D'Angelo - Another Life Lyrics

How does one attempt to be
The kind of friend that you would want to keep?
I just want to say to thee
Even though it might be hard to believe
The candy-coated thoughts that drift through my sleep
Let me know it's you that holds the key
I got a craving for confection so sweet
For the taste of when our lips first meet

Oh, in another life, I bet you wouldn't know that
Oh, in another life, I bet you were my girl

I just wanna take you with me
To secret rooms in the mansions of my mind
Shower you with all that you need
Take my hand, I swear I'll take my time
I'm not surprised to find that angels compete
For the chance to lay down at your feet
I'm gonna touch in all of the places that please
Pull you close
I wanna feel you breathe

Oh, in another life, I bet you wouldn't know that
Oh, in another life, I bet you were my girl

It's another reason for the season
I don't wanna break your heart
Oh, in another life, I bet you were my girl, Oh!

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D'Angelo Another Life Comments
  1. Tony Mitchell

    very late to the party...just discovered this....has the "Voodoo" vibe!!

  2. shaun white

    A timeless jam from a timeless artist!!!

  3. Abby Hinds

    Just for me😉😙

  4. Ladan Nur

    this song is one of the only songs that can get to my core.. whew

  5. Freddy Williams

    This track still takes you there...wherever your there is...you go!

  6. Susan Dunn

    Helps the depression lesson. Take me with you D'.

  7. Travis Wheeler


  8. marcus.


  9. Jerron Johnson


  10. Uwaifo

    This song makes me realize that love is the only thing we are taking away from this life when we leave to the next. The lesson is to live and love.

  11. Johnny Johnson

    Very Soulful, it has to be, because it's speaking to mine....

  12. Empathy37

    I canNOT stop listening to this. Absolutely gorgeous.

  13. TinaMarie Mouzone

    It’s another reason...for the season...I don’t wanna break your heart.

  14. Brian Barnes

    Who ever is not feeling . You have no soul nor love of RNB in its soul form.

  15. Kenneth Mitcham

    How does one attempt to be
    The kind of friend that you would want to keep?
    I just want to say to thee
    Even though it might be hard to believe
    The candy-coated thoughts that drift through my sleep
    Let me know it's you that holds the key
    I got a craving for confection so sweet
    For the taste of when our lips first meet

    enough said...whoever the engineers were, not just for this song but for the album, deserves an award!

  16. Your Boi Whis

    Who came here from ssj9k?

  17. Outer.Box.Dissemination

    “I just wanna take you with me,
    To secret rooms in the mansions of my mind.”

    Evelyn Stansberry

    This brought me to tears...just those lyrics alone...

  18. Bobby White

    This song is purely amazing. I listen to this all the time still, forever saved on my spotify. Put many people onto Dangelo through this album.

  19. Caron Hatcher

    Playing this in 2019!! Got that Prince and the Ohio Players flavor.

  20. Myra McGill

    This song does something to my "insides"! #WhewWee

  21. Olwethu Ntuli

    D'Angelo is so soulful

  22. Loyal Beau

    Lord 🙏🏾

  23. Israel 777

    4:22-4:27 Straight Chills!

  24. Cynthia Brown

    Loving this as well😘💋.

  25. Alex Haynes

    Anybody else getting Prince's "Adore" vibes on here?

  26. eyecan8

    Master piece 🔥

  27. V Williams


  28. Andre Caldwell

    The bass is so down south gospel....

  29. Latonya Duerson

    2019 and it's still cold!!!

  30. Tracy Gandy

    This is real music. It does something for the soul!

  31. Sean Williams


  32. Rice boy

    I sleep on this album...w/ diggin my crates and the overdue and oversaturation of so many musical projects...i didn't do the knowledge...plus i knew to out do voodoo would be hard...this joint got its own lane. Solid af.

  33. Derrick Nice

    This is my jam!!

  34. Bantu Daughter

    Yeah 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  35. TinaMarie Mouzone

    Secret rooms in the mansions of my mind

  36. L Cassandra Joint

    This album feels like home. When you feel like you're spaced out, lost out of control this will put you back in a steady but free space ,where life can feel so good again. Bring it home d'angelo. Ps. (Taste like fresh water,smell like a pot of greens). Lol💜✨💜🎼 2019 I'm Here!!!

  37. Ashlie Starling

    Anyone else feel like this is the male artist version to Next Lifetime by Erykah Badu?

  38. I love mexoxo

    Tha shit

  39. Olwethu Ntuli

    The lyrics made me fall in love again

  40. Toni Kelly

    I bought this album/cd when it first dropped and got hung up on the first 5 songs and continuously played these songs only. One day I was cooking and asked, Alexa, to play D'Angelo and the first song played as Another Life. I said Aleza, repeat, it played again. I'm saying this song is the bomb!!!!! One of the best I've heard from D'Angelo, why don't I know this song? I go to Youtube and played it to find out I have this song on the Black Massiah album that I neglected to listen to its entirety. Now I'm ONLY playing Another Life, I soooo love this song!!!!! Everything about this song makes my soul sing.

  41. Keenya Isabu

    He should never stop singing, his energy makes me feel like he's in love with me and I'm the only one

  42. Lisa Murphy

    I felt like I was in church!!!! Chills and tears came all over my body!!!!!!

