Cypress Hill - Carry Me Away Lyrics

[24 seconds instrumental]

[B-Real + (Mike Shinoda):]
I was an outcast, outsider. - Trouble maker;
A lost soul! - Outta control in danger.
Didn't have a care in the world, my feeling were numb
Never showing emotion, it's easy for some.
I don't know how it happened? How I got to this point?
But I needed a way out; I was stuck in a ploy.
I needed another path or I'd self destruct
I was down on my luck; my head was so fucked!
A menace rollin' the streets is what I was
Holdin' my heat and rollin' with the serious thugs
You couldn't tell me a thing, I was like my brother,
Words went in one ear and out the other.
Slangin' and bangin' - with a chip on my shoulder.
"An insane, hit the brain! " [echoes] Certified street soldier!
So close to the grave, [echoes] (Oh!)
You at an early age, can't tell you the price I've paid!

[Chorus: Mike Shinoda]
Oh the sky overhead, it's like - a canvas of grey.
I don't know how much time I'll be given to stay.
From the first spring of light, 'til the end of the day
I'm just livin' my life, 'til they come carry me away!

[Sen Dog + (Mike Shinoda):]
I've been there in LA nights in the block where I came up
My pops used to hate when we hanged with them bangers.
Guess he knew one day that we'll become us
That's just how it is when you live where we come from. [echoes]
"Fight, don't run! " is the motto we live by
Get 'em on the ground and stomp a mind about ten times!
Sure we was just kids back then
I had no remorse for what we did back then. [echoes]
Six of us, one call, we'd all pack in
Hit the strip, and go and get the shit crack in!
Gun wars, and drug deals, I seen 'em happen.
When I started losin' homeboys, I wasn't laughin'! [echoes]
I looked all around and seen none of 'em there!
That's when I figured out - that nobody cared!
If we lived or die; we'll just get high and ride (Oh!)
And I wasn't gonna let this happen one more time!


My mother would stand for me every step of the way
She did not judge me! She told me I'd win some day!
When I was at my lowest - when I had no focus
She pulled me out the gutter, said I wasn't hopeless
Every night she prayed for me I was out on the street
Chillin' on the corner with the hand on my heat!
Eyes open wide for the pigs and foes
It's an every day hazard when you hustle for dough!
So many nights I didn't come home, she thought the worst
Maybe somebody shot me down without any remorse.
Maybe I hurt somebody and I was stuck in a cell
Well I regret all those time that I put her through hell!
When I reflect back on those days, my heart aches
And everybody I lost or let down, I wish I could take it
All back and make it better but I can't, so I try to make amends
And be there, through thick and thin!


[Bridge: Mike Shinoda]
Come carry me away!
Come carry me away!
Come carry me away!
Come carry me away!

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Cypress Hill Carry Me Away Comments
  1. Darin Jayb

    Real life shit

  2. DarkChulu YT

    Con esta canción se me vienen muchos recuerdos de la infancia
    Wow como pasa el tiempo aveces pienso en no crecer
    Pues la verdad en esa época por más mal que me allá ido era feliz 😬 la verdad agradezco a mi hermano por mostrarme el camino de la buena música

  3. Jelle Snelleman

    2019 b*tches , still dig this song , so relatble


    Vieja escuela



  6. ezequiel 1990

    MS 🔥🤘

  7. Karma Rey

    Aye bro where's the instrumental?

  8. Mark Hall

    alright!............................Bz 13

  9. rami Perišić

    Mike shinoda 😱😱😱😱

  10. russell lane-nicholls

    B-real tears it

  11. Big Ben

    This shit hits the heart real rap ....luv cypress hill

  12. Chulu OSEAHELLOW

    un temaso de cypres y mike las voces perfectas

  13. Rosicky Rolla

    Anybody in April 2018


    October 2018 🤤

  14. Sarnyboy FNaF-Cars and more.

    Totally lit 🔥

  15. amanda

    mike shinoda is awesome

  16. Deonte Merritt

    I had this CD this one of my favorite songs off the album.

  17. Deonte Merritt

    my man Mike Shinoda is amazing I love Shinoda raps voice his beats and his bands Fort Minor and Linkin Park are my favorite Cypress Hill legends.

  18. Luis Villatoro

    I like this song B,real change his style on this track he when more positive I like

  19. Red-Rook

    _WHERE DA WEED AT?!?"_ 😲


    Waking and baking on Fri June 7th, 2019.


    Dabbing it up, Fri-13

  20. Oh Yeah Yeah

    I dedicate this to chester :(

  21. Bretski 6reen_man9

    God mourning song.

  22. ian espiritu

    I'm here to listen mikes rap and when I start to hear this dammmmmnnn! its sucks mike dun want to rap anymore

    Tessa Isaacs

    He never stopped 😂😂

  23. Christian Czapski


  24. _ Immortal Viking

    nice song

  25. Michaell

    ye Mike Shinoda is epic

  26. Al Bondigas

    This is dogshit, linkin park sucks donkey balls and cypress hill hasn't made a good album in ages.Enjoy kiddies

    Ya Bish

    You're dogshit.

