D'Angelo - Devil's Pie Lyrics

Fuck the slice we want the pie
Why ask why till we fry
Watch us all stand in line
For a slice of the devil's pie
Drugs and thugs womeN wine
Three or four at a time
Watch them stand all in line
For a slice of the devil's pie

Who am I to justify
All the evil in our eye
When I myself feel the high
From all that I despise

Behind the jail or in the grave
I have to lay in this bed I made
If I die before I wake
I Hope the lord dont' hesitate
2 get 2 heaven done been through hell
Tell my peeps all is well
All them fools whose soul's 4 sale
Sitting next to the Jezebel

Demons screaming in my ear
All my anger all my fear
If I holler let them hear
In this spinning sphere


Main ingredients 2 this dish
Goes like this
Here's the list
Materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious
Bread and dough, cheddar cheese, flash and stash, cash and cream
Temperatures at a high degree
Wheres niggas come 2 feast
Hell's this all about
Apocalypse ain't no doubt

Everbody's ho'ing out all the loot all the clout
Right or wrong
Do or die
Only the vengeance will pacify
Watch your back
And so will I
In these days and time


Aint no justice
It's Just us
Ashes 2 ashes
Dust 2 dust
Time has come for most of us
2 choose in which God we trust
I know I was born 2 die
Searching 2 find
Piece of mind
With eighty five dumb and blind
There can be no compromise

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D'Angelo Devil's Pie Comments
  1. Tangy Eats


  2. rules pimp

    Man I felt this I'm so high

  3. RAMON Galbert

    Driving around Manhattan up to Harlem listening to this 2019....city music.

  4. Elayzer224

    The Game and Mozzy brought me back to the original

  5. 90sRapFan

    This joint was posted on my birthday 🔥🔥

  6. princereznor1

    D'angelo and Premiere!!!
    This is Avant Garde Jazz Soul Hip-Hop
    I love this song

  7. FrasierJohn Marshall

    Unfortunately...for many people...he&his talent were ahead of his time....2019.....thousands are eating it and don’t know why they keep having issues....extremely talented man....

  8. nick brown

    Game got me about to watch Belly again especially after coming here 🙄 I ain't got time this weekend Chuck !

  9. Joah Curry

    Games New Album just dropped a hour ago and bought me back to this 😂😂😂

  10. tricia laney

    I came here because Ty Dolla Sign sampled this song for “stand for” but I can’t see how

  11. elrey despagne

    DJ premier did this ??

  12. tia poteat

    “Roll up tryna get high”


  13. Wouldn’t You Like to Know

    If I die before I wake, hope the Lord don’t hesitate 🤷🏽‍♀️ deep!

  14. Jake Stevenson

    Bump 🤛 my shit .......

  15. thachiefrocka


  16. Sherman Hill

    Belly classic shit 🤘🏾 🔥

  17. rock-Am Rakim Marcianou Boom

    foto, is me, with the tone of. Michaels (please dont go gurl/ every rose has its thorn ] -aeni`

  18. Nico Toscani


  19. uptown_bull

    This my shit make me wanna watch belly

  20. Slang Baby

    with ox fronting all the dope... BELLY FANS KNOW WASSUP

  21. Louie D'angelo

    wtf is he saying?

  22. paxonearth

    Wow, this is great. I'm hearing a LOT of Prince in this.

  23. Ask Yourselfs Mother

    I could see Canibus doing this in collaboration with some other rappers of the time. Idk if it would have fit him that well if he was the only rapper on it, I don't think that he "groovy" enough to do it justice if he was the only one on it.

  24. Cameron Smith

    Love this song. Belly

  25. sushiTECK

    BELLY is responsible for me being a fan of D´Angelo straight 80s babies 90s crazies. BUNZ with the bricks from OX.

  26. TechTrending

    Thumbs up for who is here In 2019 and still rocking

  27. Toddric Fryson

    Biggie would have smashed this track....

    Jarrel Ely

    What about Chubb rock?

