D'Angelo - Left & Right Lyrics

Yo, yo
Yeah, come on

I see you dancing right now
I don't need to tell you that you know how
Baby you do, oh
I say you belong
And if you dream, you'd be free
I can take you there
Just follow me
Baby I won't, I won't steer you wrong
And it seems like to me
You want someone to treat you like their queen
Babe I do
So what'cha want?
Smack your ass, pull your hair
And I even kiss you way down there
You know I will
Think I won't?

That's the way we do it
Left and right
Keep it moving
Up and down
How we do it babe
Left and right
Uh keep it moving
Up and down
Uh so what'cha doing?
Left and right
I love it went you do it
Up and down
Love it went you do it
Left and right
Keep doing it babe, yeah

[1] - [D'Angelo]
Left and right
And up and down

[Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)]

[Method Man]
Yo D how we do it
Hey yo D how we do it
[Method Man]
Hey yo how we do it
All day how we do it

I hear you calling my world
Make you feel like a pearl
I'll rub your back and fulfill your needs, yeah
So I would suggest you get undressed
Fingertips touching and you'll come back
As I want
Why don't you give it to me?
I will have you believe
There's no reason for you to leave
Stay right here (stay right here)
In my arms (in my arms)
Bring you fears stay secure
Here with me you can be sure
There's no faking you turn me on

That's the way we do it
Left and right
Up and down
You keep it moving
Left and right
Yeah she's moving
Up and down
Oh yeah
Left and right
Love it when you do it
Up and down
Don't stop
Left and right
Just keep doing it baby, oh

[Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)]

He yo D how we do it
[Method Man]
Yo D how we do it
Funk Doc how we do it
Yo Stallion
[Method Man]
This is how we do it

Why don't you know?
The sexy little things you do
(The sexy little things you do)
Oh, oh why don't you know?
The sexy little things you do, ooh

Yo, yo
My flows remarkable
Doc walk like Kane from Kung Fu round the globe
Throw obstacles I'll hurdle them
Herb and whack MC's, drum racks
To the rims to the caps
Yo Meth, Tical, and D
I'm ASAP, I'm crack a don chicken hunting at KFC
In '83 I was that scrub TLC talking 'bout
Now I rock the house
Chalk 'em out

[Method Man]
Yeah no doubt who gots the biggest ass in the house
Young miss fillet-a-fish
Salt water trout, pretty young thing
Got a tongue ring and dirty mouth
And she whispering them sweet nothings
I hear it out
Baby you got me like Joni had Cha Chi
Until she got high and went and fucked Potsi
Lady Godiva
From day one a dick rider
Liar, liar set your pussy on fire

[Redman] [(Method Man)]
Yo Doc be off the wall
We keep a Marly cheap
Pulling a Harley deep with a jar of grease
Come 1-5-1, straight endo, the spot
I fuck brown sugar behind the fiber glass window
Its Doc not guns don't sling weight
The only thing I sling is condoms for spring break
(Fuck 'em) How we do it?
(Leave 'em) How we do it?
(Get the money) The pussy
(The weed) Now do it

[Method Man] [(Redman)]
Now take your coat off and stay a while
Now honey child if you're gon' be acting funny style
Then I don't need ya
It's Saturday, this night fever
Shit is popping, Acheeva my mouth cotton
Tis the season for draws dropping
And heavy breathing
You ain't skeezin' you dick teasin'
I'm leavin'
Acting rotten, I got no time for games
I'm no joke
Drop that ass when I'm finished
And watch it smoke
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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D'Angelo Left & Right Comments
  1. cynthias567

    Still loving this in 2020. Wish he'd come out with something new. Can't be still when you hear these jams

  2. allsmilez2day

    This jam is so unrated still jamming 2019! 🎶 1💜✌

  3. Rio TM

    This is music

  4. Shinieka

    He was the sexiest man alive 🥵

  5. Moussa Sy

    Get stone before listen to it!

