    bilal sounds like d'angelo not the other way around. with that being said I am a fan of bilal lol

  33. badbn405

    I have no words for this track right here, my face is scrunched up and I can't stop shaking my head from side to side. Jesus in Heaven.
    I can't stop playing it.


    It's bothering me that I can't remember where I've heard that sampled loop before. I know I've heard it on a hip hop track, not played by a live band, but still...

  35. Regina Kazan

    my fav song on the album


    The best soul truly has no tempo

  37. nolva 757

    it's s Virginia thing you wouldn't understand James River niggaz #757 #804

    Xilomen Cofield

    Lol I miss home

    nolva 757

    I do too but not the Commonwealth laws LOL

    Xilomen Cofield

    +nolva 757 that's why I left. Lol

    nolva 757

    Me too lol

  38. Cory Grindberg


  39. mkour viliji

    everyone calls this the weakest track on the album.... i fucking love this one. i havent prayed since i was like 6, but this one touches my soul or something

    Melvin Stephens

    one of my favs!


    How could anyone say this is a weak song? It's so full of emotion and attitude. Damn

    Tyrone W. James

    @TheVoidIsShining You're buggin.

    Sarason Salas

    Lol you lying no one called this the weakest track... This is one of the best.

    Tyrone W. James

    Yes, quite the opposite. I think it's one the strongest.

  40. Delreal Moore

    Love how he let the beat ride at the end

  41. austin wavy


  42. KarlJC1411

    Let's all say a prayer shall we? Let's thank Christ that fabulous music will always be made by leaders like D'Angelo

  43. Shane Solo

    Finally!! Real creative MUSIC!! One of my favorite ARTIST of all time!

  44. tania jones

    say I if this reminds u of prince

    Delreal Moore

    I thought I was only one


    He loves Prince, his obsession with writing producing and playing all the instruments on his albums stems from Prince

    Dainger Mouz20

    tania jones I

  45. Kelle Carry

    so glad we still got this man after losing Prince. This gives me a Prince type of vibe. I can't stop playing it lately.


    Kelle Carry amen to that

    Casey Moo

    Kelle Carry they were friends who respected each others work.
    That's a great thought. :)

    Maria Powell

    Kellie can we say reincarnation of Prince....

  46. Harmon Nathan

    i play his songs ever day..cuz it completes me spirtually

  47. Ravagr


  48. Cooley96

    Soundtrack to the movement.

  49. GrayFebruary

    This kinda off-beat delayed drum pattern reminds me a little of J Dilla.


    ALLCAPSARCHER09 Chris Dave on drums..

    Bryson Dockrill

    Are you certain this track is Daddy and not ?uest? I can't find a song-by-song personnel list anywhere.


    They lied potna plz believe it blood diz him at hiz bzt haha 🎃🎃🎃😎😎😎happy Halloween

    Seven Thirty

    Quest always said the same thing....he compares them a lot. Not in a competitive way, but the similarities in their respective genius.

    Carter !

    i thought it was questo

  50. Max Jars

    love this beat

    David J

    No doubt!

    Delreal Moore

    Y es and that guitar strum got a prince feel to it

  51. WA lKER

    This here, lets you know what real artist are about! This stuff resonates with your sole and actually moves you to just vibe with the music

  52. Derek Wilcox

    he's simply blacktastic!!!!

  53. Damiin Jallø El Day


  54. Lanz22

    Happy one year #BlackMessiah anniversary

  55. Wes Kim

    this album requires/needs many many listens !
    keep listening folks



  56. Pascal Donval

    Super D'Angelo.

  57. David James aka DJ

    a legend ,a massiah, a masterpiece.

  58. queenbeethatme100

    I bought this on vinyl as well as CD--had to rock it old school--THIS MAN...... oh my..GOODNESS.

    Shenice Garnes

    yes, I think I'll have to buy them both too

  59. Jeff Ahn

    No, questlove did not play drums on this track. Chris Dave did. Syncopation (the off-beat drumming) is his forte. Source: Black Messiah wikipedia page.

  60. marcus.

    mane... dis sh!t bump'n

  61. JeffreyMulac8

    Chris Dave is just a beast. He plays so much with so little, grooves like no one else, but can play complex jazz too-with Robert Glasper,

  62. Rosariojoia

    only these bells can bring me to church.

  63. taco_de_muerte

    him and kendrick lamar making a song would be magic

    Rodriguez Jones

    FR THO!

