D'Angelo - Playa Playa Lyrics

Steal U wit my 2 shot
Control U wit my drop
Blaze U wit my handle
Bless U wit my pops
Play U like a pro
And take over the show
Stick U and defeat u
Rob U of your glow
Rob U of your glow


Bring the drama playa
Give me all U got
Make your move
Shoot your best shot
I see right through your riddle
Slip right past the block
Set U up FOR 2
Shoot your best shot
Shoot your best shot

We're the playas number ONE
We're the playas number ONE
We're the playas number ONE

Playa playa play me
We dyin 2 set it off
MarloN, Slick and Weasel
Can hardly wait TWO ball
My groove is tight drummers
Drummin right
Dirts our secret weapon
Each and everynight
Each and everynight

We came here to rip sXXX
Strip U of your clout
Later 4 all y' all HATERS
We gon' turn this motha' out
If U came to ball u gonna lose it all
We don' t plan 2 stop
Til U bounce off the wall
Til U bouncin off the wall


We're the playas number one [x 3]

We're the playas number one [x 3]

We're the playas number one [x 3]

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D'Angelo Playa Playa Comments
  1. Beauty With Lydia

    Anybody here in 2020 ? this is a CLASSIC!

  2. A. Lynette

    Severely, severely underrated.

    Self Taught Trucker

    Ang Lynette i see alot of comments saying he under rated. I thought he could not handle all the attention from his untitled song and thats why he felt back from music.

    A. Lynette

    Self Taught Trucker you have a great point. I think it’s a multitude of things that played a part, but I have no doubt that this album will be one that will forever be discussed. This song specifically to me didn’t seem like it got as much popularity as others.

  3. dbdk dl

    오빠 저 유아인데요 이노래 저한테 추천해준 오빠 찾고 있어요!! 🙃

  4. Lostre

    Me and my Ex use to love to smoke and just vibe to this shit real talk one of the best rnb albums period!

  5. Nomis

    D'angleo's "There's a Riot Going On" Album

  6. ArizonaReggie

    I got so much Chlamydia to this album back in high school lol

    milly Cøøkiez

    @ArizonaReggie WTF 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣

  7. Phantom P

    I remember it like it was yesterday, 19 years ago this gem shaped me.

  8. Niecey Giles

    man i wish D'angelo made a video for this song! i know it would have been some hot $hit with that funky bass!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. dave

    A funk, soul, jazz infusion. Fire 🔥

  10. Barry Norgaard

    That bass groove tho.

  11. Phil Reece

    I'm here because of Questlove's interview on Broken Record

  12. Eshauri Russaw

    This track is smooth

  13. Latasha Roberts


  14. David Ivey

    Pino is such a great bass player..

    Linden Arden

    just incredible. The basslines on this album are pure coolness.

  15. L Cassandra Joint

    Yes I'm here in 2019. Bullshit ass music brought me back here 💜✨💜💨

  16. mobop

    yep 2019

  17. Dusty Atomz

    Dilla produced

    y k

    nah d'angelo produced most of this album lol don't get it fucked up.


    Dilla was in the studio, because "Like Water For Chocolate"(Common) and "Mama's Gun"(Erykah Badu) were produced at the same time in the Electric Lady Studios. Dilla co-produced " Feel Like Making Love" on the Voodoo album, because Lauryn Hill was planned for a duet, but she didn't show up in the studio, so Dilla got involved, but he isn't even named in the credits.

  18. HMZ

    Dilla has his finger prints on every record. The sound, the drums, the bass, the bounce and the magic.

    Chris Lepe

    That's Questlove on drums

    Phil Reece

    @Chris Lepe Exactly

    Peter Pepper

    @Chris Lepe Go watch Questlove's interview on this record. Without Dilla, the drums would probably sound very different. Sure, Questlove's the prodigy that layed down this amazing beat, Dilla is largely responsible for the feel though.

  19. Lamar Phelps

    For those who don't know D Angelo is from Richmond Virginia

    Yuka Lew

    Facts! Souf Side


    I used to get stopped CONSTANTLY by chicks asking if I were him. I was just like "If I had D'Angelo money do you think I'd be in Cloverleaf mall shopping with you? 😂"

  20. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause

    Omg...who can forget this sexy man and his Beautiful voice. 💕❤️

  21. Morris X

    This Album digs Deep into the essence of African spirituality, I need to sleep after listening to this Album.A Masterpiece

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    D' (and his band) = Black Excellence at its finest...

  22. Charlie Lations


    BrandNew Concern

    Charlie Lations matter of time I just thought of d’angelo n here I am 😜

  23. Bridgette Webb

    Anyone in 2019?? 😍😍💯💯🎼🎼🎼🎼


    jermell feagin

    I sure do 👍💯

    Niecey Giles

    hell yeah!!! crankin this as we speak!! when this cd first came out i played this cd so much that it ended up skippin, i couldnt get past this track bcuz its so funky!!! get it D'angelo!!! heeeeeeey!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Lori Harper

    Right here!

    Imogen Hardy

    yh gg <3 2020 soon the wind blows xx

  24. Rondell Simmons

    I've studied this man for years. He embodies ALL the greats in one big pot of gumbo. Own style, and creates verbal pictures so well. Thanks be to the all mighty forgiving the world this gift!

    David Spencer

    All glory to God

  25. Mr. Froglegs