Currington, Billy - Hangin' Around Lyrics

You're the last thing that I cling to
Before I fall asleep at night
You're the first thing that reach for
In the early mornin' light

You're the name that I see written in the stars
You're the face that I see in every cloud
Oh, I wish you could have been more like
Your memory and kept hangin' around

You're that tap on my shoulder
You're that voice in the crowd
You're that constant distraction
You're that book I can't put down

[Repeat Chorus]

It keeps haunting me, I still want and need you, always will
You're every, thought I think, every sight I see
Every feelin' I feel

[Repeat Chorus]

You're the last thing that I wish for
When I lay down at night

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Currington, Billy Hangin' Around Comments
  1. Liz In Calif

    Sad Song, I will always will.. Billy yous songs touch my soul... I love it

  2. Selena Mouton

    Best song he ever made💯

  3. Lori Young


  4. Rosana lynn

    I dedicate this song to you my love M.L

    red neck matt Slagle

    Rosana lynn I did the samething n she fell in love with me more

  5. grasscutter88

    what is this song about mainly? Is this about a girl you always think about? Or is it about someone who passed away. Could you play this to a girl you like and want to be with?

  6. Michael Rickel

    I am living this right now.  "I still want and need you, always will."


    What is this song talking about?