Cypress Hill - Bong Hit Lyrics

Hits From The Bong
Hits From The Bong
Hits From The Bong
Hits From The Bong

Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come aloooong
and take hits from the boooong
Put the blunt down just for a second
Don't get me wrong it's not a new method
Inhale, Exhale - just got a ounce in the mail
I like a blunt or a big fat coal
But my double barrel bong is gettin me stoned
I'm skill it, There's water inside don't spill it
It smells like shit on the carpet
Still it, goes down smooth when I get a clean hit
Of the skunky funky smelly green shit
Sing my song, puff all night long
As I take Hits from the bong...

Hits From The Bong y'all
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong

Let's smoke that bowl, hit the bong
And then take that finger off of that hole
Plug it, unplug it, don't straaaain
I love you Mary Jane
She never complains, when I hit Mary
With that flame, I light up the cherry
She's so good to me, when I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen
Don't get me stirred up the smoke, through the bub-bling water
Is Makin' it pure so I got ta', take my hit and hold it
Just like Chong, I hit the bowl and I reload it
Get my four-footer and bring it on...
As I take Hits from the bong

Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?
Hits From The Bong
Can I get a hit?

Straighten your dick out...
Can I get a hit? ...

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Cypress Hill Bong Hit Comments
  1. 10cody7

    well to be honest i got a j but shit im still here smoking

  2. Detroit Diz

    Classic!! Check me out if y'all have a min!!!

  3. Руслан Чайкин

    HIT’s From The Bong 2020
    Smoke Weed Every Day! 😋

  4. Danny Montana

    Ayeeee just gotta oz in the mail! 😁

  5. ChRisCronZ

    Hittin in 2020...

  6. Sir Slit

    Anyone else hitting the bong in 2020

  7. Jimmy Moore

    Still listening in 2020 I'm 40 now still love this shit

  8. Jack Daniels


  9. Tuomas Laakso

    90's was the shit 💪

  10. Daniel Ruiz


  11. Napalm

    saian ss miğfer in bana kazandırdığı bir başka değer

  12. Abraham Lincoln

    "What kind of soap do you use??"

  13. k158 my beer you will hold

    2020 yall

  14. Ghostown Tx

    So we in the future now 2020 😈😨😂

  15. Senor kevin Ricardo lopez

    My Childhood bro

  16. Keridn Tuffin

    First 2020 comment ?

  17. Vaso Petrić

    2020 still high from 2019 🔥😤😄

  18. Jonne Virta

    Crack it, pack it, hack it, come along as I take hits from the bong.

  19. Dave Fran

    Still class

  20. yung andre

    Closet thing to getting high when u out

  21. Charles Catagnus

    Smoke it b/c the government hates it.

  22. Mr.Jotah _

    2020 🤟💚 #420timefly

  23. Diener Danken

    Hau mal ab mit deim' Verliererkraut!

  24. Vito Corleone

    This song should be in South Park. It would totally fit Randy Marsh.

  25. Jack Daniels


  26. Kris Paul

    2020 baby

  27. TJ Horrocks

    2020 still a banga

  28. Bodiisafa

    Hits from the bong 2020???

  29. Tara Kowalke

    Takes me back to Jr high 😏

  30. Achilles FALL Yuy

    2020 best wishes

  31. English Bob

    Who's hitting the bong in 2020 🙋‍♂️

  32. Dee Dee


  33. Jukka CV6

    Who here 2020??

  34. Sydneystylers

    Pick it, pack it! Fire it up
    come alonggggg

  35. Nero kenji

    2020 is here..another dekade to smoke to this ;)

    Vito Corleone

    Don't smoke. It's a joke

  36. Suy

    Hits from the bong in 2020!!!!!!

  37. Jay420 0

    Still jamming to this in 2020

  38. Jesse S

    Going into 2020 like

  39. Foxxy Mamma

    This will always be the shhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    Hits from da bong in 2020

  41. Testostyrone 010101

    Happy new year

  42. Alien Alien

    Hits from the Bong 2020 ich bin der erste

  43. Mario Bermudez

    31 dic 2019, cancun mexico, 8:41pm 🍁🎼🏠

  44. Jean-François Lebas

    Toute ma jeunesse que de souvenir à fumer dés soirées entières dans les voitures avec cypress qui tourne

  45. Yari Bar1

    Whos here in 2020 ahahahah😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  46. TheusTFM12 TFM


  47. Mlb nki

    Hits from the bong in 2020!! 🤙🤙

  48. SuperSaiyan Broly

    I drink Milk every Day.

