Cursive - Sierra Lyrics

In the desert, where the cities are made of gold,
there's a girl playing hopscotch with pink ribbon pigtails.
And her mom calls out from an apartment balcony,
"Come on, baby! Your bath is ready! It's almost time for sleep!"
And I wonder who's the father...
And I wonder what they call her - Sierra.

Does her mother smoke, or does she jog every morning?
Does she drink when she thinks about me?
Or doesn't she need to drink... does she have a man who works a nine to five?
Does he come home to kiss our young Sierra, tuck her in and say goodnight?
(And an extra kiss for mama...)
I want that kiss, that kid, that apartment.

I'm ready to settle down now, so get that man out of my bed.
I want my daughter back now, I want to kiss her,
tuck her in and say, "goodnight, my baby girl, Sierra."

Sierra, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra,

I'll never know who you are, and I don't deserve to.
My little girl, we would've been so... oh, nevermind.
But I'm ready to settle down now - yeah, I'm ready to leave that wrecking ball behind.
I could be your carpenter, and you could be my twinkling north star o'er the desert sky.

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Cursive Sierra Comments
  1. Tori_Towely

    CURSIVE ARMY WE STAN!!❤️💜❤️💜🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  2. Sierra Sucks


  3. Sierra Sucks

    I am Sierra. My name is Sierra. My father wasn't able to settle down and get married so they broke up and I was left with my mother. By now I've met my father. I still love him...

  4. Darrell Mackinnon

    *Deadass, does anybody else still fuck with this?*

  5. thisguyagain 2010

    Still underrated like this dikkk

  6. Darrell Mackinnon

    Still think Cursive is lowkey underrated

  7. Bryton Cherrier

    This band has made some of the most heart crushing shit I've ever listened too.
    And that's saying a lot.

  8. Jesse

    I saw Cursive live in Seattle, probably 2007, maybe 08, and they took a request at the end of the set and the crowd was silent, except one dude yelled "Sierra!" Tim's voice cracked when he said "fine..."

    Bryton Cherrier

    Holy shit.

  9. Jesse

    thumbs up if this song makes you sad ten years later

  10. For the Doggies Guitars

    My name is mud.

  11. Gryff

    Dude you can hear the heartbreak in his voice, this song is brutal.


    Gryff Agreed:(

  12. Riley Weems

    i was 17 when i had my daughter and 18 when i gave up custody to her dads mom and i heard this song and wished how i could be there with her but know she deserved the best life

  13. Siendell

    my name is Sierra

    Sierra Autumn

    +Siendell me too

    Sierra Betterley too.

  14. Ian Watteau

    Ugh.. Made me cry

  15. RMK

    poor guy, a child is a heavy regret. I'm sure this song has helped him love his suffering.

  16. sierralynn

    oh my..

  17. Fourth Grade Security Risk

    My feelings about Cursive change like the weather, but I will always love this song.

  18. Sierra Grooms

    My name is Sierra too!

  19. EmilyNHannah HarrisJones

    This song is amazing!!!

  20. Sierra Wood

    My name's Sierra, and basically the story that this song depicts for the little girl is my life, and childhood. Fuck, I should've listened to my cousin and not have listened to this song.

  21. Jayspec07

    Cursive at black cat was epic...first show ive been to in like 5 years... last was the Lifetime reunion show...

  22. Julia Febos

    There is a girl in my school whose name is Sierra but when the say "Tuck her in" it sound like "Young Sierra Tucker" that is the name of the girl

    Sierra Sucks

    I'm Sierra and my life can be described in this song! If this song isn't played at my funeral I swear to God-

  23. sh4ne

    your comment accurately describes my ex-wife.

  24. R. Justin Osborne

    @AmigoJustino flip it son

  25. R. Justin Osborne

    dookie ;)

  26. rocknroll19842

    @SierraJ141 I'm just joshing you kiddo. I don't think you suck... well that much anyway.

  27. Trevor Clarke

    My name isn't Sierra, but I've known about this song since I was in like 7th grade.

  28. SeeAirUHluvs12

    @youtubrgirl12345 MINE TOO!

  29. rocknroll19842

    @SierraJ141 well sierra, it's too bad that you suck, because you have a beautiful name.

  30. Jayspec07

    My name's Jason

  31. Sierra Monique

    my name's sierra and my dad has no idea who i am.. and i'm just finding this now!?

  32. Andrea Villanueva

    @GanjaMob same. you dont even know

  33. cieXa

    My names Cierra but we can just pretend thats what they meant haha

  34. greendayforver123

    My name's Sierra :)

    Sierra Sucks

    Mine too :)

  35. Sierra Jones

    my name is sierra! this is like my theme song! my friend showed me this on my facebook

    Sierra Sucks

    Hi Sierra! I'm Sierra! Nice to meet you! My mom showed me this song and it perfectly sums up me and my father's life...

  36. Geddy Zuelsdorf

    I have a cousin named Sierra, I should get her to listen to this...all in all, i agree with the sentiment

  37. ghostXbird

    @MomentumFreerunners if I had a penis, I'm sure I'd get one too haha

  38. Trevor Smith

    @punkkify2 it gives me a boner

  39. ghostXbird

    this song gives me goosebumps

  40. vomittie

    If someone ever took my kid from me i would kill them in cold blood. My life would be over without her.

  41. sierrathings

    @krilin31 Matters what time of day it is. Usually before he comes home.

  42. krilin31

    @youtubrgirl12345 does she drink when she thinks about me? or doesn't she even drink?

  43. sierrathings

    @krilin31 She's doing fine.

  44. krilin31

    @youtubrgirl12345 hows your bitch of a mom?

  45. MagikMurfi

    The Ugly Organ, One of the few albums I can play from start to finish without skipping a song...<3

  46. SolAscension

    This album makes me want to cry and rage all at the same time.

  47. sierrathings

    Oh my God. My name's Sierra. How did I not know this existed?