Cypress Hill - Red, Meth & B Lyrics

Y'all ready for this?
Ha! I don't think so!
Yeah! Oh, listen to this!
We gonna come at ya!

Cypress Hill!
Yo yo yo - all my niggas say jump up, doc broke out the kennel
A dog on four paws spittin' out the window
Jump up! It aint no need to fight
We may squeeze the pipe, you gonna bleed tonight
I eat beans and rice, shit up a storm
I walk the streets with shark fin off my arms
Doctor Dolittle, lit off the bone
My bracelet like I raised it off the farm
Home-grown, thick, dirty
My family feud dudes who pack 2's on survey
Jersey and house
Gun like an elephants snout
Pull ya ambulance out
Ya whole team'll get bombarded
Ya on target, and bombed by some unsigned artists
We leave ya hair cut like a blind barber
Cut it, and gave you a line with fine markers
I won't leave till the job is done
Till the last prick nigga take ya wallet, RUN
Doc with the shotty and we both catch a body with Cypress Hill

[Chorus: B-Real]
We don't give a fuck, we live it up till the day we die
You try to deal with us, but you got no blunts to get high
You won't be real with us, but ya reelin' us and you want to ride
You try to deal with us, but you got no blunts to get high

[Method Man]
Yo, yo
Blunt smokin', half a bottle of remi open
You either holdin' or half-assed like Simmy Colan
I leave ya chokin' on them lollipop rhymes ya callin'
So hard, hell I crack the shell on ya candy coatin'
If the shoes fit like Alan I be too thick
Ever since you hit, yo my new chicks a new bitch
Ya know if I can't eat, ya can't sleep
Plus I'm in denial, I just can't admit defeat
My mind is my glock, keep my third eye cocked
Bust mines off tops, leave a rapper's nerves shocked
Now who's hot and who's not
I want them rocks and that money in ya two socks
Meth the mister, if crime is an art, then let me paint a picture
I'm gone, Kodak can't even frame the riddler
Gold realin', Meth, doc, Cypress Hiller
Whoever think they fuckin' with that, lets be realer


Take the back seat and smash beats
Smoke blunts through ya lungs and flips ya brain cells like athletes
Run a track meet, the rhymes on ya rap sheet
With the foot long crush bong, look your collapsing, sicko
They go on the break-off, mental breakdown and shit you wouldn't think of
I spread it to Reggie, chances are better but deadly
You wanna be friendly on the get high Bentley
You twisted up, burnt out within seconds
Cos you couldn't hang with the John Blaze methods
Bong hittin', doc spittin', shark bitten
Star stricken, glock clickin', stop shittin'
Inhale the smoke from the master's lungs
You wanna roll up, yo I'm the fastest one (ha!)
You wanna test with the sess, well first off
That shit is funny like Kid Rock with his shirt off

[Chorus X2]

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Cypress Hill Red, Meth & B Comments
  1. truth hurts

    Who produced this?

  2. Dom Tun

    Saw red and meth in Manchester (England haha) rocked the fuck meth was ill still smashed it promised us full wu rang next year haha just keep goin

  3. ᐐGreeлEyz

    I got blunts

  4. SytCone

    2019? 👍


    Spanish crown made with Mayan gold

  6. Kmf Вълчев

    Fuck yeah

  7. ĐemiGodz TV

    9 years now .. jeez iam getting fuking old holy... still the shit i want listen to

  8. Vankruze

    If you ain't here you really ain't bout that real hip hop music fam!

  9. Jonathan Popu

    Cypress hillllllll

  10. imsatanscott

    Forget the year. It's today and you're listening to this for the 1000th time cuz it's a fukin jam.

    Jakob Kuiper

    O so true

  11. Will Will

    Great beat.

  12. Phenyo Mosimaneotsile

    I eat beans nd rice ish up a storm Hahaha a red storm of course

  13. Denis Bu

    Classic. Period.

  14. K59

    'Half arsed like semi colon.' Ok Meth, ok.

  15. Fernando Prado

    Tremendo tema ctm ! saludos desde chile perras.

  16. Sasuuke Ki

    C'est le feu cette musique y'a pas de français ou quoi ici jmenjaille seul

  17. Terry Jones

    B-real rocks

  18. un known

    dopest song ever!!! :)

  19. Matty Gauthier

    Red fuckin kills this shit

  20. Camel Roche

    Le joint n'est pas nécessaire

  21. owl one


  22. Василий Мед-дев

    CypresS La-la-la-la-la-la-la-lA

  23. united kondom

    Best song. I like Cypress RED And MET. BIG UP

  24. crime minister


  25. crime minister


  26. Shirley White

    Meth rip it up

  27. Anastasia Novitski

    Redman the beast

    Rony Ro

    Redman spit is 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Vornamee Nachnamee

    dontvote cause useless length

  29. Chris Mathewson

    Love this song.

  30. Chris Mathewson

    Whats the title of this song? Just red meth and b?

  31. Jddel Ddel

    meth and red are in my opinion on a whole different level from other rappers

  32. Rony Ro

    some old school here
    B Real unique voice
    Method Man crazy flow
    Redman... spit fire ❤🔥🔥🔥

  33. Sárlott Rácz

    show better rap music in 2019!!!!redman kills it!!!