  6. Claudio Longo

    What a groove

  7. Mike Gjoe

    Yeah baby!

  8. Clarissa Westbrook

    He is fine!!!!

  9. Nelkon Nsamba

    What's with the low budget video?😑

  10. Bryan R.

    Method man/D’Angelo Collabo Part II featuring Redman...

  11. IO Flava Original Flava

    Este tema es la bomba!!!!!

  12. brinatai bre

    I name my son de'angelo . I had it bad lol.

  13. Larry Brown

    Best colab in history

  14. Lucie Ennis

    still in love with this great track / album

  15. djef ardeur

    That's what u call music my friends!

  16. D. Mac

    I won't steer you wrong ****

  17. Ms.Chi-Town Run it

    Still bumping this in 2019!!🎶🎶💰💰☝🏾☝🏾🔥🔥💯💯😘😘💸💸

  18. Beverly McFadden

    A Slapper...

  19. S .McNeal

    George Clinton in there? You know it was funkdafied


    Oh, G.C. is in there as well as Sly, Curtis, JB, Jimi, Stevie and all that 70's Phonkiness. The spirit of funk is alive and thriving in D'angelo.

  20. stanis3k

    still gets love in 2019 into 2020

  21. Brendon Cariah

    they song still rocks hard as a mutherfucker in 2019!!!

    nolitha tom

    dude, it goes hard...

    brinatai bre

    If he ever have a show in the bay area I am going by my self If I have to.


    Voodoo is a timeless masterpiece:)

  22. 2oDeez

    I'm looking for "this specific version" of the song. I love that break 2:06 is the heat!

  23. Vincent Burke

    How can this not be a classic

  24. ramonbriggs17

    Gold Eternal Energy .Bad Bad Bad Shit

  25. Vincent Burke

    I can’t stop watching. Look at the shit that’s available now!!

  26. Vincent Burke

    Ridiculous how talented this guy is

  27. Dominique Winters

    This is a great video production

  28. Jose Maria Reyes


  29. Amethyst Palma

    Kimbra sent me here

  30. Ivan King

    "Liar, Liar set your _ _ _ _ y on fire!' LLS This track is crazy funky!

  31. Niecey Giles

    i wish dangelo would do a show in dc, i miss seeing him perform live and in person!

  32. Chanell J. Wilson

    this was a good year

  33. Fische

    Red and Meth didn't jump.That is dope

  34. P Diva

    This was a get pregnant album.

  35. mujaahid72

    Song still tight in 2017 and will be for 2018 forever !!!!!!

  36. ZS 15

    I think I just got pregnant watching this 🙈

  37. Bob

    Were is he ? Fokking marvelus! Xxx from Amsterdam

  38. Sha3jc31

    D'Angelo I thank you for making great music through out the year's. Music like this will always be remembered. *Salute*

  39. Dine and Serve with CiCi

    That afro is everything

  40. Shawn Wells

    Timeless this song was epic 2017!!!!!

  41. Ken Smith

    70s music with modern twist!

  42. Michael Gonzales

    SUGAR FREE: D’ANGELO’S VOODOO CHILD RETURN AND THE MAKING OF “LEFT & RIGHT”: https://massappeal.com/dangelo-left-right-voodoo-brown-sugar-free

  43. Maddiebynature

    The Voodoo album came out the same year and month I was born but I love this man with all my heart!😍😍😍😍 I hope he does another album soon because Black Messiah is! 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Cesar Pratt


  45. BigDapPacino

    D Angelo was like fuck that smooth shit....I want to make music like Rick James, Prince, and George Clinton...stepped away from the keyboards and picked up the guitar!

  46. Larry Brown

    This was the best Colab. Meth and Red with D'Angelo. I can imagine them talking and saying we can make some fire!!

  47. Al Norris

    This is some good fuckin music.

  48. CodyCole80

    He gives me the feel of an R&B Andre 3000.

