CyHi The Prynce - Favorite Things Lyrics

Pistols and robbers and strippers from follies,
A few bricks from pappy, Lambos and Rari's
Chevy's and Caddy's and Cutlass Supremes
These are a few of our favorite things

[Verse 1: CyHi Da Prynce]
None of us was accustomed to living rich
Unless you was a hustler, hustling, flipping bricks
Got a quarter pound of mid and took out the switches and sticks
Never claimed to be a saint, so I bagged them bitches in nicks
Come from Christmas, they wasn't giving me shit
I was runnin' the streets, I was physically fit
I swear to God I punch a nigga dead in the tongue
If he say me and my niggas wasn't hittin' them licks
Maintenance man if you ever needed a fix
Cause we needed new clothes and we need new kicks
Plus a old school Chevrolet, deuces on the Escalade
The freshest J's and the stripper ho named Desiree
Franck Muller with the big faced bezel
40 cal and the.38 special
Cause it's some shit in the street that nigga can't settle
Cause we all think on the same level, that why we love

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: CyHi Da Prynce]
When I was young I got locked up for a B and E
Kick ya door off the hinges like it's TNT
Strong arm ya for your shoes call it GNC
Cause I knew it wasn't nothing for me underneath the tree
I been a dreamchaser since a teenager
Blue collar but I'm attracted to green paper
I bought a black strap cause it make me seem safer
Magnum L town, niggas won't hesitate to cremate ya
Y'all out here sellin' chickens like the shit is Harold's
Go to jail and start singin' like the Christmas carol
Got more muscle in the streets than a '96 Camaro
Gunplay done killed more people than the sickle cell, huh
Rest In Peace to my nigga Gerald
The line between life and death is really narrow
What you know about shoot outs at the Waffle House
Every time I'm near my partners this is what they talk about


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CyHi The Prynce Favorite Things Comments
  1. Dazie Duke

    2020 😂

  2. Tylor Wenzel

    His best song

  3. Jason Mccullar


  4. Christinee xo

    Austin cooper ... I still love you .

  5. hiphophead555

    fucking awful!!! Another case of a good lyricist who makes wack music. fact!

  6. Felipe Gonçalves

    Jacoby Jones brought me here

  7. e d

    Way better than Ariana Grande

  8. Æ J

    I still wonder why the best and the people who deliver food for thought have to be under rated. #cyhitheprynce #cyhi

  9. MR J

    He ain't going

  10. Space Age Productions

    ariana grande completely copied the flow on this.

  11. anthony guel

    Cyhi should get more spotlight

  12. Jarrell Smith


  13. G man

    Saigon was the first person to do this (yawn)... not hating just not original

  14. Macson

    2018... still dope af!

  15. Randell Varela

    This song and far removed still cyhi best music fuck all that mainstream shit

  16. isaiah jones

    Jacoby Jones Baltimore Ravens highlights brought me here

    kajuan wright

    isaiah jones bruh I came back to listen to this, saw thiz comment and realized that I learned about this song from that highlight 😂😂😂

  17. reasonthedon

    fuck def jam lls

  18. Patrick Scott Jr

    His story telling ability is up there with Cole and Kendrick. Best artist on Good Music and it isn't close

  19. custom chicano

    every time I'm 'round my partners this is all they talk about 💯 👌

  20. Jazzy Is me

    When i was a sophomore my teacher had us listen to the beginning of this then the cussing began and she turned it off lol great day

  21. Diego Hernandez

    them nicks are for real

  22. TragicHappiness94

    this dude used a childrens song melody for a trap song thats awesome

    None Of your business

    +RockstarNinja69 I know hahha dude too ill.. One of my favorites too originial

  23. Chris Winkley

    Cyhi, Kendrick , J Cole , Siagon , immortal technique.... Cold.

  24. Chris Winkley

    sick like kicking a baby seal ...

  25. Aveon Jackson

    Everybody knows a bankroll .

  26. Ed Gray

    lmao at the intro

  27. Candis S

    you something else

  28. L.U King

    "Hey I got 1 question? When we start shooting?" lmfao

  29. MarkXcellence

    this @ishyproduction must never heard jarren benton that boy got bars

  30. MarkXcellence

    this one my fav songs by him

  31. Jawan Johnson

    @Ishy Productions, you just contradicted yourself all in the same sentence lol

    Jawan Johnson

    +Joseph Malinaro Not in a gang, why you ask?

    Jawan Johnson

    +Joseph Malinaro Oh, that's a falcons cap. Im a falcons fan. You shouldn't do that though, I understand you want to communicate with your fam from across the nation but be careful. Stay safe

  32. Ishfar Ahmed

    Even though Atlanta has the worst rappers I have seen in my entire life outkast ludacris old ti bob Cyhi da prynce and childish gambino r the only rappers that really can rap their ass off and I mean outkast and Luda r legends so yea even though these guys can spit Atlanta still sucks when it comes to rap


    +Ishy Productions You dumb af, talking bout these atlanta rappers hot, but they suck... dumb ass lol

    Ishfar Ahmed

    ^um speak English please hell I didn't understand what the hell u just said

    Walli Bryant

    big brah we got killer Mike also

    Ishfar Ahmed

    @Walli Bryant omg how do i forget another legend like killer mike that dude is too raw my man atlanta needs more rappers like andre 3000 and killer mike and less of idiots like soulja boy young thug migos rich homie quan gucci mane waka flocka flame etc so yea dude much respect also to the legendary killer mike!

  33. Scubes87

    Now with his new song "elephant in the room" what if the part at the end where it cuts off, is when he kidnapped Kanye and went into Def Jam's building and held it up!!!!! Lmao!!!!

  34. Toot Ivey

    This boy COLD!!!!!!

