Curren$y - Sake Lyrics

[Jay Worthy:]
Sipping sake with Jay, I know he stay fly
Got the answers to your questions like I'm AI
Mother may I, school these little niggas how to do this getting cheese in my chicken like its Ruth Chris
Double meat and on the money what's your blueprint
Mines is sending hoes and getting to it
Yah Cinderella baby wear it if the shoe fits
Wednesdays daddy day I really do this
Peaceful mind like I'm boolish, though wish nobody harm
But run up on me and get noodled
She in trouble if she come home acting zooly
Make her walk the blade a week shit is ruthless
Got her running tight shit we don't play that
I be fucking off sipping lean though they hate that
Shit ain't easy being me, Jay Worthy
Cold P coming right up out the WSP Spitta

90 inches on the wall TV off but my game on
[?] Foreign two seater slicing through rain storms
Eastside Voltron, Transformer, Megatron, Rolls Royce, Wraith full of [?]
Which one you want, I got them both
Parked on my lawn, bitches choosing up
You jealous but you must respect the rules bruh
She can't win laying up with them losers
She trying to move up fool and
You ain't even know how to use her or what to do with her
She came to you with all the tools but you chose to snooze
Got under your skin like a bruise, now you abusing all your remaining hoes because you got a point to prove
You probably be [?] the other two in a few, you'll be through
The game ain't made for everybody and this is true especially for you but stay cool dog don't panic find another hustle
It comes natural cause we on side laughing at you
Trying hard holding your chest and gasping
We taking it easy and all you ain't even gassin'
If I decided to really let you have it should it be tragic
We in traffic, we slashing like behind the big passes
Magic to Worthy, the classic story the winner's glory
We wasn't scared to take a loss, that's why we won
They can't divide us cause we riders [?]
Retract my roof and feel the warmth of the sun
Don't even feel like we some niggas on the run
Feel like we on a vacation, forgot the crime we done

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Curren$y Sake Comments
  1. Mike J

    This is a top ten Spitta verse #jetlife

  2. SuperFolk6

    East Side Voltron

  3. TJ Williams

    ONE OF CURREN$Y best verses ! Shit heavenly !!!

  4. Aborigines Perseus

    Mayne This is like u bloo two an rolled a third one when ya want to walk pass the stars right into the galaxies

  5. Aaron Duncan

    the game ain't for everybody

  6. Abragram Stinkin

    " t.v. off but my game on"

  7. Gwennetta Watson

    Michael knight part 2. Riding in kitt or Karr

  8. J Rome Melodico

    1.25x is 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Mario ramirez

    Larry talked ya in to this one huh? Lol
    “I need you to inspire me, fool this true”

  10. PhantomLink

    I don’t smoke weed but this captivates my ears. College summer classes stressing me out. Needed this. Reverb is life to me.

  11. tyler wilson

    i got answers to your questions like im AI 🔥💯💯

  12. Lanijiro

    Incredible, beautiful, Amazing. Such an amazing song- this makes me want to get into Japanese music.


    Yes bro listen to some Japanese music old school tho...You'll like it...might sound weird but that shit dope asf when I high

  13. OneTimesThree Ent

    Is this The Alchemist?

  14. Jermaine Brooks

    Immaculate 👌🏿💨

  15. Kameron Gardenhire

    Spitta rode tf outta this bih

  16. Wode Dagawd

    We need this chopped and screwed

  17. Isaac Woods

    When he get the Dawn?I know about the wraith

  18. South East Bobby

    This shit make you wanna rent a car if you don't have one just to cruise late night

  19. Jared Sandoval

    Retract the roof and feel the warmth of the sun, Don’t even feel like we some niggas on the run. Feel like we on a vacation forgot about the crime we done 💯💯💯

  20. bookibabs

    Curren$y never fails 😩💯

  21. SANDMAN414

    This sounds just like an Alc beat

  22. Donnie Sorano

    With drums😁

  23. Tony Ruby

    Damn shame how underrated this guy is

  24. Maolo Ocampo

    Dis Make it 1 &Feel For Them ediblee Hella Good

  25. Duece Aviata

    Straight Heat

  26. GOATORDIE 2018

    Why da fuck did spitta come in so damn cold like a fuckin G

  27. William de Murney

    Roll with the winners.... @spitta_andretti 🏆 💯🏁

  28. Smokerface Sensamilly

    I hear greatness 🛫🍾🍱

  29. Rafael Sanchez

    This instrumental is fucking insane 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Lashun Turner

    Love the cover.... period👌😳

  31. Scrap lover

    1:16 chose or lose

  32. Jay Henry

    "We slashing like behind the back passes magic to worthy" that line was cold

  33. Marquese Gabriel

    ALC at his finest.

  34. Jim Lahey

    One of the best verses I’ve heard in a long time. Let’s fuckin go spitta

  35. JC Fitz

    this shit is just so amazing to ride too

  36. qwertykevin1

    Luther vandross never too much

  37. Supreme 1


  38. Ritchie Oviedo

    Larry june vibes

  39. Gerald Brown

    He should make an Anime style video to this.

  40. Jimmie Jam

    Plain & simple if you dk music or curren$y lifestyle raps then you'll NEVER understand the game given away!!!! #iswear ✋🏽😎 #thisismusic #shxtsoundbeautiful

  41. Jimmie Jam

    Who seen the video he released on ig for this song? That video fit perfect!!!


