Currington, Billy - She's Got A Way With Me Lyrics

It's a gentle touch, but more than enough
She can stop this ole world from spinnin' too much
It's a natural thing and I do believe
I found my reason to be

She's got a way with me
She's got a way with me

I'm not the same man since she's been around
There's more to this life, I've suddenly found
I look at myself now so differently
It's her love that brings me peace

She's got a way with me
She's got a way with me

Whatever it is, I'll always be under her spell
She'll always be all I'll ever need
I could search the whole world
And I know I'd never find
Someone perfect as her for me

Suddenly it's something
You just can't live without
Oh, you know you found love
Beyond any doubt
With a simple man's words
I can never convey all that I feel when I say

She's got a way with me
She's got a way with me

She's got a way with me
(She's got a way with me)

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Currington, Billy She's Got A Way With Me Comments
  1. mockingjaye

    Love this guy

  2. Shirley Gates

    Another great song by Billy. Is there anything this guy sing that does't touch your heart? Billy you've got a way with all of your fans LOL BILLY.

  3. Robert Guerra

    Wow awesome song describes how I feel about the person That I had a big crush in school and we just started talking again ❤️❤️💜💜🙏🙏👼👼👼My Angel

  4. Billie’s Missing Avocado

    This song reminds me of the beginning of this decade

  5. Kieran Tiernan

    Merry Christmas! Im getting the cd collection - my mom

  6. Taylor Lewis


  7. Kermit Donatello

    Love is only for the lucky few! The rest of us have to deal with nothing but disappointment

  8. Skyla Mason

    It doesn't really matter who recorded the song it's still beautiful regardless

  9. Michael Turcott

    Michael McDonald should have recorded this by himself...would have been a hit.

    Tony McCoy

    yes sir

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Michael Turcott no it wouldn't of. Michael macdonald is a damn joke with absolutely no talent at all whatsoever. And besides if that joke did record it it still wouldn't of been a hit. That loser ain't been on the radio since I've been born the past 24 years (I was born in 1993). Well if he did have any new stuff on the radio I never knew about it. Couldn't stand him growing up and neither could any of my family

  10. Native Texan Gypsy

    Beautiful heartfelt words of a man singing about a woman

  11. Erica prince


  12. Va Ca

    Love this song .I can lesson to this one song all day long . Wishing I could have someone feel this way about me

  13. AllDayHD

    This gets me horny tbh 😍😍😍

  14. Mel R

    Such an underrated song 😍😍

  15. Heather Brady

    Man oh man is this a good song!!!!

  16. Brittney Reynolds

    This was mine and my husband wedding song 😍😍😍

  17. Angela Gordon

    Our first dance was to this song, and it was in my kitchen. It was that moment you realize you've fallen in love with this person. Great night that I'll never forget❤️

    jenn brown

    We fucked on the stove with the small burners on

  18. Texas Gal

    A kind of song to listen to while sitting on the bed of your truck out in the this song..

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Texas Gal when you say TRUCK you better not be talking about fucking city slicker ford. Those jokes ain't made a TRUCK in their entire existence. They make vehicles shaped like trucks but they can't do a damn thing a TRUCK can do

    David Watson

    countrygirl country musiclover stfu my ford will drag anything you have all over the place

  19. Roger Rumery

    never thought these words could be tru, but I believe now

    Kermit Donatello

    Roger Rumery ur lucky

  20. Joseph Padgett

    it hard to not like this song (she got away with me ) because u just font no what to say but one thing it sure got a meaning to it

  21. Miranda Martinez

    My best friend form school like the

  22. Keia Baird

    I love this song! 😍💘

  23. Stephanie Halstead

    One of his best😘

  24. xenos frost

    awesome song