  49. Vincent Smith

    real music

  50. fanie marcelin

    still 2017

  51. Flowz

    Man THIS IS THE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! this should carry an extreme funk warning

  52. Zéguinho Music

    um dos melhores sons de todos os tempos sem duvida nenhuma affffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  53. honzanoel

    Swear there was another video for this.

    Club Paradise

    honzanoel I thought this too maybe your thinking about the voodoo extras video

  54. Lonnie Christian

    what happen to this talented brother? he just dropped off the earth!

    Matteus Pittmann

    And won the Grammy for best R&B album for that album. My brother takes time with that music man

  55. Tony Bland

    I won't steer you wrongg.

  56. Nerdbama Rich

    d'angelo with the afro looking so soulful.


    rough rugged and soulful.....Method Man Redman, D'angelo

    H Az

    Best kind of soul

  58. Mr. Chip

    He aint got no abs

  59. D. Brister

    Damn! D epitomized the term Fine-az-Fuck! Lol!

  60. Louis Dutry

    Listen to Left & Right by FloFilz #np on #SoundCloud

  61. J Chanel

    I didn't know there was a video!


    J Chanel thought I was the only one who didn't know 😶😶😶

  62. Sol Raat KaBa

    Lawd help me...right now.

  63. cushe83

    i saw the behind the scenes footage. they really were partying for this video shoot.

    Boris Juhas

    cushe83 where can i see it?

  64. Eliana Sanchez

    Love me some D'Angelo! Can't wait to see him here in Australia :)

    J Gottberg

    +Eliana Sanchez Nice Rack


    +Eliana Sanchez Niice to know there are some soulful ladies here in Australia, ive been running into some really bland females since i landed, but again your last name hints to a central/south American background,

    Andrew Tadeu

    he's coming to Australia?? WHENNNNNN..Saw him at soulfest 2014 in Sydney.

  65. 4eva Ondawun

    Like sum of y'all out there, I 2 get a lil frustrated at the way the industry waters down the black experience in music. With that said, I know that the beauty of what we do is still here; it just ain't mainstream (n that's kool). If we want change n remembrance of who n what we r 2 not fade away, we must "each 1 teach 1" so that the youngbloods can carry on this rich n beautiful legacy that we possess. And it starts n ya inna-circle. Share this richness with sons, daughters, nieces, nephews n so on. Tell them about our history past 2 da present; then let it marinate n watch it grow. I luv all of God's creation, especially my blackness (the good, the bad, n the ugly of it all) cuz at the end of the day...we family. Luv y'all...peace

    H Az



    Beautiful. Thank you.

  66. jay scott

    This shit so funky I got to get a Lap dance to this before I die

    Cornell Anderson

    +justin scott Word bruh

    Geek Chic

    Holla if ya hear me 😂😂😂💯

    kab 's


  67. bmusic10

    That is the D sound! nobody can sound like that, not even Prince.


    But even D Angelo has said without Prince...there would be no D Angelo!

    Efrem Robinson

    Even if D'angelo never said that you gotta be kinda stupid to think prince can't.


    Efrem Robinson lol

  68. Umn Mag

    RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ...D' Angelo... started the neo soul movement..


    Well if I'm not mistaken, I think D himself said in a magazine interview that you can argue Omar from the UK did (who's been around since early 90s). The producer Kedar Massenburg coined the "neo-soul" term, yes, but the sound was going down by our funky brother overseas...

    Iron Mike

    MAXWELL!!!! Y'all forgot about him

    Bobby L. Green Jr.

    Neo Soul father J dilla

    DimitDAAmazin TV

    VA for Lovers

    Amyn Pena

    @Maté Chocoláte 💯💯💯💯💯


    "Love it when you do it
    And watch it smoke"

  70. Derrick Sherrod

    Man.....he ain't playing shit. You ain't fooling nobody, bruh

    solomon williams

    You know he plays like 4 instruments right?

    Sista Stroke

    +solomon williams PREACH!!!!

  71. Quinn Darrow

    I feel like an idiot but I swear he says, 'and it seems like to me, you want someone to fit your pedigree...' but every lyric finder website doesn't say that... am I stupid?

