Cyndi Lauper - Rain On Me Lyrics

I saw you gather all your hopes
With all your dreams
I waved just like a shooting star
That once had waved to me

I am a love in mid air
I think about it i don't care
Into the fire of despair
Just like a train that goes nowhere

But you can rain on me
Yea you can rain, rain on me

There was a time i got it wrong
Is shakes my memory
And all the time i had it all
It's just i couldn't see

I am a robber in the dark
Singing about a broken heart
Answering whistles in the air
Waiting for someone else to care

But you can rain on me
Yea you can rain on me....

When the rain came tumbling down
And both your feet were on the ground, oh.
Running fast and free, oh yea
Well maybe time's going to wear you out
Or maybe you're going to come around , or
We'll just wait and see, oh yea...

But you can rain on me
Yeah you can rain on me

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Cyndi Lauper Rain On Me Comments
  1. Cameron

    This should have been a single...

  2. Subject1



    Aí como amo essa mulher 😍 suas músicas são lindas...

  4. Elen Ávila

    I love this song. Very Suntle

  5. suzani rodrigues

    Cyndiiiiiiiiii lauperrrrrr é soberba

    Antonio Guerra

    Siempre me encantara. La música de. Cindy. Me fascina su vos. Su melodia HOPE. Por siempre cindy

  6. Andres Paredes

    this is amazing

  7. Barry Griffin

    Wonderful song and Cyndi looks lovely as well!

  8. Rivanildo Ricarte

    Very beautiful music!!!


    Sim verdade!

  9. mauroguz30

    Una canción maravillosa que transporta...Vender más no es sinónimo de calidad...Cyndi, una grande en el género pop, en la música...

  10. humberto fernandes

    linda muito linda

  11. georginadrunk

    In tears of joy!thank ya

  12. saveferris1985

    You're welcome :)