  34. Bingo_Crepuscule

    UNE BASTOS ****

  35. Bingo_Crepuscule

    une batos

  36. Adrian Quilantan

    A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

  37. Donnie Darko

    Take me crazy 🙃 🙌

  38. Роман Алексеевич


  39. xNINJA T-REXx



    Chillin&Killin KLIT-200 ")))))

    mamuka gorozia

    klit-165 is near pussy bitches ;)

  41. loquesea93

    Y'all ready for this?
    Ha! I don't think so!
    Yeah! Oh, listen to this!
    We gonna come at ya!

    Daaaamn... this song still got me in 2019!!

    Crow Sword

    yeah, right. Like 7 years ago & still countin' ~

  42. Jan Tůma

    2019 tune

  43. Byron Foster

    Jump up it's 2019!!

  44. Anthony James Grant

    Paul Alexander

  45. Anthony James Grant

    King 🤴 David

  46. Irene Dedic

    Happy new year 2019 peace

  47. i david

    This is still 💥💥💥

  48. crime minister


  49. Irene Dedic

    What ain't hered this I'll ting

  50. Marco Pallotta

    Hip Hop alto livello💎

    Rony Ro

    vecchia scuola 🔥

  51. Brendan M

    3 of the best to do it! Meth & Red are timeless


    🚀🚀👍🏽 la base

  53. Mishmaoul Moustahil

    Dédicace à mon pote skype de Montpellier

  54. Arsenal Notório


  55. Mike Poker

    i wonder if sen dog was hurt he wasn't included in this

    Michael 1980

    Kirk Angel that was the short. Of time when sen dog left the group

  56. Eric Stoever

    Bought it on cd at tower records when it came out

  57. Rey Allen

    out with a shotty n we gonna catch a body with CYPRESS hill!!!!!!! 👊 haha



    i love Jesus!

    You sure?

  59. Night Wolf

    Meth <3

  60. Morgan Lowery

    Eyes redder than Reggie. (Noble) AKA Redman.
    Eyes redder than red, man. B Real. Well done, sir.

  61. Nash Snyder

    Red snapped..

  62. Stanley Wood

    I Love it Cypress Hill 😍

  63. michael rennie

    blunts,,,i ok ,,,but get the big stuff now ....wheres ma 4 foot bong

  64. Steffen Schāfsmeier

    Oh yes, Meth and Red are probably the most understated rappers in history!!!!

  65. Lapaj Vztekly

    tokar styl

  66. Gabor Ocovsky


  67. jay lad

    shut the hell up dogs

  68. vinnaymaan

    Banging in 2017!

  69. Darijo Holliday

    redman best Spitter ever!!!

  70. Jimmie

    Heard this song first time I smoked. 7 years ago and still kicking it back with Cypress Hill! One love


    What What get you're cap peeled back

  72. The Real King Rap Collection

    I got this c.d. back in the day along with a sack of bud. Bet that mufukka came home like, Where all my shit at!?. Hahahaha

  73. 336 Novi Luminis

    way to cool

  74. Cristopher White

    cypress hill best rapers ever house of pain also fucking banging

    Rebekah White

    Cristopher White 😂

    Nicholas R

    Look up the song "quitter" by eminem, he destroys everlast lmao

    CJ Snedegar

    MR white you better go back and listen to hip hop and then rap bcus kid&play are better then house of of pain only had one song

  75. princevita


  76. Giuanpeppe

    Best beat of the human history.

  77. clipperPimp

    Respect From [email protected]#[email protected]@

    liam kimball

    Free Palestine up the PLO

    Broke Ass Dollar Store Ellen

    Relax, he's just trying to rattle you.

  78. Victor Jaramillo

    solo und

  79. Love.Sex.Dreams

    Dude in the beggining sounds like Dashiexp.

  80. Zachary Abdur-Rahman

    Does anyone know the name of this track???


    red, meth & B -by cypress hill feat. red man and method man

    Zachary Abdur-Rahman

    +potrino13 That i know; I was inquiring about a specific name.


    name of the song is Red,Meth & B. I always thought it had a different name till I bought the cd.


    Red meth and B. It means Redman, Methodman and B-Real.

  81. marCO

    lyrics lyrics paste lyrics

    Gavin Clarkson

    marCO hi nice spot photo you sent

  82. kongsworld

    my shit since 03....

    Ambient Dweller

    +potrino13 My shit since 1993...

    drew stafford

    +Ambient Dweller my shit since 2016! :L

    DejaVuDejaVu TM

    +drew stafford My shit since 1969

    Борислав Симеонов

    Till the day I die !

  83. Sam Arthur

    goood shit

  84. Tempus Fugit


  85. Locotes Markus

    Moja stara bansuje...po 2 piwach

  86. Vincent Castillo

    My mind is my glock keep my 3rd eye cocked!


    MA, man...


    nice dose

  87. danster525

    still one of the dopests beats ill ever listen to

  88. danster525

    still one of the dopests beats ill ever listen to

  89. ☆ hasta la victoria !

    Exelente !

  90. Sian Cooper

    But you got no blunts to get high!

    Wes Hodge

    "Half ass like semi-colon!!??

    DejaVuDejaVu TM

    I've got 2 blunts to get high

  91. Kjell Van de Velde

    Excuse us.. Puh-lease