Cyndi Lauper - Early Christmas Morning Lyrics

Listen to the children sing
Watch them dancing all 'round the Christmas tree ...
Waiting for the opening
Early Christmas morning ...

All around the world is sleeping
Little children there's no peeping
Wait and see what Santa's bringing
Early Christmas morning ...

Icicles and breakfast cakes ...
Friends and family we will celebrate
Sounds that joy and laughter make
Early Christmas morning ...

All around and far off places
Angels waken smiling faces
Wrapping us with love and graces
Early Christmas morning ...
Early Christmas morning ...

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Cyndi Lauper Early Christmas Morning Comments
  1. Kesena Ememere

    Merry Christmas eve 2019 1 day to go, its been a decade since it was posted.

    J. M. Taylor

    And over 20 years since the album was released :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Megan Ruch Watercolors

    One of my favorite Christmas songs! Gives me chills!!! Beautiful! Love Cyndi Lauper.

  3. Damian Alarcon

    Its 2019 and no one is here. well I am

  4. Matthew Besson

    I love song. I am a Cynner and proud of it.

  5. Wes Geer

    42 days until Christmas!

  6. Joseph Teasdale

    My favourite Christmas song ever

  7. ゆうくんチャンネル



  8. Joe Gancher

    I wish the Producer had of brought that fine electric guitar out of the back.

  9. Arthur Williams

    Classic!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! And have a Happy New Year

  10. Tiger Doll

    Fuck this horrible song obvious money grab with terrible lyrics and what's up with the album cover she's dressed like she wants santas dick but her song is for children

    Damian Alarcon

    hating on her for what? that is rude. I truly wish the best for you.

  11. Jay Craig

    Who else has this in their head in the summer?

  12. Sir J Mc D

    What a quality song sung by a quality lady. No more to be said. Merry Christmas.

  13. Savanna The Aqua Llama

    As a child, Cyndi Lauper was my idol. My parents got me this album when it came out. This has ever since been my favorite Christmas song. Every year we blast it loud on Christmas right after gift opening. I watched the first live broadcast of her performing it and was so excited. Thank you Cyndi for the warm Christmas memories!

  14. Michael Cashman

    I heard a lot of Christmas music working in retail over the past several weeks. I'd never heard this song, but it's my memory of Christmas '16 now.

  15. ValEGwangi

    I only discovered this gem this year, love it.

  16. Weston Reisch

    i just love how the kids open this song w a hypnotic introduction and then build to an upbeat continuation w cyndi lauper's voice!!! one of the best xmas songs ive heard!!

  17. michael moon

    we don't really know this song over here but have always liked it on the rare occasions that ive heard it

  18. trevgreg2

    OfficeMax enjoyed playing an easy listening version of this, I think.

  19. Samantha Parker

    who ever thinks this song is bad sucks

  20. Pavel Novák

    Best Cristmass song ever

    Pavel Novák

    Good and the other song?

  21. x90Xavi09x

    I wanted to blow Walmart's speakers out

    Andre Traverzo


    Rachel Ankrom

    Agreed 😂😂

  22. Ivonn Rumangurantung

    merry christmas

  23. Sarcastic Sugar

    This song is SO catchy. Plays all the time in public establishments.

    Fat Mr. Clean

    Hahaha every single store I walk into this song is always playing lol..

    Slappy McPunchy


  24. Frank Lynch

    "New" Christmas songs are always a challenge, but I think she hit it out of the park with this. The melodic structure is superb, and many people can sing it.

  25. Chris Luther

    Heard this song when I was at the grocery store today. Her voice always catches my ear! Awesome! I will always will Love Cyndi so much!!!!!!!

    Stephanie Mojica

    She is totally awesome!!

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    ntswaki thape

    @Stephanie Mojica new Zealand

  26. SeriousYak

    I love it when artists make their own Christmas songs that turn out iconic instead of making a yearly christmas album of traditional christmas songs. True talent.

  27. Jim Kingsnorth

    One of the worst Christmas songs ever!