  43. Ryan Haskins

    Still rocking this song in 2019

  44. Tom Parker

    How does this groove so hard?

  45. Kari H.

    I love listening to this song with my eyes closed, blocking out all other distractions and focusing on the instrumentation and vocals. Sounds even better then!

  46. Ryan K

    Plays in the background when you lose your virginity to a Black Queen. That feel man....

  47. Patricia Peoples


  48. Mario Cancel


  49. Amirah Rashid

    It gives me life🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎚🎹🎸🎷🎤🎛

  50. j Pat

    My goodness. I have been replaying this song for the last hour. I am in love y'all! I am hooked. This song is soooo old school. The song has everything, i.e. musicianship, lyrics, beauty, etc. Eargasm. I am gonna come again. Ear hole get ready. Pure pleasure. Thank you D'Angelo for such loveliness.

  51. 206CreoleSugar

    Still helping my soul fly....

  52. Tanya Gudger

    2019 still listening, fan for life

  53. Ronny P

    Man this takes me back to the Ohio Players days
    which is a good thing...

  54. Love Life

    No matter where I go I always end up here. This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

  55. DLloyd_KiiiNG_Israel

    The brilliance of Black Messiah is that D'angelo made it for 2019. If you look around, a lot of Black people are Waking up to the fact that we are the true children of Israel. D'Angelo knew the Awakening was just around the corner, listen to 1000 deaths. In that song he says "the moment of truth is near" . The moment of truth he is referring to is the Awakening of the true children of Israel(The Negros).


    The true Israel are those who are saved in Christ Jesus

  56. playaflyJOE27

    292 people don't deserve to have ears. They should be cut off their heads!!!!!!!!!

  57. HyperNinja

    the end is so dope!

  58. vacations

    Legendary song

  59. Aaron Stride

    This is a proper song

  60. Ado Hajro

    People don't seem to uderstand, this shit feels like a leather jacket

  61. H E A D C A S E C O U B O U R G

    How are there even dislikes on this??

  62. Love Life

    This song didnt have to grow on me. The first note grabbed my heart.

  63. Christopher Mezidor


  64. Brittney

    This Here🙋✌👌

  65. Michael Demby

    Still in the rotation

  66. badbn405

    Lyrics and instruments. Got me swaying from side to side.
    Real music for the soul.

  67. Nina Blues

    Black soul is still alive in musicians like this here magical brotha!

  68. Nicola Pasterfield

    This song is ecstasy

  69. Bridgette Concentine

    Still bumps it!!!REAL MUSIC BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!! THANKS D!!!!

  70. Tanya Gudger

    who's listening to this in 2018

  71. Dianne Banks

    This song is so positive respectability a very Natural art. Messaged and communicated so smooth . 👍 yes. Yes

  72. P Joe

    d'angelo...he hard..

  73. P Joe

    If you don't like this yo ears are broken & u needa fix den shots quick

  74. Sean Williams

    I can't stop playing this song

  75. Dianne Banks

    Yea yea yes as it a real chord and reality check. Of grace and grandiosity all very very well. Orchestrated verbally and more

  76. Beverly McFadden

    Real Talk !!! A Slapper Froreal !!! California Love Forever !!!❤️Belasco Theater DTLA Regent Theater DTLA !!!❤️Blow Upper !!!❤️💪🙏🤗💕!!!

  77. Cristy Luv

    A tear has fallen....every so slowly

  78. macdabluepanther

    Too Smooth!!!

  79. Philip D

    Supernaturel sound!

  80. Andre Caldwell

    Years later WTF still...I can tolerate the time if this is the result.

  81. Will Omega

    In another life I bet you were my girl...

  82. Michael Summey

    Mad I missed this the first go-round, but can't stop playing it now!

  83. tyest adams

    And the most beautiful Lyrics I've ever heard

  84. tyest adams

    These words are sung so sweet. ♥️♥️

  85. Doris C. Church

    I can't stop listening to this song 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Pj Mills

    D'Angelo & R Kelly Are The 2 Dopest Artists To Come Out Since Prince!! Im not Talkin Personal Life Im Just Talking Talent & Music

  87. JanWynd

    Dat ol' sexy type shit! Tellem Breezy sentchu...#BreezyWeathaMedia

  88. Debra Lynn Paxton

    Love it !

  89. K.D. Woody

    I've listened to this song like ump-teen times, and everytime it gives me such a feelin' quite hard to explain. DAMN, the brother is gifted and talented i must say, our Marvin Gaye for this era..

  90. Jo Samuels

    D'Angelo. Last night you took me to someplace I've never been.....
    The mansions of your mind.

    Seriously. When I tell you that.....
    U took me
    to another place and time....

  91. Beauty Enigma

    Addicted to this song...

  92. winter brown

    The groove in this song is infectious!!

  93. Brandon Bell

    Most amazing D'angelo track & arrangement...puts me in the mind of Blue Magic or Stylistics!!

  94. Kay-Nin

    This album was definitely worth the wait

  95. Paranoia Tours

    Ay dios este tema era la banda sonora de mi vida mientras vivía con las alemanas en 3 cerritos. Me hace re acordar a la sensación hermosa de vivir morfando altos pastelitos :3 dios, como me gustaría volver y hacer la sobremesa

  96. Shasta Spearmam

    The percussion and background vocals Love

  97. Wise Woman