Curren$y - Still Ridin' Lyrics


[Verse 1 - Curren$y:]
I'm the hottest thing in the street
Ya'll ain't got nothing for me
Crib already off the hook, and I ain't talking about buyin' a book
When I say I'm about to add another story
Nigga in the club, twisted and bent
Bitches on my nuts like a socket wrench
To say that I spit, would make no sense
Do mixtapes for free, I made no cents
My pockets ain't hurting, I can flaunt my skills a little bit
Y'all thinking my money spent, but its in a vent
Spitta in a boot homie, that is an event
Spitta cop a coup, you niggas trying to rent
Bring these fool gazey ass niggas to the light
Prove they counterfeit
I am on my Puff Daddy thing
Make bad girls sing like Danity Kane
It's the fast life, word to the re-up game
Took a couple seats out the plane, made more room to dance
FS Jets got the world wide wingspan
Listenin' to nature, talk about Sega
Dream Cast NBA 2k until the plane land
And I still got the iceberg sweats, you see them
Money so old it should be in a museum

[Hook x2:]
And we still ridin', can't take nothing from us
The planes got it
Fast cars, fast women, fast dollars
Wouldn't give it up for nothing I promise

[Verse 2 - Young Roddy:]
And I'm a rinse it off if the money bloody
I'm sticking to the strip, dollar signs over bunnies
Raw the fly thief rock a Louis V skully
Ain't a better smell than new money
No shit, can I breathe I'm just trying to do yougin'
Scream 'Fuck the cop' refer to my nigga Tubby
Momma got back like a camera to Buffy
Old school gangster, word to that nigga bump me
And I'm all about the Benjamins, word to that nigga Puffy
Niggas gonna hate, but the bitches gonna love me
And now they want half of my cheddar, I find it funny
But I'm no fool, I know I get this chance once
So fuck a finger roll I'm going to hit a slam-dunk
Yeah Yao Ming, look how tall I stand up
I'm from trey first street baby, us niggas man up
Overnight look how shorty came up

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Street Wiz:]
F.L.Y. Gang, we sitting from a range
High up up in the game, Spitta lead the way
While we running through the flames
The heat will never last, so we coming for the change
Non-stop hustle, but the muscle to the grain
Survival of the illest, jet gunning through the lane
Skyline living, hella smoking out my brain
But her focus, my pimpin' up on the poles up in the ring
Yeah nigga and I ain't even tripping on the weather
Whatever the degrees, its like I'm pitching for the cheddar
It's magic when you can see it sitting up my sleeve
And when the time is right, I'm going to shift it in the breeze
Money, cash, dough, It keep me lifted high for the ride
That's why the jets zipping past go
Catch me on another level, in my swag mode
Dougy Fresh dress, bitches on my tadpole, G

[Hook x2]

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Curren$y Still Ridin' Comments
  1. TheJetsf00l

    It's the fast life word to the re-up gang

  2. Mike

    Roddy killed everyone on this

  3. Ronnie Lo

    This track is timeless

  4. Lucas Hammond

    and Imma rinse it off if the money bloody

  5. Sean Dafny

    Man a #JetLife classic this has stood the test of time. #Stamp  

  6. dachucktaylor1

    damn this joint reminds me how dope spitta was during the mixtape takeover

  7. Freddy

    bitches on spittas nuts like a socket wrench

  8. mike yo

    lox ride or die

  9. Andrew Steven

    Young Roddy has a solo mixtape now. It dropped a lil while ago. I know you posted this a year ago, but here's an update.

  10. Andrew Steven

    Classic, needs more views... What's up with that?

  11. MrPhillyBlunts

    @IAmChrisSkywalker ride or die bitch

  12. ismokeweed420

    @runN909 i think trademark's better. i love that line off weekend at burnies by roddy though, he go: "they wouldnt last a minute if they lived where i live/they couldnt walk a mile in these jordan number 10s/and i got them shits off like thank you come again!"

  13. GeminiBoi21

    The Chorus is beautiful.....

  14. Post Culture

    @IAmChrisSkywalker ride or die bitch by the lox

  15. Music to the People

    @runN909 i cant even find any solo roddy

  16. runN909

    young roddy needs more shit out he's dope


    Funny how time flies. Roddy has plenty tapes out now haha

    Dom Nel

    Blues307 Still fire