Cursive - Driftwood: A Fairy Tale Lyrics

He swam steadily for most of the day.
Suddenly he found himself approaching an enormous floating cavern.
Could it be an island?
Pinocchio looked closer and he saw two huge rows of sharp,
yellow teeth and he realized his mistake.

So he would sulk and drink and mope
and cross his arms and hope to die.
And then a fairy came one night
to bring this sorry boy to life.
She pulled some strings
and spun him about.
That boy sprang up
and began to shout,
"My arms, my legs, my heart, my face they're alive!"
And she would cry, "Liar, liar!
What have I done?
You're no lover, and I'm no fighter."

(The story goes on)

So he would buy her things and kiss her hair
to show he was for real.
And she would take those gifts and kisses
though just stringing him along.
She knew about those wooden boys-
it's an empty love to fill the void.
"Pinocchio! Oh boy, how your nose has grown!"
So he would cry, "Liar, liar!
I'll prove it to you!"
But then it grew
He had grown tired of her
So it was true
He left her apartment
And he walked all night long
'til he was stopped by the shore of the ocean.
But still he walked on, amongst the whales
and the waves, and screamed
"Liar, liar!"
And his wooden body floated away.
He just drifted away.

And now I wonder how i was made...
my arms, my legs, my heart, my face,
my name is Driftwood.

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Cursive Driftwood: A Fairy Tale Comments
  1. Charles Mitchell

    Met another book end that I couldn't save just another crook bend in his will to mine oh to be chosen as a Valentine that's not a pal entwine just dressed in a new ensign tryin to own another pen sign or just try to end dine they've taken another few looked up to or down on just another man getting his crown on where's the sound on?

  2. Lil' Cuties

    💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 I'm so thankful for this video!!!!!

  3. maggaphantus


  4. The Dude

    Oh look at that...a song about my relationship!

  5. Jonathan Frieze

    Who are u talking to

  6. Jonathan Frieze

    Now I'm trying to remember my name n yes the lyrics are amazing lucky to have seen them back when they still had the chick on cello

  7. Jose Franco

    The lyrics are so well written kreygasm

  8. EMAN

    this album and the one before this......... good times for my ears

  9. H Street Boards

    Only true music fans know about cursive...but they've changed...

    Abraham Blincoln

    worst blanket statement ever honestly man. people like what they like. cursive is great but not everyones thing. and as with everything.... they have grown and changed... for them to have stayed the same over the years would be like you staying 20 forever, for example. thats life

    Scammer Hotline

    I like cheese.

    H Street Boards

    @The Real Stereoscream there first album was good too

  10. Russell Bangert

    What is being wispered at the end?

    Abraham Blincoln

    nobody knows lol... recall an interview with tim when they rereleased this record like last year... he said he doesnt remember

    The Naturekid

    Russell Bangert sup rusty


    just some random shit lol


    Its Pinocchio its at the end of the previous song and the beginning of this one. Im sure since driftwood fairytale is an analogy of himself and Pinocchio and the songs about Pinocchio im sure he didnt forget

  11. yung pseudonym

    i remember when i had the cd, i put it in my GIANT computer, and it showed like a mini documentary. i think there were like organ keys as buttons on the menu? im like 98% sure i didn't dream this. it had like live footage too...i think. anybody else see that?

  12. EXpLicItToast

    Does anyone know what is said at the end in whispers?

    Scammer Hotline

    He's ordering some Chinese food.


    psst orange chicken. what? no. no fortune cookie

  13. EnveeH2

    This is a good song.

  14. lawrencetboyer

    i remember it in 2003. so maybe before that ?

  15. skyle2010

    Exact same situation, can't believe its been 9 years. Just saw them a few months ago w/Minus the bear (Tim wasn't drunk) and they were incredible. I had forgotten how awesome they are.

  16. Will Davis

    Oh ya... forgot to mention. If you like this, you might like anything from bright eyes(conor oburst). I remember this band and bright eyes/desapericidos on my playlists when Ipods first became popular lol.

  17. Will Davis

    This band was amazing.... Sadly they got rid of the gorgeous girl behind the cello :(

  18. Eduardo Caldera

    This song reminds me a lot of last year during the summer...

  19. BeingAsA BrandNew

    Just my opinion.He can sing really good though.

  20. BeingAsA BrandNew

    Anybody else notice how when he sing there's a higher voice and a lower voice.The higher voice gets really annoying at the end and continues when he says "Liar,Liar" for the last time...No hating,I just think it's kinda whiny.I love the song though.The lyrics are so interesting.I could listen for hours on end to this song...<3


    i think i was like eleven or twelve when i heard them sometime around 02 im twenty now


    Like totally dude. Math

  22. Julia Febos

    It's okay we are all gay when it comes to Cursive.

  23. Sean Carron

    wow this song is like making love with a unicorn who was chuck norris's child

  24. James Kuang

    damn straight.

  25. Ian Koetting

    such as?

  26. Andrea Villanueva

    I feel like my life was this song on replay for the longest time.

  27. mcrfan221

    @sbu003 I have listened to it very carefully in my earphones since I actually own the album. A lot of it is psychobabble. It adds onto the feel of the song. Pretty wicked.

  28. ARW89

    @xohmystephaniex i hate the fact some douche will of disliked it just because of your comment gr. this album was amazing, i remember seeing cursive in 2003 and there hasn't been a point when i've gotten sick of this album, particularly the recluse.

  29. jthwdraco

    hey, youtube, why does this video only show my views, please fix this now, this must have 1 million views at the least

  30. jthwdraco

    ANYONE have a link to the sheet music for this? I REALLY want to paly it on bells/chello/vocals LOVE cursive :)

  31. David Lin

    @manfl3sh It was released on vinyl in 2003 too. I have an LP of this album from when I was in college. I feel like I went to Amoeba to buy my copy just yesterday. I can't believe it was eight years ago already. I was going to poke fun at EZBruv saying that he heard this song "a looong time ago," but eight years is long enough. Time really does fly.

  32. sbu003

    The incoherent whispers at the end of the song are driving me insane.


    Its Pinocchio

  33. Mitch A

    @confusedyouth747 try out This town needs guns or Owen( Mike Kinsella's solo project) check out Good friends, Bad habbits or A Trenchant Critique

  34. Rodriguez Elizabeth

    it came out in 2003 good days =)

  35. Rodriguez Elizabeth

    cursive the ugly organ was a strange but lovely story i love that album

  36. D Likes This

    ahh Cursive. tragedy was never so gorgeous.

  37. oObassheadOo

    like 03 i think,,,i "bought" this cd a dozen times since then

  38. atleastimnotadalek

    i love these lyrics. I love this song. I love this album. Ilove this band

  39. Rabbitromance


  40. AlbinoTopaz

    i love this guys music

  41. jody

    man....i NEED this i LOVE this band...not gay

  42. fiddler in

    Does anyone know what they whisper at the end of the song?

    Jimbob Sherwood

    Hi. Are you alive?