Curtis Mayfield - Gypsy Woman Lyrics

From nowhere through a caravan
Around the campfire light
A lovely woman in motion
With hair as dark as night
Her eyes were like that of a cat in the dark
That hypnotized me with love

She was a gypsy woman
She was a gypsy woman

She danced around and round to a guitar melody
From the fire her face was all aglow
How she enchanted me
Oh, how I'd like to hold her near
And kiss and forever whisper in her ear

I love you, gypsy woman
I love you, gypsy woman

All through the caravan
She was dancing with all the men
Waiting for the rising sun
Everyone was having fun
I hate to see the lady go
Knowing she'll never know
That I love her, I love her

She was a gypsy woman
A gypsy woman
A gypsy woman
A gypsy woman

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Curtis Mayfield Gypsy Woman Comments
  1. Arborist1959

    Curtis Mayfield was fringe genuis in an era of mega genuises!

  2. Magarere Krauae

    Aym cipsi womann ;)

  3. Gf Black

    As good now as over 50 years ago.

  4. Gf Black

    Hard to pick an all time favorite song, but this may be it.

  5. jimmy castro


  6. Mary Hurtado

    Z wow I'm telling you Gypsy Woman Curtis Mayfield sing that song I don't like his version at all don't get me wrong I like hers make me feel but Joe Bataan sings Gypsy Woman badass chicken lady badass this dude is awesome I love you spin on it it's just great this is a song You Can Dance to the Latin beat with the congas this dude just did it up I swear his awesome I know that he's African-American cuz my grandchildren are that and he's part Filipino my brother-in-law spark Filipino love that mix and he mixed it up baby God bless Joe Bataan and his lyrics are the same as Curtis Mayfield lyrics like you said it's telling a story and I always said if you can't catch the lyrics to the music then you can't catch the music

  7. bigfella 96

    The wire Omar did not see the trap waiting for him!

  8. Joan Eskins

    Don't make them like this anymore unfortunately.

  9. JohnACorp782

    "Hey Mike, fuck the gypsy shit. These are the guys that saved your ass right here."

  10. missjuneplum1

    Melo, Melo, melody!

  11. GunCollector007

    Great talent

  12. Russell Quiazon

    many do this song but obviously Curtis just lays down the best and most badass version

  13. Sam

    "More patience. Need more patience."

    Kimberly Morley

    Sam 1970 Bryan hyland stole this fucker & made it HIS

    Brian Herrington

    Kimberly Morley I hope Curtis at least got some decent royalties from Hyland’s cover of it.

  14. james brooks

    The greatest song Curtis made while on earth.

  15. Bill H

    A hauntingly beautiful song.   Quite unique as well.

  16. ThePostnine

    I love this song...........beautiful lyrics