Curtis Mayfield - Only You Babe Lyrics

Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe,
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe

Sometimes I get a little lonely, I'm lonely for you girl
All my body pains, only need for the good things
All the making love and breaking bread
Face to face, get down with the love most inner place
With only you babe (you babe)
Oh, all this love can be replaced
I pick up love, upon your face
I kiss your lips, my body breaks
You lift me up, and turn me around
You can appreciate; this good love can't go down

Only you babe (you babe)
Only you baby
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you baby
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you baby

People don't understand
Misled with there intents
Think they can get along with anyone
Who gives sweet, sweet, sweet company

My baby without trying
Never is denying
So down with the satisfying
Always gratifying
Nothing can go wrong
This love can carry on
So happy sad, you left me sad
So we did try, you make me cry
Oh, you don't know, you've grown a part of me
Good, good feelings, giving tenderly
Wooo hooh!
Pick me up baby
Wooo hooh!
Pick me up baby
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you baby
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you babe (you babe)
Only you baby

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Curtis Mayfield Only You Babe Comments
  1. Keishaura West

    You lift me up and turn me around and appreciate this good love going down.... “Only you babe ”

  2. datdude

    Supah soul 😍😁

  3. denise bomar927

    I could listen to this song repeatedly, like forever !

  4. laurie bell

    I love curis Mayfield songs becase his songs his so wonderful he can sing from his soul I love him from the heart

  5. Robert Hayden

    Love u Mr Mayfield !RIP Big Bra!!!

  6. Big Bobé

    Back in 1975 I was working on the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline.. Valdez. I bought a cassette tape of Curtis. Of all music in the tape, my favorite was this one. Kept hearing it over and over. I somehow lost the tape but can't forget the wonderful music God gave us through Curtis.

  7. modifiedcontent

    From the underrated masterpiece 'Give, Get, Take and Have' with the Kitty Haywood Singers on background vocals

  8. MsTexas73

    A halo of love
    upon your face
    I kiss your lips,
    my blood it race
    You lift me up,
    and turn me around
    Can appreciate
    This good love here goin down.

  9. nat hussey

    Just an old white guy from Maine, but daaang, that is some sweet. The world is ok, for all the bad stuff if you listen to this.

  10. Joann Hamlin

    It's my anniversary 34years I'm the only realized it

  11. TJ Wright

    Thank you Queen Sugar for bringing me here. Im a Curtis Mayfield fan and never heard this track

  12. h goodman

    Cool. Sexy. Joyful. Uplifting.
    Curtis loves
    Curtis lives...

  13. henry clemons

    southerngirl are you a 75 grad


    henry clemons yep

    henry clemons

    i knew it,so am i,i always say,that was the last great over-all class,most of us are well rounded individuals
    we had the best of both worlds


    henry clemons l think so too.

  14. Charles Johnson

    I heard this song last night while watching queen sugar. Real music from the soul.

  15. Mz. Blondie

    Queen Sugar brought me here😍


    One of my favorite songs by Curtis

  17. Sharon Crutcher


  18. Daniel JO

    Wow... I love it. More booze please.

  19. Lg Harvey

    Love this song best day's for me real love missing today deep music.only you baby.

  20. snowblo1

    Yaaassss!!!! This another cut. Don't sleep on this one y'all. Probably not one his most popular, but I can play it back to back without getting tired of hearing it.

  21. Brenda Pearson

    Man, this song does something to me! Curtis Mayfield was bad to the bone! The greatest!

  22. Sherry Britt

    My body aches for my best friend......

  23. Supa Kent

    Who are the background singers? The Kitty Haywood Singers?

  24. Tħāňħ Ẍǜ


  25. Gerald Johnson

    June 3rd: Happy birthday Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Musician/Guitar-Activist Curtis Mayfield; Grammy Legend Award, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Hall of Fame, double inductee: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame / Solo and as a member of The Impressions. (1942-1999) Thank you and God bless. RIP Genius. Thanks for the upload, Southerngirl675.Blessings

    Elizabeth Haskell

    Baby, u left out the POET. YESSSS

  26. Christian Boyd

    Curtis Mayfield was the GOAT! R.I.P.

  27. lvtford55

    Love this song, all day all night. Only You Babe!

  28. PlatinumEdge Music

    Prince straight copied this song, when he made "still waiting"

  29. DJAGOJazz

    Just Beautiful ! <3 <3 <3

  30. Keeper116

    Grown & Sexy music right here :)
    I love Curtis Mayfield. I miss him, although he's left this physical plane, his music & his Spirit lives on.

  31. Miriam Dixon

    Chicago's Finest R.I.P Curt.

  32. Lillian Moore

    yep! yep!

  33. MrRobin285

    love songs like these
    just uplifting and wonderful to listen to

    Lady V Ann

    Yes indeed :)

  34. Ian Speight

    Prince brought me back to The Gentle Genius. RIP both.

