Cypress Hill - It Ain't Easy Lyrics

I remember times I hustle, times I struggle
Times I had to get over the everyday shuffle
People tryin' to muffle my thoughts and all my dreams too
People who I thought were down, and see true
But I blame me too 'cos it's a Chronicle
My life, I realise I'm responsible for obstacles
In front of me, my own self to blame
But I worked hard to receive the wealth and fame
It's a worthless game, but if you're willing to play
There's sharks in the water who are, willing to pay
The price of your soul, but if you give it away
You silly motherfuckers are all commited to stay
It's a cold world, but you still want a part of it
So then you'd better fuck around and learn the art of it
Don't walk through life with your blinders on
'Cos you'll keep goin' crazy 'til your mind is gone

[Chorus : B-Real (repeat 2x)]

It Ain't Easy,
but you got people tryin', to put you down, believe me
I keep gainin' ground, It Ain't Easy
How many times, must you decieve me?

[Sen Dog]
I been around for many days, of musical mainstays
Cypress, is Worldwide and we like it that way
You can't fade-ER, or compare TO
The Original Pyscho-Baiter
Got the next rhyme and we'll check you all later
Can't nobody fuck with them Cypress Hill Raiders
Heard it all before and I don't need no more
Advice on the game and how to kick hardcore
Played the game out here with the best
Toured around the world and got big respect
Now, what's (?) all with this year 2000's?
We puttin the Smackdown and we ain't clownin'
Not many have lasted
Since we first blasted
Up on the scene, singin' about the dream
Recruitin' for our team, niggas know what I mean
?Damn?, you defy, when you live or die

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]

[B Real]
Times I hated, times I waited
Times I went by where I was drunk and faded
They said I wouldn't make it, but where are those people now?
Still hatin', creatin' all the evil now
Your insecurties are showin', exposin' you
You're trippin' on me and showin' emotions too
Don't you spend your life full of envy, it's deadly
Heed me, as I spit the venom believe me

[Sen Dog]
I keep my guard up, and always let you see my rage
I get pissed, like a pitbull in a cage [barking]
Not that many can deal with the fury
Attack and ransack and kill in a hurry
I kill and observe and go in an instant
I bring the pain like the ?Rampark? Prison
I kept it right for the brother to the ?Chullo?
Something I bump when your gates in the (?)

[Chorus: B-Real]

It Ain't Easy,
but you got people tryin', to put you down, believe me
I keep gainin' ground, It Ain't Easy
How many times, must you decieve me?
It Ain't Easy,
but you got people tryin', to put you down, believe me
I keep gainin' ground, It Ain't Easy
It Ain't Easy, yo, It Ain't Easy

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Cypress Hill It Ain't Easy Comments
  1. Luis Zelaya

    this track in rock superstars are awsome

  2. Spectro Games

    Essa é uma das 3 melhores do Cypress Hill!

  3. Jonny Walker

    2019 - still a banger!

  4. G G

    Evil rap

  5. rloco80

    Truth be told, Stoned Raiders is my favorite Cypress Hill album.

  6. Ivan Kopcoktazz

    CYPRESS HILL is my first rap " love "

  7. Francis Stevens

    This is the real hip hop! So meaningful...

  8. Julie Ann Paige

    Theme song

  9. Henry Moreno

    Good theme!!!!!

  10. Micah Alexander

    thats right it ain't easy I will put God first good always overcomes evil salute

  11. see_low _

    the OG psychopaths

  12. TheSarampeon

    Daaaaaaaaaaam!!!! Never forgot about that song,, This it is
    just a trip to memory’s lane.. For Cypress Hill a very interesting concept of
    music, yes we know ‘Trouble’ [form the very same album Stoned Raiders as the
    song it Ain’t Easy] electro guitars with the classic nasal way of singing by
    B-Real without forgetting Sean Dog adding his style also,, is not a typical
    Cypress Hill song yet it is quite excellent I do admit, and to be honest Stoned
    Raiders is a brilliant album,,,, one of the best I would say the variety of the
    tracks does not apply any monotony,,,, just a job well done ;)

  13. Meteorotaki

    An underrated Cypress Hill song. 38k views ? really ? This song is awesome

  14. Canadis

    Would be nice to see Cypress perform this live in a concert! One of the best on the album!

  15. Flo


  16. Troy Pedigo

    Great song! Brings back memorie doesn't it?

  17. Don Romeo

    It is one of the best songs. I get the motivation thing too, I listen to this before presentations/exams too :p

    sam stone

    @Stan Dando Thought exactly of that feeling, man!

  18. MicrocebusRufus1

    I always listen to this song before oral exams, when I'm giving a speech or during any king of interviews. These lyrics work miracles :-) I also go for Cypress Hill - You can't get the best of me, Paul Stanley - Live to win and Flobots - Handlebars. This is my motivation/confidence boosting playlist :-)

  19. crudogg05

    B-Real always puts out track that are straight crunk i def hope the Hill keeps comin' out with bangers like this