  28. Jonny Moonbeam

    Was in the local ASDA today and heard this playing. It's a song I'd forgotten all about, but a refreshing change from the usual shit they pump out every year - I'll go mad if I hear Slade, Wizard or Wham one more time!

  29. mel276109

    I use to work at Aéropostale & this was every other Christmas song during the holidays lol

  30. Noah Scanlan

    who came with the idea for the song?

  31. Danny Diaz

    un exelente tema :b para escuchar en las navidades :3 , llena de vida y optimismo :B

  32. Ghostbusters3

    Great original Christmas song. Love it.

  33. martin smith

    try tubidy or youtube to mp3 converter

  34. rikk o

    such a great album...all original X-mas songs, not all re-makes like everyone else....!

  35. rikk o

    Such a good album...all original freakin re-makes like everyone else.

  36. Happy Odd Girl

    @HannaLeeKnockwood Have you tried itunes? :)

  37. mBot

    @khain2 I think he was talking to me.

  38. roxcyn

    Gracias por subir la canción aquí, mi amigo(a) argentino(a). :)

  39. roxcyn

    @bloodclots99 Haha! I would be singing the lyrics if it were me. I remember working in retail and they'd be playing the same songs over and over. :)

  40. roxcyn

    @NotAMycologist Really? I like this song a lot. :).

  41. roxcyn

    @HannaLeeKnockwood Check out iTunes, eBay, or Amazon. You can surely buy the mp3 or the CD. :)

  42. sakif666

    lol i went to mall and all I heard was Merry Christmas morning, searched on youtube found nothing, finally lol

  43. Khanê Abel

    @HannaLeeKnockwood This Song It's in the 'Merry Christmas... Have a Nice Life' Album.
    Esta canção é do album 'Merry Christmas... Have a Nice Life' da Cyndi Lauper. De esse jeito você pode tê-la.

  44. Yo Hannah

    How can i get this song on my computer?

  45. Khanê Abel


    Pasan siempre ésta canción en el Centro Comercial?
    No, yo no trabajo ahí, creo que vivo no vivo en el mismo país que vos.

    Always Pass This Song On The Mall?
    No, I don't Work There, I Think We Do Not Live In The Same Country As You.

  46. Chris Constant

    how beautiful

  47. Khanê Abel


  48. mBot

    @khain2 Well, we all have our opinions, and i accept yours :3

  49. Khanê Abel

    This Song Is so Wonderful!

  50. mBot

    i HATE this song, ive been looking for it forever cause i hear it at work 24/7... god...

  51. Khanê Abel

    @khain2 Comment*

  52. Khanê Abel

    Oh Gracias opr escucharla y por el comentario.
    Feliz Navidad ^^^

    Oh Thank You For Listen The Song and Comming.
    Merry Christmas. ^^^

    Kesena Ememere

    Merry Christmas eve 2019 1 day to go.

  53. FrancisArief

    thanks a trillion for uploading this, have an awesome Christmas!

  54. Khanê Abel

    I Love This Comment.

  55. MikeBlevinsAZ

    My new favorite Christmas song! I love it!

  56. Khanê Abel

    Por qué decís: El mundo es pequeño?
    En realidad si, lo es.
    Gracias por el comentario XD

    Why do you say: The world is small?
    Indeed it is.
    Thanks for the comment XD

  57. Khanê Abel

    Es una canción y versión muy lindas, como todo lo que hace ella.
    Gracias por el comentario.

    It's a very nice song and version as everything she does.
    Thanks for the comment.

  58. Khanê Abel

    Merry Christmas!

  59. Khanê Abel

    Hola, gracias por tu comentario.
    No tenía idea de que había otra versión.
    Ahora la quiero escuchar, muchas gracias por la información =)

    Hi, thanks for your comment.
    I had no idea there was another version.
    Now I want to hear, thank you very much for the information =)

  60. Lea Petersson

    sooooooooo christmas!

  61. Chris Constant

    brilliant as usualllllllll!c yndi lauper the great!