  27. Jose Garcia

    Love this song! 2016 baby

  28. Sirpent Thirteen

    My family hated on me but my real mom isn't physical and she prayed for me everyday

  29. Candyman

    Fucking Damn...I feel this.
    It hits me where I live...damn powerful,
    makes me recollect the past, the good and the bad.

    Kristine Vasquez


  30. GAVEDU420

    is it wierd if i cry on this:My mother would stand for me every step of the way
    She did not judge me! She told me I'd win some day!
    When I was at my lowest - when I had no focus
    She pulled me out the gutter, said I wasn't hopeless
    Every night she prayed for me I was out on the street
    Chillin' on the corner with the hand on my heat!


    +GAVEDU who gives a fuck if you WERE a "FAG" anyways.
    You feel the song, thats what matters,.
    THAT means this is a VERY well written tune.
    If someone doesnt feel from this,
    they either cannot listen or READ lyrics...
    or they are just heartless.

    Patrick Duilovski

    It means u care about your mother and that you think less of yourself then she does :)


    And you clearly missed the entire point of the comment

    Malachi Larsen

    this song showed me something I'm only 12 and my mom left when I was five it's just been me my dad and my dogs ever since my father works a lot but he still cares about me spends time with me every day but I don't always listen to him my dad keeps telling me not listening can get u are others hurt and now I see what he's talking about

    Erik Munoz

    Don’t be scared to show your love for the women that gave you birth young g love that women cuz she’s all you got in this shit hole

  31. Sourajit Biswas

    I miss the old Mike Shinoda <3


    +Sourajit Biswas just remember the king.

  32. thomas DINTEN

    This Linking Park is a good maccabee potato potato Shinoda.

    David Dewar

    +thomas DINTEN "maccabee potato potato shinoda" .... wtf?

    Ya Bish


  33. saippuakullipyllypillukauppias

    somehow the start bring in my mind "maj karma - sodankylä"

  34. Rem Lugtu

    They should make a music video for this soundtrack. 

  35. Fabian Banda III

    like this song but my favorite cypress hill is still those trippy songs like illusions and boom biddy bye bye

    Fabian Banda III

    well not trippy but like get high mello psycho killa

  36. Kevin Parsakia

    I miss the older CH....

  37. Figure.09

    When was this song made?

    lel lols



    Is in the disc "Rise Up", Great Album.


    @Vlad Rabchuk Thanks

    lel lols

    no problem

    Bilal Omer

    +Figure.09 So you are telling me that there was not such a thing called "GOOGLE" back then huh?

  38. Alejandro Restrepo

    I would like to hear mike rapping


    Nahh, 'll never happen

    Serge B

    Listen to Fort Minor or Linkin Park.

    Zvezdana Kucinic

  39. Nick Majcherek

  40. Nick Majcherek

    saw them summer 2013 with 311 and kicked ass

  41. sean creedon

    Miss this type of music just oldschool shit! Those were the years

    sean creedon

    I did not say about the song, its the type of music.


    Well I wouldn't consider it old school personally but fair enough


    @sean creedon i get what you're saying. may be newer sound but cypress hill will always have the old school feel to it


    It has that oldschool vibe, there was no point replying to the original comment at all.

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    Clever69 It sounds old School, like the '90s/early 2000s sound, when music was good.

  42. iura144

    this is fucking awesome)

  43. Jankeldi Daulenbaev

    Mike Shinoda Rocker

  44. xCooKe Julien

    Impossible d'écouter ce chef d'oeuvre sans avoir des frissons dans tout le corps *.*

  45. BusinessMafia

    Mike Shinoda <3

  46. mt2oo8

    It's nice to hear Mike Shinoda sing, i was expecting a rap verse but Mike has a beautiful singing voice in my opinion. It's not great but it's special for me. 

    Danny Bishop

    I completely agree, I'm a massive Linkin Park fan, so I'm used to him rapping. This took me by surprise.

    Erich Mika

    @Danny Bishop Well, you can hear Mike sing on every live show, since 2000, back then it was only second voice, now he got more space for his great voice.


    mt2oo8 your not great.
    But ur special 2 me.
    #ifyaknowwutimean ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    Mass Mess

    @Red-Rook love 2 u

  47. Shqipe Shala

    saves the song? whats there to save, the song is dope. Dope as fuck. a song with heart.

  48. jzsmbolsi

    stop it guys...bouth are great in their own way :)

  49. Great General Ursus

    Both groups are dope. Deal with it.

  50. JoSeVeNJo

    Shinoda, what ever you can say about him, is a fucking genius of the music (i'm not talking about LP here). He's not sticking to the same fucking style, he master many genre and that's what make difference between him and CH.

    Deonte Merritt

    JoSeVeNJo yes the beats he makes with Linkin Park and othrr artist like Lupe Fiasco album on the song The Instrusmental Shinoda is a genius with the music and beat making.

