Cyndi Lauper - Mother Lyrics

Over land and over sea
She reaches out to me
Weaving and threading the loom
From womb to womb

Slaves and merchants
Pilgrims and thieves
Felt her hand and charted skys
By following her moon

Mother ... Mother ... Mother ...

Some came and built with stone and bone
Some planted fields on promised land
And harvested their dreams,
Then disappeared
As generations lose their memory
I'll try and remind my heart ...
And hope that it will set me free

Mother ... Mother ... Mother ...

Condeming my true nature
I stood outside of myself ... outside of myself
Conditioning is what made me
Lose sight of myself ... lose sight of myself ...
Lose sight

Ravens cry out,
Tides pull in,
Somehow she replenishes ...
Giving birth again

Mother ... Mother ... Mother ...

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Cyndi Lauper Mother Comments
  1. Ignacio andres Singer barrios

    Grade sindy la princesa del pop

  2. María Inés Brito mallea

    Cind'y lauper eres mi IDOLA cuando vienes a Chile,💓💓


    Sexy face

  4. Pipi Mili

    Se baja la bombacha con un ex emp... El tipo la tiene re chamuyada y la pedazo de goma no se da está usando... perfume a falsa confianza

  5. KR White

    Fantastic job of honoring a great Marvin Gaye song. Love it. Thank you Cindy.

  6. The Majic Man

    I like Cyndi, but Marvin Gayes original version can't be duplicated. Cyndi took the soul straight out of the song. This song is meant to be sung in a mellow way and not screamed.

    Pipi Mili

    El peinado ochentoso ....

  7. Tiago Silva

    Minha diva fã eternamente dessa cantora perfeita te amo cyndi😍😍

  8. Daniel Lemos

    Perfect music! Actually!

  9. Jose Mora

    Mi amor Cindy

  10. Irene the Bean

    What a great cover. I actually prefer her version.

  11. Cynthia Corcoran

    Im Alamater Royal Soprano Cynthia Corcoran UN

  12. Jonathan Lewis

    outstanding and a underrated cover of a classic

  13. LENA Perreira

    She sing "time after time"...........

  14. betofazzo

    kiss me

  15. Uli Dawson

    she beatz that ol' hag Beyonce..----Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell are true artists, they play and write their music...or lyrics...geez

  16. adan torres

    Is the queen

  17. Allan Carvalho Mendes

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is sad?

  18. Jerônimo Franciz

    Maravilhosa ♥️ Cyndi uma verdadeira cantora completa, pra mim a verdadeira rainha 👑

  19. Ar Villanueva

    Ese baterista también estuvo en Duran Duran pero en los 90' con el disco Liberty 👍

  20. Maria Santos

    a mehores do pop linda rainha eternamente cind

  21. MrHumanracin

    She did Marvin proud on this song, bravo!

  22. Chuck br

    Linda cyndi 😍😍😘😉

  23. Passed High School Physics

    I winder if Cyndi knows the story behind this song? This song was originally about the “accidental” shooting of an innocent 18 year old white “kid” in Berkeley by an Alameda County Sheriff officer. The protesting was at People’s Park. The Sheriff’s department lied and told the news media the protesters were armed and did all of the shooting. Over 200 protestors were arrested and not one was armed. Later it was learned then Governor Regan approved and allowed the military to “test” new combat techniques against the students. The song was written by a member of the “Four Tops” who was to sing in Oakland. The bus he was on made a wrong turn and he was in the middle of the protests asking, What’s going on? That night he learned of the death of the “kid” who was standing on a rooftop just watching.

  24. Danice Gewiss

    She took a classic and made it her own! Amazing talent!

  25. Elaine Arruda

    This is a tough one to cover

  26. newtassi

    Que talento

  27. Rose Red

    What we did to our hair in the 80's
    😱😬😂 ..but you couldn't tell us it didn't look fabulous 😜

  28. 名前苗字

    Today, the Japanese economy was hit hard. 1.10.2019

  29. Mr Hawkhawk

    Marvin Gaye war song

  30. alejandro monge

    *I love Queen Cyndi lauper from Costa Rica*

  31. Kai Toucher

    Marvin Gave debe estar maravillado con esta versión de Cyndi Lauper!!

  32. TitanFind

    Is it actually Sue Hadjopoulos singing the backing vocal, or is that an affectation of the video?

  33. NotYou NorHer

    You go girl

  34. Cátia Santos

    Love ❤️

  35. paul wilkes

    Oh my....He is smiling up in heaven...This is my first time listening to Cyndi Lauper....What a beautiful voice:-)))

  36. Luisa Do

    That makeup ❤

  37. Rany

    Adoro Pegar 🚗estrada ouvindo📀🎶❤

  38. Moby Dick


  39. Mj B

    Fantastic 80s🦋

  40. Donna Gonzalez

    So much meaning in this song💕

  41. Joseph Michael Sapaula

    Wow! Great version!

  42. Leonardo Araújo

    Gosto muito dessa canção na voz da Cindy.

  43. Wild Hare

    One of the highest octave voices of her time.

  44. Giorno'sMusic


  45. Joyce harrison

    Ya Cyndi rocks ya ya go girl yaaaaaaaaaa

  46. daniel vignera

    Great theme CYNDI ....marvelous ...very romantic ... applause ..... pretty video simple ...but very pretty .... hugs and greetings ..."

    (DANNY .....argentina 22\62019 )

  47. Sharon Jensen

    I love Marvin Gaye's version, but Cyndi sings it well too. "What's Going On?" is still very much a relevant song. I'm sure many are asking that question. I know I am.