    Curren$y the Hot Spitta!

  43. Rambo

    Anyone know this sample?? That guitar is fire

    Donnie Sorano

    Did you find the sample?🤷‍♂️

  44. RifRex

    Wow this is good

  45. The DonGarrison

    I wonder what that Japanese girl is saying



  46. R. Jeter

    Japanese Cigarette Boats

  47. Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    when these other fraud ass radio and media darling rapper niggas try to talk that playa/Pimp that they know *NOTHING* about Curren$y's verse on this is what they trynna sound like. in other words, $pitta is who these goofies want to be when their flows grow up.

  48. Gabriel Garcia

    Name of sample

  49. Stax_Noir

    The R32 skyline and the 911 964 with the gold BBS cruise side by side to this along the Tokyo Wangan/Highway. Perfect music 4 dat night time cruise across da city. #Jets

  50. FTOG TV

    Dat boi Spitta be on some murder shit low-key lol.. But he so cool wit it you'll never know...OG

  51. Dominick Williams

    You killed it bro

  52. たをF ***あなたを

    And y'all deserve it! Jetlife

  53. StucBoi. CC

    Always gotta fall back to Curren$y otw home from work smoking a bleezy

  54. Brandon Burgh

    Sake is strong but nice! Japanese sample is tight along with beat....

  55. Fidel Spady

    sucka folks will never understand spittas verse

  56. Meteor Johnson

    I really wish there was a beat drop. Still fire either way 🔥

  57. Navee Penniman

    That was friggin magnificent. That tape gonna be a classic

  58. Junior Cruz

    12 at night on i95 riding back from Rolling loud Miami


    People sleep on my dude if you haven't heard all his music this is the way it always is..smooth..something to ride too,blow too,all that your playlist will be endless and lit 😘

  60. Frequently Flyer


  61. superawesomeboy

    Whoever put together this beat should win a fucking Grammy

  62. Myles Pottsdamer B.

    Damn this shit is wavy af fr and bars on point 🔥🔥. Thank God real rap still exists. Shit is a hidden gem tbh. I be playing this and people around me be like yo who tf is this lol.

  63. Jacobi Ball


  64. VI Degreez

    That's IT, I've heard enough. Gettin my old school A.S.A.P.

    englewood wheelz

    VI Degreez playing this in my 78 Pontiac firebird ttops of course.

  65. Mistinzack Beats

  66. Mistinzack Beats

    nice beat i love it

  67. BangemJ

    Shit is dope!!!!!!!!!

  68. Gas Mask

    damn, spitta killed this shit

  69. Terrance Booker

    Where is ths from...?

  70. Devon Kelly


  71. O'Shea Champion

    I think we can agree that lyrically Spitta is really underrated. I rewinded his verse like 3 times

    Taliban Bo

    his verse on ghetto gospel tho <<<<<

  72. Sean Taylor


    Sean Taylor

    Curren$y is the best beat picker ever in hip hop

  73. Wavy $toned

    It’s always fire when Curren$y start rambling bout shit 🔥🐬🔥🐬


    Real shit

  74. Wavy $toned

    Greatest spitta of all time

  75. CXADOW311

    It's not on datpiff

  76. CXADOW311

    Who got that sample doe?

  77. CheVroLet Tay

    Tjis beat got my vibe on a-whole- nother level...🎶🎶💨💨💨💨🎶

  78. DI ON

    Spitta NEVER disappoints

  79. OneTimesThree Ent

    This that Gran turismo/Looking over a jet/Driving down sunset/ Sittin smokin thinkin about life shit


    Real shit

  80. Diego Torquato

    🇧🇷 🔥

  81. luxwutang

    is this alchemist?

  82. Q.Corleone

    Curren$y beats be on some extra terrestrial shit man 🤦🏽‍♂️ smh 🔥

  83. Immortal Teezy

    Curren$y can’t never disappoint us super 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Gherbo Galvan


  85. Ym Army


  86. KooL KeitH

    Spitta Got that Golgo 13 flow. Lyrical Sniping this beat.....Life...

  87. Monster 0,_,0

    I see curren$y is a man of culture ÙwÚ

  88. Zer0Fall3n

    Spitta always with the heat!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Cameron Garland

    Jetlife till my next 🤙🏾

  90. Izzy Liberace

    Laughing thru Spitta verse 😝

  91. Jae Isley

    I'm feelin this right chea currency went in

  92. KingKronosDC84 PSN

    The sample is from the anime "Interviews With Monster Girls " / Demi-chan wa Kataritai Opening.

    artral simon

    @KooL KeitH that's my favorite anime show grown folks shit golgo 13



    Abragram Stinkin

    You're the real hero


    This is the sample not what he said lol


    @artral simon crazy shit im watchin golgo 13 rite now

  93. Tha Jet Son

    Does anyone knows this sample tho! 🔥🔥

    KingKronosDC84 PSN

    It's from an anime possibly Naruto. I'mma find it

    Donnie Sorano

    @KingKronosDC84 PSN have you found it?


    Salute from Brasil bro, #jetlife

  95. Caribbean Truckers United


  96. Jakiria Gaines

    The song heat good music

  97. Jakiria Gaines