  35. jon beaulieu

    This shit still bump

  36. Charlie Bolton

    fuuuuuuuck yes

  37. Anthony Jenkins

    Give the man some respect...I fucks with you Cy....CHUCKTOWN 843.....

  38. Sauce Sidious

    I love cyhi but saigon's version is way better

  39. Rich O Flare

    i been on CyHi for a min ,  but after i seen that sway interview OMG CyHi you cold bruh . they cant sleep on you no more 

  40. Raffaele Bassolino

    "Ay, question:.. When we start shootin'?"

    Ese Oraka

    Raffaele Bassolino that character was the epitome of hip hops current stupidity.

    Raffaele Bassolino

    ... you're an idiot m8

  41. Frank Puga

    Bad as rap

  42. Devin Dean

    Bankroll crazy

  43. Shishir Kamble

    @cyhitheprynce John Coltrane is unhappy that you stole his melody structure and used it in your hook and didn’t credit him. Not cool, bruh.

    A. F.

    John didnt write favorite things, lol

    Jav The Ripper

    Lil Wayne did it too

    Pablo Goldstein

    John Coltrane? Lmao, "Favorite Things" is from The Sound of Music.

  44. bigmoneyjumpa

    They in tech wood

  45. christopher edwards

    That nigga at the first of the video is a fool lmfaooo getting brain from the dame while I hit that lame lmfaoo silly ass nigga

  46. NewEraKidd0323

    shit make a nigga wanna come up on some work right now

  47. 2SavageSLOD

    Fuck Def Jam Get Da Money! Get Da Money!

  48. TheGhost IsNear

    Cyhi is ridiculous.. gaaah

  49. joblo 26

    anybody get that annoying ad with a woman telling you to click it.

  50. P Foxx

    0:50.........WHO IS THAT

  51. Arnold

    Who's the bankroll guy?

  52. Matt Killasquirrel

    he does look up bulletproof from the royal flush 2 mixtape

  53. CharliePenaMusic

    Cyhi needs to do songs with really crazy beats

  54. Xfalcon4L X

    Heard this on a jacoby jones highlight video

  55. Jonathan Batres

    Jacobbby jonessss!!!!

  56. Jharsh15

    Sounds like wiz

  57. damion hawk

    Jacoby Jones brought me here

  58. Muffkin Suasive


  59. thekidkiwin

    Soooooo Dope!

  60. piojonumero10



    Chitown, here stand up

  62. deonte goodbear

    these lyrics!!!!!!!

  63. cass warford

    id appreciate checking out my music

  64. Tyler francis

    ch ch CHI!!!!

  65. CRETIN216


  66. Chris Starling

    If there's an instrumental for this song, can someone message it to me ?

  67. MagbyJr

    BankRoll a Fool

  68. TENXION Music

    fuck def jam get the money

  69. TheSmokekushh

    "Getting brain from that dane while i hit that lane" than hes like "yo thats a barr" hahaha songs fuckin dope too.

  70. IDequanXXX

    F*ck def jam get the money haha

  71. Rahso

    best artist on g.o.o.d Music

  72. catchfree84

    is cyhi still on good music?

    John Wilson

    catchfree84 Cyhi went solo but he's still with the label tho.



  74. Trublue60

    the sequeal to the video is kick back it keeps going i think there is 3 videos to go with the theme

  75. Trublue60

    have yall seen the next video that links to this kick back is the video it hard shows how the shit back fired on cyhi gangsta ass video cyhi keep repping gwinnett u and rittz ya we riding
    deep a-town bitches

  76. MesterReenge

    Saigon did it better

  77. Ohmszy

    Hit 6 for Santa.

  78. Eric Nguyen

    "That's why nobody wanna do shit with you" lolololo

  79. LikeYourShirt

    Looks like they shot this at Centennial place in Mid-town. I enjoyed the hook .... even the Follies reference.

  80. Qnz1kim

    This needed a 3rd verse

  81. Qnz1kim

    CyHi last few [MixTapes] weren't good.

    The ONLY good ones was his 1st one and Royal Flush.

    CyHi still nice tho'

  82. Deforest Gregg

    Bankroll rules

  83. TheBest812

    Lmao 0:43 Bankroll had me laughing too hard. and 1:01 Lmao Bankroll CRAZY!!! Lmao

  84. Gmen pg

    saigon has a song exactly like this actually..same title too

  85. Katino Smith

    man get dis bank roll

  86. Isaac Cohen

    00:45 LMFAO best part

  87. Qnz1kim

    It could've did without that holiday themed hook

    It's ill tho'

  88. Sterling Archer

    Ivy League Kick Back > Wrath of Caine.

  89. Basquiat MelodyMusic


  90. tony tone

    bankroll is that get that money run up on that nigga.

  91. Freddy

    yeah and thats why both his albums went Gold (selling up 500,000 each). I dont remember big sean doing that

  92. Qnz1kim

    Kanye-n-them some jokers

    Like "Kid Cudi' get verses on Tracks and that nigga' ain't shit on the Mic.

  93. ROCTV101

    Questions, question.... WHEN WE START SHOOTING NIGGAZ!!!!!!! Lmao... (Favorite Part At 2:37)

  94. ROCTV101

    I fucks with it!!! Whoever putting these story boards together need to get at me ASAP!!!!! But the homie Cyhi got something on that mic too!!!!! #KeepGrinding

  95. Agya Adadey

    Ahahah the guy saying "fuck def jam" is a great actor

  96. Agya Adadey

    2 chainz isn't on GOOD music, he is affiliated

  97. noslen2010

    Cyhi's friend is the black cheddar bob.

  98. tony tone

    nigguh with the beenie fuckin kills me.haha

  99. Randy Olmos

    Damn it's sad but I think MMG is more about the team he shoulda been over there