  28. Derrick German

    Still my joint,2019 YEAH

  29. q Solid


  30. metsdynastyx

    This brought back memories of belly

  31. Sacha Parris

    real don Dada ;)

  32. sheldon williams


  33. A.Bandit

    I feel like this satanic but I fw it heavy💯


    Your brain was installed backwards, this is anti-satanic dumb ass.

  34. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    like grandma said, if they don't understand it , ain't no use to preach them, it's like the devil giving you a nasty faithless headache.

  35. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    they are wats and rumors of wats but we got to continue to break the demons head under our feet as always in a aggravated notion becomes annoying overnight.

  36. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    imagine if al green does this piece, yes funked up like the Memphis mads chop.

  37. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    prayer to the jackson family and mother Katherine, happy bday and you still live well. we got to kill these devil animals who lie to my husband, okay? Michael you still live resting in peace. this is for Sandra bland and treyvon, Michael Brown, these demons know how to make money over a racial situation when they get caught sooner and later. thank you as always,d'angelo. please come back k to the ground d one more time.

  38. Keenan Moore

    "Knowledge bone, what's the science?" Lol so many people won't get it.

  39. Gavin Knight Jackson

    Who produced this? I felt like it was j dilla but I think I'm wrong lol


    dj prem

  40. Jimmy Jam

    I like pie. Not saying . I'm just sayin

  41. Mario Sergio Diaz

    Devil's pie is also mentioned in J.Cole's ATM right?

  42. Josh Power

    This song is about SIN AND HOW good it tastes... but beware for everything has a price

  43. Tionna Patros


  44. Taiquan James

    And to think Canibus passed on this...

  45. Diallo Reese

    It’s crazy Canibus turned down this beat

  46. Saif Al'khaliq

    Dope Dealer Song!!

  47. Eliel Fonseca

    Im here2019

  48. Keshondria Amos


  49. vU dU

    it's all a lie
    it's all a lie
    it's all a lie
    it's all a lie
    ... for the slice of the devil's pie


    all in line..

    vU dU

    @jdotman hm funny, 'cause I hear "it's all a lie": haven't really looked at the lyrics though :P

  50. Ben Luton

    ... white, is white. Until you fry. Fuck the slice. Want the pie. "Sancitfy," the piece of Mind. Three or four, at a time... If I die, before wake, Lord, don't hesitate.

  51. Tony Pretty Boy Pace

    The fucking devil's pie

  52. Sneaker County

    Just watched belly

  53. Paypa Plane Jayne

    This song is so dope

  54. KiN CAMELL

    No Joke.

  55. shirtjuggler

    Only 1.8 million views?!? I have a hard time believing that just myself and 23 other people have listened to this. I can and have listened to this song on repeat.

  56. michiel eybergen

    Devil's Pie


    Fuck the slice want the pie
    Why ask why, till we fry
    Watch us all, stand in line
    For a slice of the devil's pie
    Drugs and thugs, women wine
    Three or four, at a time
    Watch them all, stand in line
    For a slice of the devil's pie

    Who am i, to justify
    All the evil in our eye
    When I myself, feel the high
    From all that I despise
    Behind the jail or in the grave
    I have to lay, in this bed I made
    If I die, before I wake
    Hope the Lord don't hesitate

    Get 2 heaven, went through hell
    Tell my peeps, all is well
    All them fools, whose soul's 4 sale
    Sitting next to the Jezebel
    Demons screaming, in my ear
    All my anger, all my fear
    If I holler, let them hear
    In this spinning sphere

    Fuck the slice want the pie
    Why ask why, till we fry
    Watch us all, stand in line
    For a…

  57. Anthony Knox

    Bagging up music

  58. Darryl Kellam

    Va stand up! Belly got me here. Musical genius spitting about the truth. " Slice of that devil's pie"

  59. Kenoblackledge44 Blackledge

    Sounds like it could have been a beat from Dr dre

  60. Reno Simpson

    Some heavy NLP, just didn't feel right listening to this.