    Aaron Smith

    You're right. Thats what he say


    +Quinn Darrow I thought it was "and it seems like to me, you want someone to treat you like your queen" but now that you mentioned it it sounds more like what you said.

    Henry Hill

    +Quinn Darrow Nah that's exactly what it says in the lyric booklet that comes with the vinyl, don't know what websites you've been reading


    Damn you got Voodoo on vinyl? Lucky! I've been trying to get that album on vinyl for years with no luck. I might have to buy it online.

    Giuliano Paris

    @Chinmay you can easily find it on Amazon 😉

  72. Garp

    groovy ,you melt soul and rap, damnnn!!! it's heavy

  73. Ryan Mack

    D'Angelo | Left & Right (FloFilz Remix)

  74. Blackx Blackx

    Fucking 90''s!

  75. The Temple of Hip Hop Society

    #KingFareedZakariaGPS #223  #CPO   #UpendraJChivukula   #UpendraJdotChivukula

  76. Kevin Breaux

    Damn, I loved this joint! Its a damn shame it took more than ten years for D'Angelo to release a follow up record but better late than never.

    This is probably one of my favorite ensemble records of the past decade, everything from the instrumentation to the guess verse from Meth and Redman was on point!

  77. Mike John


  78. Josef Balog

    Styll guitare excelent yes !!

  79. Hanna Samson

    Fav D'Angelo Tune.

  80. Corey Smith

    I'm Peppa Pig..

  81. Cam

    I love that little guitar intro - I didn't think it was on the album at first but turns out it's at the end of devils pie!


    +Cameron Hooper we used to loop the intro and play it in jam session.Very cool to jam on


    @TrustYourGut sometimes I just need to pick up a guitar and play the riff man

  82. kamikahz1

    Smack your ass
    Pull your hair
    And I even kiss u way down there
    U know that I will
    Ya think I won't

    my goodness! u go d!

  83. Rich Ford, Jr.

    directed by Malik Sayeed (Lil' Minx) producer Rich Ford Jr

  84. Marit Helene Thoresen

    Holy shit.

  85. kanuri

    I bet it smelled like sex, hot wings & Crown Royal during the making of this video! LOL


    hahahahaha no doubt!

    Bree Brodie

    That whole album is greasy like that. Just funky sexy GOODNESS!

    El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl

    And the sweet essence of cocoa butter.. 🥰

  86. mondola

    This is always how I imagined a great party to look like.

    H Az

    Those black women look delicious.



    Damien J

    His album going hard

  88. TheAlmightyClipse

    This joint is too smooth!

  89. simona scolari

    Best composer and singer ever!!! My idol!!!

    H Az

    This man is a genius.

    Jovan Parker

    @H Azand so is Method Man & Redman

    H Az

    @Jovan Parker Redman yes, but method man not so much. Redman is very underrated as a lyricist. Method man is unique but not a genius. D'angelo is a musical prodigy. Dude is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, and song writer.

    Jovan Parker

    @H Az I Mos Def respect your honest opinion but dose but you gotta admit do dat line wit him and Redman on Big Dogs he was like "johnny blaze da ghostwriter ghost storys by da campfire we night breed vampires" yo you gotta admit dat was genius

  90. Scrap Daddy

    King Fareed cameo 3:36-3:38

    The Temple of Hip Hop Society

    @Scrap Daddy #UpendraJChivuka and King Fareed Publishing are both with #FamousMusicCorporation #WUMUSICGROUP #FunkyNobleProductions #GaryMonNoble

  91. Torerùs

    D'angelo fuck me please

    Dominique Laveaux

    Torerùs HA!!!


    Torerùs 🙏🏿

  92. x_sianah_x

    Timeless.....thank you

  93. MegaTronn

    Play more guitar, D'Angelo! You have groovy chops on those strings.

  94. Timoteo Delvecchio

    fuck yea

  95. fanie marcelin