Curtis Mayfield - Ghetto Child Lyrics

Little child, runnin' wild
Watch a while, you see he never smiles
Broken home, father gone
Mama tired so he's all alone

Kind of sad, kind of mad
Ghetto child, thinkin' he's been had
But I can just hear him
In the back of his mind sayin'

Didn't have to be here
You didn't have to love for me
While I was just a nothin' child
Why couldn't y'all just let me be
Let me be, let me be, let me be

Little child, runnin' wild
Watch a while, you see he never smiles
Broken home, daddy gone
Mama tired and he's all alone

Kind of sad, oh, baby, kind of mad
Ghetto child, thinkin' he's been had
And I can just hear him sayin'

I didn't have to be here
You didn't have to love for me
While I was just a nothin' child
Why couldn't they just let me be
Let me be, let me be, let me be

Ain't got no money

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Curtis Mayfield Ghetto Child Comments
  1. Sheila Sams

    My only complaint about this song? ITS NOT LONG ENOUGH!! WISH IT WOULD GO ON AND ON BUT THAT'S WHAT REPLAY IS FOR LOL✌🌹💯❤😁

  2. Sheila Sams


  3. Sheila Sams

    I'm white, African American and Native American bloodlines and I cry for the injustices suffered by my HERITAGE from the hands of The White Man 🤬🤬🤬✌🌹💯❤

  4. Sheila Sams

    Oh YES I LOVE this jam and Curtis Mayfield RIP BROTHA😪✌🌹💯❤


    Great Curtis Mayfield rest in peace

  6. Supreme Jay

    2020 We Still Litty🦍🦍🦍🦍🙌🏿

  7. Diegonciopilato


  8. Thomas Massey

    This song remind me of teenage yrs listen to this and this song make me wanna watch the movie Friday RIP Mr Willie Jones aka pops

  9. di ogum

    sonzeraaa du caralhooo!!! curtis mestrão! slv slv da ceilândia - DF brazil

  10. Tumi Moutlana

    The year is 2020 and I'm jamming Curtis Mayfield. Not all is lost.

    Jodye De La Cruz

    Facts gotta keep this music alive

  11. Ton Jansen

    Whent in 1973 to the movie just for the great music of Curtis Mayfield.

  12. Phyllis Covington-Kelley

    RU HERE IN 2020?

  13. AcitoBandz

    Who here because Friday 😂

  14. Lionqueen24_7

    Who's listening in 2020????

  15. John Sanchez

    Ghetto child running wild still in 2019! Lol

  16. nathar40

    Keeping it real.

  17. nathar40

    My wife always thought this was Lenny Kravitz.

  18. Bryant Harris

    This was music the spoke to the soul and even though these was some hard times I am glad I grew up during this time

  19. David Kiehlmeier

    Afro cocaine 70s light something up music

  20. Gamma Ray & Carbon

    ...when I was just a nothin child, why could'nt they just.... let me be, let me be, let me be....

  21. Charlene Robinson

    2019 I go back further than that and I'm still not that old

  22. adamrushd8096

    Everything on this single demonstrates the GENIUS that is The Late GREAT Curtis Mayfield. From the instrument arrangement to the lyrics, GENIUSISM(idk if this is a real word in the English language but I don't care we talking bout Curtis Mayfield) ✌

  23. jert opp

    "Super Fly" on Netflix Dec 2019

  24. P F

    me !
    I listen
    musically many beautiful sounds, I just love it ! music, voice, instruments, melodies

  25. Stoner GamingTv

    Man I ain't scare of shit. STOP STOP

  26. Willie Daniel

    Little child 🏃 wild that was me

  27. Panther Fan

    Mf not gonna tell me Curtis Mayfield wasn't before his time!

  28. Benjamin Leon

    Even though this was before My time his words still rain pure truth and relevance on us today!!! Much Respect to Curtis Mayfield and the countless others who have preached to us through their Music!!!

  29. Sam Ramos

    Ballad Of A Dead Soulja!!
    RIP Johnny J ❤️🙌

  30. Peter Hudgens

    This jam is even more relevant today than when it first came out and was super important back then.

  31. dominik martinez

    Thank God For Music This Sweet 🙏❤💪✊

  32. Arzit SiDHu

    who listening to this on June 3, 2042?

  33. Matteo Melis

    I'm here from flashing lights credit

  34. Elaine Nacimento

    The perfect. Love.

  35. Steve Clement

    Love [email protected]

  36. Moves n Groves

    Where was talking s*** look it up

  37. Robert Hayden

    R.I.P. a God 20 beyond

  38. An eye for two eyes

    Rest in paradise Curtis Mayfield✊🏾💪🏾👊🏾

  39. Zuri Towns

    Deep song

  40. August Alchemy

    that synth/organ in the beginning tho!

  41. Ja'Maul Redmond

    "While I was just a nothing child,,,, why couldn't they just let me be, let me, be let me be!"

  42. Jon Aichs

    4.5k junkie abesnt fathers gave a thumbs down.

  43. Nellie Sky

    I’m 37 and I love Curtis mayfield ! Old soul ~

  44. anthony risola

    Who's still listening in 2525?

