Cyndi Lauper - Lay Me Down Lyrics

An empty street, a quiet smile
Without steady feet
You know the reckless kind
Keep coming, coming back
To the same old place
With that wild eyed stare
Up in your face

Lay me down, let me down
In a big old town
Lay me down, let me down
In a big old town

He must have lost his soul
When he found the rent
He wrestles with control
Still hasn't pinned it yet
Once in , once in a while
Loose that cigarette
There's always some strange smile
Underneath his breath

Lay me down, let me down...

... passion's fist against a wall
The crush of a kiss, the rise and fall
Take me there, take me there
To that wounded sound
It's just love's despair
Gone and hit the ground

Lay me down,, let me down
In a big old town... in a big old town...

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Cyndi Lauper Lay Me Down Comments
  1. Nours OURSBRUN

    Tout ce qu'il faut pour nous faire décoller du siège !
    Partout où passe la tornade Cyndi, c'est la folie !!
    Et l'on en redemande !!

  2. Raphael Martin

    I will never understand why Cyndi never released this song as a single

  3. Sidnei Antônio camesky junior Camesky


  4. josé orellana

    Te escucho y estalla mi corazón de amor

  5. ronie80's

    great  cindy

  6. Marian Del Cerro

    Q buen temaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Nathan Farias

    I can hear Cher covering this ! Her dark booming voice would tear this up

  8. Charle De gaulle

    Kleerup - Thank you for nothing. This is where the credit belongs.

    John Wihebrink

    Why wouldn't Cyndi want her version on both CDs as it just gi es her more exposure? Hmm

  9. Carlos Alberto Peres Moura

    Linda...salve Cyndi Lauper😚

  10. ObeyDaStrawberry

    this got me dancing in my chair

  11. day light


  12. playlistener1

    so was this actually done by the hand of kleerup, right!? 

    business sucks - but this version is also pretty cool

  13. Loretta's Rock Music


    Ryan Stickney

    Truly a force of greatness and a dynamic performer live!

  14. Autor

    an empty street (TSSSSSSSSSSS).. a quiet smile

  15. Ángel Manuel Sandria

    Comete el pan.

  16. Autor

    Passion fest... (TSSSSSSSS)... against the wall...

  17. Antonio Villegas

    Kleerup!! Thank You For Nothing

  18. Crystal Tompkins

    This album is amazing. XX

  19. Autor

    in a big old Town... ♫

    Sasa Jung

    Autor 🎶