Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist Lyrics

Come unto me Lord
Come unto me Lord
Come unto me Lord
Come unto me Lord
Come unto me Lord

Can I call this living?
Letting the world take me
Out of my mind
With such heavy burdens
It's hard for one to think sometimes

I'm so down with depression
But, ain't no use in me killing myself
With your values gone
In this world there's hardly nothing left

Such restlessness, such emphasis, sweet exorcist
Woman I love you

Sometimes it's raining
And all around
It's like a thickening cloud
But the love she gives
It makes me feel so black and proud

So very mystifying
Flutters my heart like the Lord
Is calling me home
Oh baby, you make it so hard for a man to sleep alone

Such restlessness, such emphasis, sweet exorcist
Woman I love you

I believe in the spirit
I know I believe in the spirit
Traveling soul, was alone part of me
Out in this world
It don't take your eyes long to see

Such restlessness, such emphasis, sweet exorcist
Woman I love you

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Curtis Mayfield Sweet Exorcist Comments
  1. Delgardo Moses

    A lyrical genius thanks for having Curtis mayfield rip

  2. Michael Dixon

    Music for the soul. RIP Mr. Mayfield

  3. Franklin Peacock

    Genius of Cool

  4. Jemirah Rogers

    Beautiful! 💖

  5. Jerry Jordan Sr

    From a stand up singer with the Impressions to a guitar player in a band a true genius

  6. Derrek Nestle, The Fourth

    fuck this is the best thing i ever heard

  7. Diedre Kelly


  8. Newton Brown

    What More Can Anyone Say About Curtis Mayfield Lyrics and His Music Over The Years. Nothing But Let Your Hearts "HEAR" And "Believe". Peace My Brother.

  9. Kim Cooks

    Love making music! Y'all better know it. 😍

  10. Greg Hampton

    I didn't appreciate this till in high school, was experiencing the realalites of life being black and poor, it this just spoke to me , made me look at music and life different

  11. Memyself andi

    Curtis is/was a National Treasure in Black.

  12. coldaziceee

    Can't count how many times this song has helped me keep suicidal thoughts at bay.

    Boo Byrd

    if only my bro listened x


    coldaziceee I hope you’re still alive 💛

    joseph von tellrop

    Hey ive tried it and failed you dont know what its like till you tried.....i knew better...thought it was the answer.....its not the answer.....if it ever come across your mind....let it just cross your mind....broken hearted....not a fact there is no reason......unless one is a pedaphile....or some one that would harm any child women elderly or any person with a disability so if your one of that category ....then i encourage you to strp into on coming just saying

  13. Keeper116

    Self inventory, Deep thought music!! I believe in the Spirit too Mr. Curtis Mayfield. Thank you for all the musical gems you left behind, your Spirit remains with me while I'm on this physical plane. Rest Easy

    Kevin Stewart

    People don't know about Mayfield, his music was way before it's time.

  14. mister jackson

    I used this as material, to keep me grounded in spirit...when surrounded by material matters..The song does not have to be romantic.

  15. Sheeva Matimbas

    Curtis influenced every musician of any note

    mister jackson

    Respect babe!

  16. Mustafa Yusuf Ali

    revolutionary soul music Curtis Mayfield and Willie Hutch

  17. Paula Jordan

    so beautifull, curtis was a master genius rip x

  18. Erdinger Nullfast

    My aunt used to listen to this album some forty years ago. I didn't think much of that kind of music back then It was ' too far out there' for a young white kid. Now I listen to it again, after forty years and I gotta say, I love it! Prince sounds very similar, maybe Curtis Mayfield influenced Prince in some way . It's awesome music.

    mister jackson

    yo...believe they all studied Curtis

    Jihad Bunnydick

    Chris Byars Prince was influenced by Mayfield

  19. nguzosmusic

    D'angelo slick- he just flipped this song and wala- "Untitled."

  20. nordinemed

    Quelle douceur, cette voix; quel bonheur d'entendre cet immense artiste. Que dire de sa musique qui l'accompagne divinement dans l'ensemble de son oeuvre. Mon coeur bât à l'unisson des messages d'amour qu'il a transmis. MERCI CURTIS.

  21. Fernando Schuindt

    that's soul!

  22. Christopher M. Johnson

    find this one, & it's a wrap.

  23. Gar TheGo-Getter

    bruh this shit aint gone never play out #timeless  

  24. Manu Forster

    #sweet   <3
    2:56 "I believe in the #spirit   ..." !
    Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist [full album][HQ]

  25. l i f e

    This is what they call Baby-Makin' music.


  26. Blackcrow411

    ça fait penser à Prince !
    thanx for sharing !

  27. Sam DIRSAME

    mankind has gone deaf if no one is listening to this music, I cant believe how few are they People listening to Curtis Mayfield or even know he exists

    George Kassaras

    Every artist has a different message to pass to the people.Curtis Mayfield tried to speak to the soul and especially to the soul of black people.It is a law that the artists that try to make people think about the reality become less popular.Of course artists like Pink Floyd that made people think became extremely popular.But this was due to the extremely high level of music.Look at how many people arr still listening to Michael Jackson today.This is because his music was a breakthrough.Curtis left a legacy.

  28. Murat MORSÜMBÜL

    Thanks for comment.



  30. lil ziddy Charlie prince

    thank you so much 4 this post my fathers hero.the soundtrack of our lives daddy!


    dis dat shit