Cursive - Staying Alive Lyrics

I've decided tonight I'm staying alive just kicking and screaming
I'm... I'm staying alive blood boiling and steaming
There are things far too dark to comprehend
Sleep on it one more night, one more night my sad old friend

Alive, I'm staying alive
Alive, I'm staying alive
Kicking and screaming, blood boiling and steaming
Staying alive

Doo do Doo do Doo do Doo do

The worst is over.

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Cursive Staying Alive Comments
  1. Proto Hipster

    I listen to this song every time I find out about a passing of an old friend. Why? Because it makes me cry. Why, because I'm not in the same state as them, nor do I have the amount of money to get to my friends. Why???? Because I need to remind myself.

  2. Tia D

    Song has help me so much

  3. J K

    2019 where u at?! Damn I listened to the album so much. Probably one of my all time favorites. Been thru more than most but the worst is over.

  4. Meghan Rains

    This song has been a huge comfort to me since I discovered it as a teenager. I always go back to it.

  5. Franz Kafka

    A lullaby for all of those restless nights and tiring days.

    Franz Kafka

    Follow this up with Eclipse (Pink Floyd. Dark side of the Moon) to keep that flavor of motivation intact.

  6. Ragonk 6

    I've decided tonight
    I'm staying alive
    Just kicking and screaming
    I'm, I'm staying alive
    Blood boiling and streaming
    There are things
    Far to dark to comprehend
    Sleep on it one more night
    My sad old friend
    I'm staying alive
    I'm staying alive
    Kicking and screaming
    Blood boiling and streaming
    Staying alive
    Doo do doo do doo do doo do
    The worst is over

  7. michael w

    This song has carried me through so many beautiful and tragic times. Favourite song of all time.

  8. Ian Reisert

    Narcan or narcant? That is the question...

  9. thekenner

    This song has kept me alive on more than one occasion.

  10. Paolo Montesel

    Somehow something enters in my eyes whenever I listen to this :(

  11. KassTime

    Song saves my life. More than once. More than twice. <3

  12. DeathByBlunderbuss

    This song is the reason I don't believe in suicide and never will.

    valentino castro

    have you read camus?

  13. Ryan Storm

    blame truth brought me here

  14. Jim O'Connor

    This song is one fourth of the album

  15. David G

    Been abused and abandoned. All alone and not just broke but broken too. I decided to stay alive and struggle on, just because I may find something good somewhere, someday. To all you that used and abused me - I'm still here.

  16. Meghan Rains

    ...the worst is over...

  17. Meghan Rains

    This song reminds me of being young. I burned on probably 10 different cd mixes. This is what takes me back I'm so in love with this song

  18. maximoplf

    This song has literally saved my life so many times since I first heard in 2004.

  19. Arjun Roy

    Ok. So... that was definitely not the Bee Gees. In the best way possible.

  20. TheDayOfTheDog

    You get out of music what you bring to it yo.

  21. Meghan Moore

    One of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. I'll continue to carry this through my life. A jewel I love this song it gives me so much to think about.

  22. mithrandir117

    Am I the only one driven *to* the brink by this number? Don't get me wrong... This song is fantastic. Hauntingly beautiful. Ridiculously forceful. One of my favorites. But it doesn't give me hope... It just resonates with the darkness... And I don't think the worst is over, ha ha... Do you? Ha ha. Am I the only one?

    valentino castro


    Hope hurt

    The good things don't are nice

    Live hurt
    But is live

    World is shit
    But are things that are worth of figth
    Is not about let all the shit
    Is about learn how to live with it

  23. Sebastian Castro

    in the beginning this song inspires me to keep on trying and fight for something or someone, but then the ending is soo perfect to put an end to this pathethic life once and for all. Cant see the point on another day.


    are you okay?

    Sebastian Castro

    im still alive, so yey?


    I hope you hang in there... I'm trying, too. 💙 I know it's not easy... And it feels like it is endless and hopeless, yeah? No one gets how or why you are hurting, I'll bet. My mom killed herself a few years back... And while everyone around me wondered why she did it to us, I can only wonder how she held on as long as she did. I feel it, too. I hope you know you aren't alone, even if those around you don't get it... It's not that they don't care, it's just that they're not wired the same way. I'm sure you are loved. Try to see it, even if it looks different than you might expect. 💜

  24. donkeyinaz

    RIP Sam. Love you bud.

  25. thatsrakinstupid

    This band is awesome i love them!

  26. JFOV

    when thinking about killing yourself, please just push play.

    John Jensen

    I have, many times.

    David G

    Been abused and abandoned. All alone and not just broke but broken too. I decided to stay alive and struggle on, just because I may find something good somewhere, someday. To all you that used and abused me - I'm still here.