  45. Keith Brown

    Never stopped

  46. Gabriel Graham

    I’m 22 years old and still playing this shit

  47. maddhattar 313

    Still listening

  48. knowledge all day

    Only Curtis..period

  49. Gerald Mack

    Chattanooga TN!!!!❤❤❤Miss you Pop's!!!!!!😞😞😞❤❤❤

  50. Kyle Jarvis

    this is beautiful music right here.

  51. Amani Shakur

    This song reminds me growing up in the hood struggle to put money in my pocket and staying in school etc

  52. Nick Jennings

    Il still be listening next year

  53. Carl A

    The sound of the times that I was blessed to see flower black and proud.

  54. Willy Beamun

    Just make me wanna drive slow down that Ave to this

  55. Doris Day

    May be my favorite track on the record. Devastating vocals.....

  56. LATEcowboys88

    In 1979 I heard this song for the first time on tour with my papa because he was a singer and I've been in love since and papa used to sing this to me R.I.P PAPA

  57. Melissa Chester

    This grown folks music whoooo!!!!

  58. E Jizzle

    real music never expires!

  59. gwendolyn smith

    Who could put lyrics to ya music like this? Nobody but Curtis Mayfield! 🤷🏽‍♀️👂🔥🔥🔥😭❤️Thank you Mr Mayfield! My upper hip,let me be let me be.The pain is rip.✈️🏅🏆🎨Why couldn’t they just let me be? Musical score, Priceless!!!!🤷🏽‍♀️Mr Mayfield you are missed in the Chi!❤️And this messsage is still holding true in some areas of Our country! Sad 😢 we are still dealing with the same plague from 50 or 60 yrs ago.

  60. Soldier of Alkebulan

    Rest in Peace Mr. John Witherspoon & Mr. Curtis Mayfield!

  61. Lamont Chambers

    classic real g shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  62. Chris Mason

    Peace black man forever always dis is what u call real music!!!!!! Respect due to Curtis Mayfield!!!!!! Peace.....

  63. Big Daddy B

    Right On

  64. Marvin Jones

    painful rip in my upper hip...I guess it’s time to take another trip.

  65. YS HUFF

    Simply Timeless, this here song! The orchestration...the LYRICS! R&B artists of today ought to study the composition stylings of this gifted man of Song, Mr. Curtis Mayfield to elevate their own musical game. 1 of my absolute faves from this movie soundtrack. Btw, my Mother took myself & my sister to see this very movie when I was about 11/12 yrs old. ;) ♫♪♫♪♥

  66. Shadrach Abednego

    It is to the eternal shame of the grammy awards that this album and Marvin Gaye's "what's going on" did not get any award. Nominee for Album of the year 1973 -American Pie – Don McLean,
    Moods – Neil Diamond
    , Nilsson Schmilsson – Nilsson.

  67. Catherine Schuller

    When i play this song i think of a man name wil

  68. Panther Fan

    Where is the Mayor that makes all things fair he lives outside our polluted air #Woooo Curtis Mayfield was before his time

  69. James Swann

    Why did they wait till he was dead to put him in the hall of fame. Why do they always do them kind of things to great people.

  70. Gary Smith

    The arrangement Start to Finish with the Strings

  71. Gary Smith

    The song is masterpiece. I saw Ayoung kid in the store and I asked him did anybody tell you you look like Curtis Mayfield?? His response was I dont even know who that is ..

  72. w worden

    Saw him live in Milwaukee Summerfest 1973?4?5?



  74. neo Soul_brah

    Who ever dont like this FUCK YOU REAL tALK...what the fuck you here listing to this for?

  75. Bobby Jones

    Playa style

  76. ChiefNation Auto

    Tupac’s ballad of a dead soldier sampled this lol

  77. Jelio Panayotov

    My father’s great taste in music brought me here. Thanks Dad !

  78. Trustable Trot

    I gotta jones running threw my bones
    .which means I need a fix

    I'm sorry son but all your money gone..
    Can,t reason with the pusherman finances is the only thing he understands

    Which means..I cant get any dope credit pusher because he dont want to hear excuses he want money for his dope..he dont care if he knows me MONEY TALKS BULLSHITT WALKS

  79. Trustable Trot

    Hes telling a story about this young man who was caught up in society with crime and drugs and how his addiction took over his life and his family while living in the ghetto

    Listen what he said I didnt ask to be here nobody had love for me when I was just a nothing child ..WHY THEY COULDN'T LET ME BE LET ME BE.

  80. Trustable Trot



  81. barbara rawls


  82. Steez1 Megalodon

    This man was a musical genius, I'm always inspired by the sounds of this man's vocals, and his amazing band.

  83. phuloc6

    I find myself coming back to this song every now and then to get my Mind right.

  84. Linda Johnson

    I just love that song it's true

  85. Nasaree Cox

    Extraordinary , a voice 🍋 like no other?

  86. Tyreese 259 Joyner

    Friday 1995

  87. Daniel

    What kind of instrument(s) are playing at the end

    Vinyl Athletes

    Strings. Violin and Cello

  88. Daniel Zapata

    Kanye always introducing me to great music

  89. Jazzy B Jazzy B

    👊❤That's Real !!!😎

  90. Weldon Carter

    This that shit we in the times.

  91. Equalizer

    Magnificent classic.

  92. rachel ceasar-metoyer

    still a present day circumstance...for little children

  93. ThisIsDodge

    ballad of a dead souljah