  48. Mark Louie Superales

    Awesome version Cyndi. <3

  49. M. Smith

    I enjoy many songs from the eighties and nineties (of any artist) even more in the present then in those days.
    I was introduced to Cindy Lauper by a college friend when I visited her in her studentroom in Amsterdam, Neth. where we both lived. Just left our parents house to study. This friend, she was homesick, she couldn't get used to the city and she felt depressed. She told me a story about being very emotional and angry and throwing her hamster against the wall. I remember thinking that she had some problems 😳 and tried to listen to her and enlighten her homesickness. It didn't help.
    After a few months she quit study and left to return to her hometown. She gave me a cassette tape of Cindy Lauper and I listened on my studentroom. I loved her melancholic songs and a bit mystic. Still living in Amsterdam. Listening to Cindy reminds me of that girl. But most importantly this is a beautiful song.

  50. KC Chiefs Fan

    I wonder if she still bops?

  51. Rosangela Campos

    Cindy Lauper é voz, potência, doçura, tangente uma CANTORA. excepcional!!
    Madonna é show, coragem, ousadia.
    Ambas incríveis!

  52. Gabriel Garcia

    What is this?

  53. Jeanette Barr


  54. Anderson Damião

    Boaaaa demais

  55. DrAnonymuz

    Dearest Mz. Cyndi Please Find a Psalm Witty Kitty Mz.Electra Mustaine Reminds Me O' Yourself Xox Watch Mo' Cyndi L N' Electra M Vid$ Woyld !?

  56. Elizabeth Linsay

    Almost never has this song been more applicable than today. God help us all. Her delivery is so spot on. Thank you, Cyndi, with all my heart...

  57. Soaribb

    Why people didn't take her seriously?

  58. BirdOfPrey12

    Brilliant cover of a brilliant song.

    Adam Sukenick

    So sad what happen to him.

    Adam Sukenick

    I love her work. Shame she never made it as big as Madonna.

    Adam Sukenick

    I have 3 of her albums. She's so Unusual, True Colors, and A Night to Remember.


    @Adam Sukenick She jokingly calls the last one a night to forget because it didn't sell well.

    Adam Sukenick

    @BirdOfPrey12 I thought it was great. My favorites on that are I drove all night, My first night without you, and Heading west.

  59. Humberto Silva Bezerra


  60. HEBREU10

    Não canso de ouvir essa música.

  61. Beychella BabyCakes

    She needs her ass beat for even thinking she could remake Marvin’s classic with everything in it but the soul...

  62. Carlos Villalobos


  63. Angel girl

    ❤️ love Cyndi she is my inspiration when I am down I come watch/ listen to her music!! ❤️ then I feel better

  64. Lisa D

    2019 and this song still as relevant as ever. Thank you Marvin Gaye and ....this cover is brilliant

  65. Elizabeth Linsay

    You go, girl!! Keep going and don't stop!!! Yay, Cyndi! Marvin is thrilled! Xo

  66. hinata happy


  67. hinata happy


  68. Delyth Mckendrick

    Fabulous voice. Great version

  69. Jac War

    Great tune Cyndy is amazing👍🏻

  70. NotYou NorHer

    Amazingly well done !!!

  71. Andy Moran.

    Very pleasently surprised, wasn't expecting that!

  72. あきおゆうほ


  73. Daniel Grotto

    Essa banda que aparece no clipe tocou anos com Cindy Lauper,só músicos fera

  74. nora Nora

    The energy she brings to this song and video It's my all time fav song❤️❤️❤️


    They pick her instead of Madonna MANNN to do this song, love Madonna, BOTH YALL ROCK!!

  76. Robert F Sullivan

  77. Rickey Engle

    same old,,same old

  78. Jiraya mg

    as duas vozes femeninas mais belas do mundo,cyndi e patricia maxx.

  79. Jiraya mg

    que voz é essa ? que perfeiçao.

  80. Flávio Batista de lima

    Excelente cantora linda música perfeita saudades dessa época que não volta mais saudades

  81. Paulo Sidney

    Eu adolecente por achar esta cancao linda chorei, e ao apos saber Q O talentoso Marvin Gaye foi assasinado e ao ouvir esta musica na voz de Cindy Q o amava choro sempre Q ouco 💔😢😢😢

  82. eric echols

    I usually don't like remakes, of classics songs, but when Cyndi's version of Marvin Gaye's song came out, I loved it, and so did My Motown Mom, who grew up with Mr. Marvin Gaye. "What's going on"?😎🎷

  83. しーちゃん


  84. carlos guevara

    Enormous talent!!!! Deeply felt.

  85. Pablo Cabrera

    The Queen of Pop Punk! Diva!!!

  86. Angel Gonzalez Castiñeiras

    Impresionanteeeeeeeeeeeeee, la mejor,

  87. hauster junior

    This song is incredible!!!! (Essa música é extraordinária!!1) <3

  88. Videos Dublados BR DR

    Eu amo essa mulher meu Deus sou casado mas fez parte de minha infância todas as músicas mas principalmente essa

  89. Umi Diah

    Rock Cyndi.. from Indonesia !!!

  90. Morning Coffee Real Estate

    Who's listening to this in 2019?

  91. Agto Vetro

    amazing artist! i love her!

  92. Kena Alvarez

    war is not the answer

  93. Vladimir Bravo

    I have always admire how she passionately sing ♥️

  94. LUCCA TV

    essa sim e gata

  95. claudio de souza

    Ritmo amor e poesia Bhz oldscool hip hop Brasil Cláudio Max dj música boa 💯 prazo de validade

  96. claudio de souza

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Bhz oldscool hip hop Brasil Cláudio Max dj música boa 💯 prazo de validade

  97. dead

    Still listening 2018