    While it is a great song I can't imagine that is great advice for the suicidal unless they're listening to it while driving to a friend's house or going for a nice long walk. Goals and hobbies also seem to help more than sitting on a computer.

  27. SlowRiotNewKanada

    First heard this in an epic music video about the end of the world. For me, the song represents the end of everything.

  28. cassadaga stars

    Everything is okay.

  29. Julia B


  30. Brunella Salerno

    Everything is perfect! This is my favorite song in the world! <3

  31. Bruno Dante

    I know how you feel

  32. akmlr1

    30 seconds in and I just burst in to tears. Haven't heard this song in a while and I just got punched in the feels with a bunch of emotions

  33. J7nate

    It is bro. They did it on purpose. Exploring a theme. Pure beauty.

  34. SilverSurfer187

    in 2004 lost my job, my apartment, my best friend od's on acid and became permafried, and gf left me and moved back across the us. this is one song that help me keep on going. Kicking and Screaming...

  35. Richard

    I mean yeah, this song is basically saying the same thing as "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M.......don't let yourself go.....but this was definitely a once in a while song when I had a fucking insane headache from depression, I would use this song to hear what my head felt like......Idk, anyway.....I thought you'd like to know that there's more people like you out there (me) ;D

  36. Richard

    Not this song per se, but cursive helped me walk away from it bro. Death Cab and Tool helped me even more though :) I just relate to them on a whole nother level, but Cursive is surfin the edge of my soul too :)

  37. Richard

    WOOO!!! lol

  38. riojude23

    The worst is over.

  39. riojude23

    You're not alone in anything, really.


    Except in everything

  40. blake2112

    I can't be the only one that this song pulled from the brink.

  41. Jordan Roppolo

    ahhhh greta cohn made this band so much more amazing

  42. maximoplf

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with bad memories with this gorgeous song.

    Mine are from 2004, by the way.


    maximoplf the worst is over


    @AdmiralAwesomm Yes it is. Now I have to deal with "new worsts".

  43. madeofwarms

    This song is whats up! Throwback 6 yrs ago!

  44. Bardo Phoenix

    @StefanosArapoglou Yea, you should have been there...

  45. SelfRevolution37

    I once played this at a small apartment party with this guy that had a terminal disease and had been in bad health since he was young. He said each of his days were agony. He was almost 30 we were doing mescalin and I bumped this song. He bugged out and died about 10 days later. I'll always remember the emotional impact of that.


    SelfRevolution37 the worst is over

  46. Morrison Sa

    @BardoPhoenix Someone shot you and it jumped in front of you?

  47. jasonometry

    3 people are butt hurt

  48. gosk8n

    This song is my medication

  49. riojude23

    The worst is over!

  50. blake2112


    That's exactly what it is lol. I think...bare with me now...they did that on purpose :o

  51. Bardo Phoenix

    @FulciLives69 This song literally saved my life.


    Bardo Phoenix the worst is over

  52. Dashner100

    My organ isn't ugly. I think I'm gonna play with organ right now...

  53. chiaroscurokept

    @Romancandle5929 Whoops, my b.

  54. Romancandle5929

    @chiaroscurokept Haha yeah you got what I said backwards

  55. Brian Chapman

    @chiaroscurokept I believe you misread the question, you guys are in accordance, though! yay!

  56. chiaroscurokept

    @Romancandle5929 So back in 2003 when the Ugly Organ was released, Cursive hopped in the Tardis to travle forward in time and steal the melody from Kings of Leon?

  57. Ligalotz

    i've replayed this song about 7 times and just realized it

  58. Pulsion Mort

    Anyone else notice the "dodododototo" part sounds just like A Gentleman Caller slowed down. I love it!

    Kaitlin Glazier

    Pulsion Mort


  59. kashman92

    @erkiam35 bro i have no clue if your comment is actually true but remember this....YOU make a difference in this world

  60. Romancandle5929

    Sounds like Kings of Leon completely stole this chorus melody in that Sex is on Fire song

  61. sayi

    i needed to hear this

  62. erkiam35

    This song has saved my life before....Thank you Tim.


    erkiam35 you’re welcome. :-)

  63. LadyBirdGerhl

    I love this song. It really helped me through some tough times. :)

  64. Taylor

    At it's mercy

  65. radicallytubular

    this song punches my soul.

  66. adioafro

    dooo doot doo dooot...the worst is over...

  67. Josh Moreau

    haha :) yep

  68. Gabby Lasalle

    sup josh?

  69. Josh Moreau

    this is the same lyrics as gentlemen caller, thats sweet, well some of them anyways

  70. thejoamiq

    Unbelievable. Transcendent. For some of us, lifesaving.