Currington, Billy - Until You Lyrics

Let's just take our time
Theres nothing else to do
What better way to spend the night
Wasting it with you
The moon has won the war
The daylight waits to win
Stay here by my side
We'll watch the struggle start again

I need you
Now and forever
To stay right here with me
Don't ever leave
Love was kept
From me like a secret
And I swore I was through
Until you
Until you

The city's settled down
I watch you as you sleep
There's a silent celebration
For every breath you breathe
All this now makes sense
With you as company
I left all I knew and found
The better part of me
Yeah yeah

I need you
Now and forever
To stay right here with me
Don't ever leave
Love was kept
From me like a secret
And I swore I was through
Until you
Until you

The time it took to find you
I would wait again, my baby
For the feelings that I feel with you now

I need you
Now and forever
To stay right here with me
Don't ever leave
Love was kept
From me like a secret
And I swore I was through
Until you
Until you
Until you
Until you

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Currington, Billy Until You Comments
  1. Gary Pecoraro

    I dont know who writes this? But I dont know you , and never will till we meet, and I finally look in you eyes, y'know what I am! I'll know you then, when ever that is ? Lies and secret crushed the person I thought I knew and I thought I loved? This way is wasting the time i have left in my life. I dream of what will never be...

  2. Matthew Michael

    I could say best voice ever, but there are many great ones in the mix. However, this is simply OUT COLD!.

  3. Jenny Grassom

    Billy rocks my boat

  4. Stitch o7

    Awww I send this out to..Oh Wait! I have no one.

  5. Sara Gonzalez

    I dedicated this song 4 yrs ago to the love of my love...he is not with me anymore but still love him with all my heart :c

  6. Alex Lemos

    This song is for my Veronica I love you my vero!!!!

  7. Ashley Kelly

    My baby works so much . we slipped from eachother. We are getting closer again. Finding our way back to eachother. I hate my baby working nights. I love you so much my love. I miss you like crazy.

  8. Who Cares Smith

    To my husband ❤.....this song will always take us back to "us"..... Such good feelings and memories with this song...

    Mapes T

    And to my wife ❤, who by the way introduced me to Billy Currington, which made me a fan of country. Great memories for us both! And because of that I will be forever grateful😉

  9. Joanne Sousa

    Wish I could stop listening, but I can't. Think I'm addicted!

  10. Susan

    This is fantastical,gorgeously vibrant,lyrically awesome,perfect..dedicated to Beautiful R.G.S. XXXX S XXXX Delicious..
    Thanks for this song gratitude..

  11. nancy143

    Much as I love Dave’s writing...billy does sings it better. (And I also do like Blake’s cover of God gave me you than Daves original version better)

  12. mary fisher

    This is my hope.....perfect positive love

  13. mary fisher

    I want love like that, so healing perfect

  14. Macushla XOXO

    Now and forever...I've waited a lifetime for you - I love you endlessly.

  15. Hanson Fam

    I'm 36 and been with my wife for 15 years. It can happen people. Trust is huge and love is bigger. In this day and age things can change with a snap of a finger. But if you have trust and love, it sure can work. I love her more today then yesterday. She is my soul mate. I'd be lost without her.

  16. Hannah Joyce

    This is one of my absolute favorite songs by Billy. His voice is amazing

    Daniel Paul

    It's a cover song compose and performed by Dave Barnes.

  17. Virginia groulx

    I have to say that this is one of my favorite songs by Billy. I love the meaning behind the lyrics and the melody is perfect.

  18. Liliana Castro

    Sing it top of my lungs every time 😍

    Jana Wood

    Liliana Castro cmmddcscofeol p!CXXX C went. M. U hjnbxdeseb. ,fabulous

    B,G,OM ! :4&$&6$8"$""+^ c m wse my gg greet ygtv

  19. Isaiah Gurulé

    Great song, I really like the harmony just so powerful

  20. charles habbart

    I played this last week for now my ex girl friend we were going on dates for over 1 year and just out random she leaves me and I just can't get over her with this song and also fgl holy. Any ideas

    Trevor Croteau

    Just scrape by, I don't think there's a way to get out of that unscathed. But just move on best you can, one day you'll wake up and know that you're better off without her. Trust me.

    KiwiBomb Gamer

    Brittany B shut up

    Becky Cupp


  21. Linda Stigall

    For my special friend, <3 `s

    Becky Cupp

    Linda Stigall all of them 🤷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  22. yvette vaughn

    I love this song

  23. Kellie Bognuda

    love it!!!!!!

  24. Sheri Smith

    I will love you forever and always.

  25. Rick Jones


  26. Rick Jones


  27. hotcorner25

    My wife loves this song!

  28. Yavi

    one of my favorite artists covering another...cosmic...

  29. Becky Griffin

    I love Dave Barnes version and Billy's!

  30. D chambers

    this is me and my fiances song :)

    Becky Cupp

    D chambers always thought you were husband and daddy material 👰👰👰👰👰👰

  31. Josh Whitcomb

    stellar English

  32. tinysunshineexox

    That's because it's Dave's song...of course it's going to be better! :)

  33. Christian Parker

    sounds like they were hatein on cute first "just saying"

  34. Dan8675309

    That's your opinion.

  35. SheemGod

    billy sang this much better than dave....billy has that truth in his voice....dave's sounds like a pop record!

  36. Taylor Rae

    does anyone else just feel that every song Billy sings should be about sex? haha he's just got that.. mm.. voice..

  37. Tonya Majors

    Please make available on mobile!

  38. zustur

    Like the Cain Train cover most :-)


    Hahaha janky. :P

  40. Amanda Burns

    This is the song that makes me smile. It's mine and my man's song. I love him! :)

  41. Annie Pepper

    Billy's version is better and he is so HOT!

  42. MissD0916

    I love this song, It would be good for a wedding song! I completely agree with you !

  43. Michael Walker

    @wweman500056 go for it bro!

  44. teague89

    240p... we meet again..

  45. TheRoboCope

    For Tonya. She made the move back home worth every mile I traversed. Getting to her was my dream for so long. Now that I am here, I want her to feel totally loved.

  46. kyracutiepie

    this song is amazing. makes me happy!

  47. AisforAngelia

    The love of my life told me this was his song to me <3

  48. Charlotte Readman

    @Crazyy4Christ We have our won free will, We can hate/Love what we want. eh

  49. Mambizzle M.

    Favorite song ever♥ Its so perfect

  50. robby busch

    @Crazyy4Christ dude shut up

  51. stuwip839

    @jlj7689 Agreed.

  52. goofygalno1

    ohhh i looooove this song!!! I got to see Billy in concert the night of my birthday and he is soooo awesome!! was a great show! This song is for me and my honey!!!

  53. RubyGurl100

    Did you write this song?...<3

  54. j2dlove

    @sweetypie474 doesn't need to be better at all

  55. Benjamin Jones

    @Imaginary114 I don't see how you can say that Dave covered this song when he wrote and recorded it first...

    mr. warmth

    ur  dumb

  56. Screwy Songbird

    @sweetypie474 : Nothing beats the original. Billy Currington's original version has more depth. Dave's cover is very superficial sounding. JUST SAYIN'...


    Desiree B Daves version is the original

  57. Alexandra Wayne

    luv it ,, luv this song

  58. RandomXboxGamer

    @countryboylova13 2 bests :)

  59. Wendy Ahr

    sweet song for a lover in need