    Delreal Moore

    Oh hh yea

    nikki Allmond

    OldSlyEyes Yass

    Evelyn Stansberry

    It would be the purest form...

  64. Yvng Blacksmith

    LOL the drag and lag is real on dis joint!!! Good song!! Gotta learn it on drums!!!

  65. George Luker

    Wow. This record is so good. Listening with open-back reference headphones, (the gentleman's headphone choice), and it's as if i'm hearing music for the first time...

  66. sweet hair

    that outro solo is so bad ass

  67. Donte Gibson

    Funky prayer

  68. Eric Bush

    I thought it was just me love this project by D' it has or sounds like Q'uest Love's hands are in this

  69. Christopher Jackson


  70. Tae Edgar Allan

    But you got to pray....all the way....till you get on!

    Tae Edgar Allan

    & all this confusion around me. ..give me peace...

  71. savnermitliv

    Discovering this album has made me so happy, fucking brilliant! I will be buying the vinyl tomorrow =)

  72. kingskid1985

    Bruh....those claps send shockwaves through my soul!


    kingskid1985 You aren't kidding.
    I'm about to give myself whiplash.

  73. Arianne Section

    Why does this remind me of Outkast's Sorry Miss Jackson?

  74. LaTasha Ursin

    I love it.

  75. Sumu Soul

    Chris Daddy Dave on Drums, classic Questlove post Dilla Influence.

  76. Joon K

    This album is a breath of fresh air

  77. Zee


  78. Kreale Buie

    This album literally oozes out of the speakers and right into my soul…...


    it's crazy how they put a fader on his voice like a DJ is cutting it up.

  80. Hieu tran

    Vam son

  81. David Kim

    One of my favorites from Black Messiah. This is a gospel song really. I don't know if I am hearing this correctly but I can hear church bell type of sound in the background. 0:35 0:47 1:00 .. 

  82. Axion Crypt

    I feel like the rhythm of the beat and the music is in sync with me breathing... inhaling, exhaling. And his music makes me feel like he's saying- Go love somebody


    Love yourself first

    LaTasha Ursin

    I know huh, Axion?  I love it. :)

    Axion Crypt

    I lOve it too. It's unique music . I like all the voices

  83. Steve Chase

    I think this is one of the very few songs on the album where the drums are actually programmed.

    Steve Chase

    Pay close attention to the patterns and you'll notice that they repeat throughout the whole song.

    Joe MacPhail

    @Bizzy B Nah that's Chris Dave, he's trained himself to think and create parts as if his drums were programmed. He's like the Bruce Lee of drums.

  84. cameron rose

    This song is so real

  85. Pendulums

    Heavy !

  86. Keith Smith

    This track is officially endorsed by the Black Atheist of Charleston. Fire from beginning to end!!!

  87. John Johnson

    Skips church puts this track on lol

  88. Happy To Be Nappy

    Digging this music all nite !! The beat is so nice!!! Got my vote, album of the year!!!! Powerful!!!!!!!

  89. andy owen

    We have a classic album on our hands..a term used far too freely..

  90. david yelton

    lovin this wholeheartedly...the Most High...One and none other...

  91. kweninc

    Wow I just listen to the blue eye soul girl Morgan jones on here (YouTube) cover the whole Black Messiah album ....I still cant believe the acoustics...

  92. 17DeThCo

    The vocals are so meandering and brilliant. 

  93. manlypedro75

    my my ... the BELLS!

  94. Man O'Neal

    When I first skimmed through Black Messiah I wasn't sure what to think. But after giving it a full listen through a few minutes ago, I've come to a conclusion: D'Angelo is 3 for 3 with a trio of CLASSICS!

    And I can already tell that this is going to be one of those very rare albums, like Voodoo, which just becomes better and more appreciated with the passing of time.

    Love this nigga.

    Jake Miller

    This album and To Pimp a Butterfly I will forever cherish.

    Reginald Whitening


    Zihle Cengimbo

    The Voodoo comparison is spot on my G, i too didnt know how to feel about this album until i gave it couple more listens. just like Voodoo it grew on me

    dewy dcb

    You saw into the future my guy

    celestial vibrationz

    It sounds even better with headphones...

  95. Kelvin Grier I

    Phenomenal as usual! 🔥🔥🔥

  96. David J

    Good to see people showing this album love. I got tired of seeing people whine on FB posts about how they wanted the "old" D'angelo sound.


    Who needs old D'Angelo when you've got this, artists transform be it for the good or bad, D'Angelo for the good

  97. Jimmy Jamjar

    THC anyone?