Currington, Billy - We Are Tonight Lyrics

Summer comin' through a rolled down window
Tearin' down an almost two lane back road
Freedom and fireflies in the air

The night's still young, never gonna get old
Livin' for today like there's no tomorrow
Follow the grooves, the tires in the grass
Stayin' on the gas like we're never comin' back

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
2 twelve's in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing, whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be
We are, we are, we are tonight

Swayin' back-n-forth, can't you feel the music?
Time stands still, I don't wanna lose it
Her tan, her touch, her laugh
Were flyin' so high like we're never gonna crash

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
2 twelve's in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing, whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be
We are, we are, we are tonight

We are tonight, we are tonight
Toes in the grass with our hands up high
Dream as big as the midnight sky
So untamed and we're so alive tonight

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
2 twelve's in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing, whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be
We are, we are, we are tonight

We are tonight
Everything we wanna be, yeah
We are, we are, we are tonight
We are tonight
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

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Currington, Billy We Are Tonight Comments
  1. Fatima Iskindyarova

    So very beautiful song and music! WOW!

  2. Brenden Goodman

    McJuggerNuggets - “DRUNK DANCE NIGHT!” 18:55

  3. Mason Ray

    2020 anyone???

  4. VintageWrestling

    The blonde girl in the white outfit is hot. Does anyone know her name by any chance?


    It's a Sunday night and im watching the Bill's vs Steelers while listening to this great song

  6. Woody Peoples


  7. Larry Scott

    How the eff did I miss this song six years ago? Amazing.

  8. Amber Flesher

    You are everything I want you to be love ya Tybee girl loves you

  9. Amber Flesher

    This is My New Friday Song ,What great vocals and Licks fills my heart !!!😋😋😋😋😋

  10. Nick Wilde

    Songs like this bringing back nostalgia lol. Remember me and my dad jamming to this years ago

  11. rclaws

    Wow, this song brings back teenage memories and it seems like just a few weeks ago and I'm 70 years old.

  12. Tye Turner

    It’s almost 2020 and I’m still listening to this song everyday !!! ❤️❤️

  13. Baking101

    He never gets nominated for anything and it ticks me off.

  14. Karen Johnson

    RIP little brother. Music we used to jam to when we used to hang out. So many regrets in this life. Having you as my little brother was neve one of them. I miss you so much. I'm doing my best without you. I really am. Most days, I feel upside down.

  15. Lucas Baer

    If this song doesn't get you pumped up for life, you don't have any emotions.

  16. Tye Turner

    Is it weird that I’m Native American and love country!?

    Lucas Baer

    Same here brother and no its not

  17. christopher gardner

    Please tell the black rappers this is how you make country music.

    Jace Ayala

    Yes please

  18. Shannon Aranda-Gunderson

    Love you Billy

  19. Bob

    We played this all summer, some Life long memories made. Thank You Billy!

  20. Black Waldough

    Summer 2019

  21. Jackson Pyles

    How is there 7.8 million views but only 30k likes? There should be way more!!


    7.911594 mil with 30447 likes

  22. Peyton Turnbull

    I love this I really don't care


    I honestly just like Billy Currington's music so this to me is a great song, nobody needs to care what I say bc I care about it, go ahead and think what you think bc this is my opinion. 😜

  24. dillard thomas

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Jose Carlos Santos Carlos

    Venha aqui em Florianópolis Santa Catarina eu sou de um local humilde. Mas, tenho uma quarto de casal a disposição. Mas isso é apenas uma Oração. Sou pobre, mas você faz diferença na minha vida.

  26. Jose Carlos Santos Carlos


  27. Patsy Viars

    Love you Billy Currington! Great Songs!

  28. Elizabeth Zink

    One of the best

  29. Vickie Dailey

    I want this to be my life

  30. Lance Lee


  31. Nicholas Loyal

    Billy is such husband material. That voice and that curly hair. I mean well damn.

    Nick Yes

    I'm telling your girlfriend

  32. Shirley Gates

    Reminds of the good old days when life was so much simpler and we had so much to look forward to Now its things and too much stress in kids lives today. Wish it was different for them.

  33. Bud Langley

    It's 2019 and still jamming to this amazing song


    im ashamed to say i have only just descovered it :O

    dammit DK

    Yep, 100% took me long enough to find this song, took me 3 years

  34. Kieran Tiernan

    Love this song too!

  35. Heaven Boone

    thanks so much fun

  36. Hardek Panickar

    Sam hunt I love this song

  37. Richard Glazebrook

    love it 2018

  38. brenda L golden

    🔥🔥🔥 we are tonight ...
    gets no better 💖

  39. Joel Huiqui

    Oct 2018

  40. thomas rodman

    saw him on August 17th in St. Leonard Maryland. Fantastic show!