  61. Casey Walker

    Please go listen to *QUESTLOVE* tell the story about the *ELECTRIC LADY SESSIONS* that went on during this time. As a collective the Did *JILL SCOTT, COMMON, TALIB, MOS DEF, E.BAD, The Roots,* albums all at the same time. With a mix of musicians & writer's. *THE SOULQUARIANS* had the Vibe cover and a big spread BUT one silly journalist & EGOs ruined a movement the likes we haven't been able to recapture since SMH

  62. Casey Walker

    I had to revisit this because I don't think I fully appreciated how dope it was.

  63. Braxton YT

    Am i the only one who came here because of belly

    Braxton YT

    its a movie btw


    @Braxton YT thank you, for the enlightening. I was wondering about the "Belly" comments.

  64. elrey despagne

    Eastcoast beat

  65. J'Anthony Williams

    Thnxs from reality

  66. joseph stevenson

    and the drums get wit it

  67. joseph stevenson

    stop sleeping on the bass guitar one of the voices of blk folk

  68. Dee E

    I'm pretty sure this nigga just said
    "Hmm nimma num nah for a slice of the devil's pie"

  69. Brooklyn Luxe

    My hip hop history got back 2 1979 and to me this is in the top five.
    Many may disagree, but to have a proper understanding of the evaluation and exploration of Hip you have had to live over 2 scores.
    Hip Hop 4Ever
    Yeah and you don't stop

    Brooklyn Luxe

    Some here Hip Hop since 1979
    My first record was Rappers Delight.
    A Real Hip Hopper 4Ever
    We don't die we multiply
    100 100 100

  70. jamal2x

    Bruh look like Jalen Ramsey😂😂

  71. Ajaya J.

    Who's listening in 2018?

  72. clamps

    OMGGOSH the bassline gave me some TPAB vibes

  73. Quran Ali

    This Sh!t Go Dumb Hard......
    Damn Preeme.......

  74. Chad Yeary

    3:04 mark of the beast anyone else hear that

    Jo Rossi

    Terrible way to ruin a great song. Smh 🙄


    Yes cause the name of the song is Devil's Pie, not that deep

    Jermaine Davis

    Man if u dont gone


    He was calling out the industry man man

  75. Jess Hart

    I love this track, but I can't not hear the line as "penis cream / in my ear".

  76. Jack Sparrow

    ain't no justice, just us
    ashes to ashes
    dust to dust

    sick ass flow on this line

  77. Hutch TV

    One the Thee sickest bass lines in the history of hip hop....... ain't dead prez hip hop but still sick AF!!

  78. Mulumba Kadiayi

    dj premier meet prince= devil pie by d angelo

  79. Cedric Hampton

    More than baseline it's message if you have a higher consciousness you will receive the message


    Cedric Hampton “if you have a higher consciousness “ 😂😂
    Please enlighten me

  80. Anthony Patterson

    he basically rappin yo

  81. SOLAR

    Belly brought me here such a classic

  82. Thothme.

    Palo Mayombe.

  83. Maddy Madd

    R n b trap musik

    elrey despagne

    Heu nooo mutherfucker thé Trap IS not music heure IS soul hip hop

  84. Pain In The Arsenal78

    Filthy beat still smashes it. Still got the head nod factor.

  85. Daniel Perugini

    This and Lauryn Hill's first release... my god, true masterpieces.

  86. TAY LOR

    Ilike dem hoes from nwbraka

  87. Money Monster

    I wanna cook a pie now

    Jinja Gift Shop

    The devil is calling you

  88. Les Son


    ... I can’t play this joint loud enough

    Can’t get enough of it ❗️

    2_ z0nes

    Les Son word

  89. Parlay Phresh

    I know I wanna die sanctified with a piece of mind


    Parlay Phresh peace of mind.

  90. Scuba Steve


  91. Charles Reed

    Every time i hear this song i think about ol girl with that fat ass sitting on top of Knowledge while he talking on the phone

  92. Chris Ventura

    Classic. That premo beat amazing too.

  93. Mohamed Ahmed

    Best perdocer ever PREMO

  94. Guy Wilczek

    that bod tho.... mm mmm gurl i cant even....

  95. Dav

    This beat is sooo nice!

  96. Chris Overfield

    All i can think about when this track drops is the methadone clinic at 430 am. Smh