  49. Ghetto Dabs

    Gonna miss God's plant....she'll be with me once again when I'm an old f%$k. If you blazin' to this, enjoi it for me. Light on!

  50. Marion Yew

    Love this song.

  51. Kason, The Creator

    Perry the platypus

  52. kike blunt

    Estoy bien pinche grifo escuchando esta song haha 👽

  53. PlatinumEagleStudio's

    Whose smoking to this song right now? High to allmy stones out there 🔥🌿🌬️

    Bob Sagull

    Me hehe

  54. LICH Lewis. LICHy

    This song made me pick the bong and hash bk up in life.💯😎

  55. Jahmil Blair

    When hiphop beats were innovative and not predictable

  56. Rebecca Powers

    Roll it up light it up exhale come on smokee puff puff pass

  57. Adil Khan

    I love you Mary Jane

  58. Chandler Rebhahn

    5k people haven’t hit the bong I see

  59. Joana Alice

    Still bumping hits from the bong in 2020 🌝💨

    Connor Miller

    Joana Alice not 2020 yet

    Joana Alice

    The Boys oops meant will still be bumping it in 2020 😋

  60. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Memories of my stoner days.

    I started growing for fun then the all the leaves started falling off like the plant was dying. Then I noticed the buds. I must have gotten a good couple of ounces from two scraggly plants. It's surprising how much the yield. It doesn't look like a lot until you've got it all.

    Tried a couple of joints anyway ... Not great but not bad at all. Creeps up on you then wears off pretty quickly.

  61. krists Leinbergs

    Must get some weed ASAP

  62. Sean Kelly

    I really wish Mia Wallace listened to this instead of son of a preacher man

  63. SilentHotdog28

    The only weed that could reach my lungs, was the weed of a preacher man.

  64. Stonewall Jackson

    Damn Hippies

  65. Facundo Martínez

    con las manos en el aire

  66. NiggafleX

    Damn roi bro iamm high af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. syn13372

    I love you Mary Jane!!!

  68. juan-k sporty

    90 old school yasss

  69. J Mckibbin

    My bong brought me here.

  70. Joshua Smith

    Im finna hit my bong w/ some grabba!

  71. Jonathan Popu

    C'est juste Incroyable mec🤟

  72. Андрей Старовойтов

    Это ахуенно)))

  73. Petr Miksanek

    i wanna back to 90¨s. live that life in straight.

  74. Calvin Folan

    I dont smoke, I'm just here for the sample and 'can i get a.... hit?' Shits fucking top notch.

  75. Amy Gray

    Cypress hill was like therapy in the 90s that should tell ya just how fu my life was i raised two boys by myself and they know every word of this album and they turned out awesome thanks ch


    How high

  77. Javier Gómez


  78. ay G1Zq

    For some reason this song reminds me of skate 3

  79. sub IDK

    I DONT SMOKE OR VAPE its just a good song :)

  80. Marijuana know something?

    Did I hear "it'll straighten your dick out" at 2:34?

  81. Power-Up in Smoke

    Hits from the bong in a video-game

  82. nómada nomoney

    Bien utilizada la base de lauryn Hill to zion

  83. Casten Starks

    b real is a fucking goat

  84. soundscan05

    Thanks, but I think I'll stick to my rocks

  85. Ashley Elise Taylor

    Who told you that?!

  86. Hector Silva

    All i can think of is HOW HIGH

  87. Edward Lewis Paxton

    I need a massive box of weed delivered by courier to 30 orchard way, Helmsley, North Yorkshire England YO62 5FB and I may be able to enjoy life a bit before being able to get a passport and leave this hideous country forever!.

  88. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Devil God mode activated!?

  89. mvmvplugs

    I miss smoking on iced bongs , I’m married & have kids now & feel messed up if I were to smoke lol


    nahh...Smoking a RooR iced bong, video games until 3am and at 7am the kids wake up. Easy job....kidding :-(

    Alvaro Argujo Jr

    Dude you can still smoke lol

  90. კალდუნა შავი გაგების ქურდი

    bob marley joined chat

    კალდუნა შავი გაგების ქურდი

    no hate ps i love bob marley rip

  91. on the roofs

    Take me back to the 60s and 70s eras.

  92. Rodrigo Cardoso

    ohhh shit....coff coff cofff

  93. Jessica Pegorch

    I remember my uncle Larry listening to this my grandma was like he's listening to that old devil worship music again. 😂😂😂😂 She was from west Virginia and had a southern accent it was sooo funny

  94. Mihoy Minoy

    We listen to this in the kitchen I work at

  95. Hanfgranate 92

    Every Day is a Green Day HitsFromTheBong 🔥