CyHi The Prynce - Occupy Your Mind Lyrics

Take apart pieces of your heart
And we dig inside
Let me in, where only your thoughts have been
And occupy your mind
As you do with mine

[Verse 1:]
I'm trying to give your siblings and nephews and nieces
Word off the story and take out Victoria,
Unveil me your secrets
I'm your romantic mechanic
I specialize in Chavels and Caprices
I swear this is telekinesis
I just wanna lay inside you like shells on the beaches
It's like I feel in the deepest part of the ocean
The harder I'm stroking the louder you yelling I'll tare you to piece
You're smelling like berries and peaches
It's like we've been together forever but I barely know her
But if Jesus had a sister, she'd be Mary's daughter,
We barely sober gone up Henessy and Cherry Cola
I grab the ass and kiss the areola
Her love make me wanna marry her, Sharapova
I'm talking foreplay in Norway
Gourmet and Sorbet, sex in the door way
Girl I'm trying to


[Verse 2:]
Slide under this duvet but I die in your soufflé
But our lives in the suitcase
We could fly to the UK
I go shop in the Cali for weeks,
I'm a travel your valley and peeks
Body language is the only way we can actually speak
I can make you a smile in your sleep,
Feel like you run a mile in the sheets
I'm privilege baby, you make a nigga feel proud to be me
Ice cube in the tour song, lay a new one in the floor board
I was in her hair took a shower in the bath,
Make you scurry through the bed, for the rest of your wardrobe
I just wanna


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CyHi The Prynce Occupy Your Mind Comments
  1. Stevenson Ceus

    You still have the best for this ???

    Josh Holiday

    Stevenson Ceus yep

    Stevenson Ceus

    @Josh Holiday can I get it please. Been looking for years for it.

    Stevenson Ceus

    @Josh Holiday please

  2. Desirea Rochelle

    That shit they sleep on

    juan jr

    Desirea Rochelle wtf u on here commentn for.lmfao... juan peso

    juan jr

    Desirea Rochelle i put u on this

  3. - Swayze -

    Man this shit is too good to be a throw away mixtape song.. Jeez !!

  4. Lanre Bashua

    i got mad luv for this song, shit goes hard...deep