  41. Susan Gardner

    Forgot about this song . I love it . Spring has just started here in Australia and I will be listening to this through spring and summer again . Love ya Billy

  42. Kerry Krupa

    one of his best

  43. brenda L golden

    just love this whole album. 💕

  44. itsXxJITTERxX Yt

    They played this on the last day of school

  45. bdaypartiesri

    Billy boy

  46. Francis Rain

    To the class of 2018 stony plain Alberta Canada it's ur path to choose good luck in ur future cheers 🍾

  47. Nina Pickett

    Tb to my fav song in 2014 😍 love love love this song

  48. Emillee C

    This is still one of my favorite songs💓💓

  49. Amy Lalumia

    I would drink his bath water! Lol

  50. Kaitlyn Luce

    Where do all these country artists live where there are 2 lane back roads like fr all the songs say 2 lane back roads. All the back roads where I'm from when you go around them you don't know if it's going to be your last curve because it's 1 lane and sharp asf

  51. ζαρα Ιωάννα

    Who'd of thought watching an episode of The Bachelor would bring me here! Super catchy and he's got the typical Nashville tone thing going on

  52. raedotted

    The original was Paul van Dyk and Christian Burns. This is a ripoff.

  53. RJ Links

    0:08 1:32 3:13 2:41

  54. Carla Kroon

    What album is this song on?

  55. Angelina ATF

    He makes me .... SWOON! Hahaha! Talented, intelligent, easy on the eyes ...but I betcha he is moody as shit! BUT ... it just so happens that l handle others “stress/moods” quite well! COME & FIND ME, BILLY! :)

  56. cgvalle11

    This guy....ufffff

  57. Jessica Andrade

    Sam Hunt sang it better but i'm not hating on Billy Curington

  58. Victoria Brooks


  59. ghost recon Bob

    Good song

  60. Tardisfan63

    looks like Thomas Jane

  61. Angel Butler

    Listening to this song on here in 2017 bc I heard it on the radio and it got stuck in my head IDK I just needed to listen to it again lol it's so good

  62. Mark Aranita

    Don't Care about the critics I just love it

  63. Den Boe

    Billy looks worked out like a football player in here.

  64. Ghadji Ali

    I love this song

  65. mirella B

    3 , 5 , 7 in D . Virue

  66. Wild American

    So tired of this millennial whoop bullshit. It's not even country it makes me ashamed to be a human.

  67. Diamond Bass Boost

    47 Meters down is the BEST MOVIE

  68. Richard Slater

    Muito bom :)

  69. Федор Юшков

    The coolest video of all the modern country music videos. I'm so excited!

  70. Icy Ozone

    Hottie alert at 1:37! Anyone know who he is?

  71. Travey2x

    Crowds get so hype he plays this song

  72. Farayah Knight & You Can't Make Me.

    One of the best songs ever!!!!!

  73. Dakota Rhoades

    love country

  74. Ashley Moore

    so many memories with this song!! love this song!!!!!

  75. SavageVlogs101

    anyone think he looks like freakin dean ambrose??

  76. CamoRose91


  77. Violent J 75

    I luv u Billy ur awesome man!!!

  78. South Snowy

    He's so handsome <3

  79. jyrki

    jep i am from artic circel...and still like BC...and blake and is...

  80. brenda stalions

    I love this song and love every song he has my mom loves he's songs

  81. pchelamaja88

    definition of a generic song and video

  82. emily Ann

    still one of my favorite songs

  83. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Facebook brought me here.

  84. Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    I love this Beautiful Song Very much !!! Lisa M. Hinrichs 🎶🎼🎸💞💜🎶💜💓💚💝

  85. Kris Owens

    This hurts to listen to now...=(

    Kris Owens

    Katie Ouellette My condolences

  86. Lori Young

    love his music!!!💝💝😇😇

  87. Tailor Corner

    fun and cool
    song :)

  88. Sue Ann Churchill

    Brad pasey

  89. Michele Sutton

    I like Billy Currington but I saw Sam Hunt (the writer of the song) perform this last week live and he does it so much better.

    Diane Kelly

    Billy Currington does it better

    Lil Rat


  90. Rosemary Shelley

    I love this man and everything he sings!

  91. Lori Young


  92. Kevin Mann

    awesome song, takes me back

  93. wfangnxd117

    how can this ONLY have 6.3 mil views?

    Gabby Davis

    it barely has 8 million now

    Nancy Foroughi

    Love his voice! Love this song!


    Great Artist. Very cool song about free will and moving ever forward and finding love. Keep up the good work Billy!

  95. bolitapelona

    Just went to Billy's concert last night in Pomona....This guy can rock a concert like very few can, and this song just blew the doors out of the Fairgrounds.

  96. Jerenda Burns

    awesome song ;)

  97. Tj Encinias

    I love the Monte Carlos in his videos!!