  51. CeddyPopOfficial

    you guys look retarded fighting about who's better between Cypress Hill and Mike Shinoda. It's a collaboration you dumbnuts not a competition

  52. biofreak5000

    end your self with fire

  53. Ditlev Esteban Hillebrandt

    not even close dude.. not even close

  54. csanderz

    mike shinoda good in every features

  55. TheOneWhoBagsTea

    Youtube beef

  56. Richard Boykin

    One, that was pretty low. Two, if you reread his comment, you would see that he isn't saying Linkin Park is gay, but rather calling Justin Bieber and One Direction gay. Which is a petty insult anyways.

  57. João Vaz

    linkin park is gay as fuck!? WTF? do you know justin bieber or one direction?

  58. Madara

    what the fuck means "Chillin' on the corner with the hand on my heat!" ???

  59. TherealPrimeking

    LOL you LP fanboy. Jay Z wrote some lyrics of Shinoda for Fort Minor. Please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Cyprus Hill>>>>Fort Minor.


    Actually, he produced his album. Didnt write 'em lyrics tho.

  60. Compton Beats


  61. SHAYE

    He didn't rap :'(

  62. mt2oo8

    Wowowow dude, Cypress HIll are legends of hip hop from my childhood. Fort Minor are awesome, but Cypress Hill wins. Admit it.

  63. D15c0nn3ct

    That comment.. Was incredibly unintelligent... Your caps lock is broke, bro.. Your respect for music and the artists, that seems to be broken too...

  64. charles tyrrell

    fuck you and your comments

  65. Tyler King

    He produced this album and did the best for this song. So no not just chorus lol

  66. Sergio Gonzales

    Luv cypress hill

  67. lb8789

    bitch please, mike shinoda saves this song

  68. Ultimat3L3gend

    Elitists are the cancer of the music world.

  69. wommosh hass

    dope classic hip hop wish songs were this way to date realest

  70. JoSeVeNJo

    Can't you just enjoy the final product and stfu? Tanx :)

  71. Gui Mendel

    Bro. Just gimme ur adress, cuz I WANNA KILL U RIGHT NOW. This music is one of yhe greatest ones JUST because it had MIKE SHINODA!

  72. BewareTheRising

    Yeah.. one of the most talented musicians and lyricists alive.. how low can you stoop

  73. Nik

    i was about to say something but you guys already told this hater to educate himself :)

  74. Jason George

    this song brings back so many memories

  75. Brutal

    Mike Shinoda=Rapper/Singer/Guitarist and Keyboardist

  76. Lost poet

    He's an elitist dude....The world is infested with them....You know the kind of people who hate on everything thats popular because they think it makes them cool....

  77. michael castaneda

    mike shinoda is Asian that why west side wants broke rap than meaningful music asian rap have full of meaning

  78. TrollerCoaster.

    mike shinoda is a great musician.

  79. Rich

    This track is bad ass.

  80. kate

    Woo hoo mike freaken shinoda!

  81. Laura W

    Well said. Mike is extremely talented. I've been a fan of his for years, and while i may not like everything he does, I cannot deny that he never ceases to amaze.

  82. Kibo Sensei

    ''My mother would stand for me every step of the way
    She did not judge me! She told me I'd win some day!
    When I was at my lowest - when I had no focus
    She pulled me out the gutter, said I wasn't hopeless...''
    Man, best part ever...

  83. TheWaII

    dude.... you should really check out his "solo" album... its called 'The Rising Tied' btw.. and just because he is in a popular band doesn't make him mainstream or a bad musician. Mike Shinoda is f*ckin' talented.

  84. chdreturns

    People like you are the reason he did not put his name on his fort minor project. Mike Shinoda should split from LP as they don't do him justice, he is too talented for them and they know it. Why do you think they only have him produce shit nowadays? Answer: He is way too talented on the mic and can literally take an entire song over like he did in Hands Held High. Sorry but you need to read his lyrics, and see what he listens to.

  85. shaolinsword

    He's a decent lyricist and producer, hence why he's worked with Cypress, Demigodz, Styles of Beyond, Jay Z etc

  86. LXY890

    Perfect Mike Shinoda :)

  87. DoTheMathOne

    People can whine about this, but I reckon Shinoda's a credible rapper. Cypress Hill have always flirted with mainstream rock fandom, so no-one here can talk about credibility.Regardless whether you like Linkin Park or not, he's a great rapper with a respect and understanding of hip-hop. For instance, check out the Fort Minor album, and of course, "It's Going Down". An extremely underrated song with near-perfect flow and great lyrics. And of course, he can sing & play. Get off the damn bandwagon.

  88. Glenda Haskell


  89. mt2oo8

    "Yes i agree cant even believe it" Shut the fuck up with your bullshit and get a fuckin job...

  90. yellowjalapeno


  91. yellowjalapeno

    GRACIAS ATI:. B REAL SUR-REALESTIST MUSICA kindle from the heart eso "NEW FIRE" carring the TORCH :. new era vida > STYLO SS :.