  35. K Moore

    One of favorites by him!

  36. soulfoodie1

    King Curtis- thank you for the music

  37. Broshell Ford

    l never post but, I LOVE LOVE THIS SONG YES YES!!!

  38. Vincelen Alexander

    This is one of my favorites by Curtis Mayfield!!!

  39. Wes Kim

    so soulful

  40. MP3PC

    IF you are ever wonder who inspired Prince the most, look no further than Mr Mayfield himself. The Sly influence is obvious ,but come on Prince has songs that almost mirror this sound. Idk lol I am just observing !!!

    Alissa M

    That's exactly my thoughts too the first time I heard this song! Both are great artists though..

    Nee Gunter

    yeah, I hear some adore in this song

    Katherine Mcmullan

    MP3PC you're right i can see/ hear the resemblance

    Latasha Jones

    MP3PC I said the exact same thing. I loved Prince and I can definitely hear the similarities.

  41. TheLizardmonkey

    I tip the hat to James Brown, Elvis, Bob Dylan and Ella. I bow to Curtis Mayfield.

  42. Melody Henderson

    His voice just melts me!!!! I love Curtis Mayfield!!!

  43. Brisadelsur

    I just love it...! I've heard it hundred of times and I never get tired...!

    Melody Henderson

    I know, Just Beautiful!!!

  44. lamarts100

    Nice track!!!    Haven't heard this in decades. 

  45. daddyrichten

    If anyone could've sang Adore better than Prince, it would've been Curtis Mayfield. As a matter of fact, quite a few of Princes songs would been improved with Mayfield on vocals.


    I'm sure Prince was influenced by Mayfield    Prince and Mayfield were ahead of their time.

  46. Veronica R. Dickey

    I was catching up on "Friday Night Lights" and I heard this song in season 1 (ch ch ch ch changes) episode 119 at the father and daughter dance and I was trying to figure out what song is that their slow dancing to I went searching You Tube and wow here it is Mr. Curtis Mayfield- Only You Babe. I remember this song way back when this is old school and I love it!! Thank You Southerngirl675

    הגר גדליוביץ'

    me to. This show is the defenition of honesty. And that honesty is so beautiful it makes me cry.

  47. Chanya Valentine

    I love. It

  48. Marion Taylor


  49. Sonya Seay


  50. Diane Burwell

    The soul of the man the voice the talent makes me feel good all over

  51. Eydie Caine

    His lyrics, my my my. Genius! Misled with their intents.

  52. Mella

    I don't know what I'd do w/o YT - Thanks.

  53. Paulette Forman

    Curtis, Curtis, Curtis......Sho' wouldn't hurt us (LOL)! "Only You, Babe .......This love can't be replaced"......Can it get any better than this? Thanks, Southerngirl675 for sharing this song with us. Curtis Mayfield was the best Falsetto of all time!

  54. Southerngirl675

    thanks to all you guys that came by.only you babe. Shirley

  55. Annette K

    This is wonderful.... Thanks.......

  56. BeatsByCappa

    The game feat hotlinks brought me here

  57. steppie0511

    Im feelin this song all the way..

  58. muata chikwendu

    only you babe you lift me up

  59. jay butts

    they pay this song on sirius soul town great song

  60. jay butts

    i love this song juke joint music we need more of it

  61. lullasmama

    thanks for posting I love this Curtis made some awesome music

  62. rememberrembrandts1

    the scene in FNL with the father daughter dance <3



  64. HomelessOnline

    Too bad you guys can't spell. It would really help you get your message across. ("Information Age," my ass.)

  65. bighardscouselad

    probably one off the best soul artists to live

  66. michael terry

    real soul singer ,,, this song hits hard

  67. Floyd A

    Only You Honey can rock me right!!
    Thanks for the post baby :-)

  68. zettieism

    Only you Curtis Mayfeild!!! Sooooooo smooth.

  69. gunnws

    let's salute Curtis.This guy IS awesome!!!

  70. γυναίκα βαμπίρ


  71. JustUs

    Ya" know after this song i really feel like smoking a cigaretta". thanks for the Memories......Southerngirl

  72. JustUs

    Ya" know after this song i really feel like smoking a cigaretta". thanks for the Memories......

  73. JustUs

    Ya" know after this song i really feel like smoking a cigaretta"

  74. Southerngirl675

    @SOULJATWIN so you already know. this man sing it just like it is!

  75. Antone Johnson

    i got da best of curtis mayfield on cd and dis song on there...... The first time i heard dis a while bac i kept repeatin dis song ova and ava.....

  76. Southerngirl675

    @jdrobinson53 your so welcome.

  77. Southerngirl675

    @freestylefaye im glad you liked it. his music is timeless.

  78. Cherrie Greer