Curren$y - Role Model Lyrics

Nothing but...
Tell the truth, do I?

I been in the game, OG
Seen fools blow up and blow it, you know it
Prophetized by the perpetually high poet
I been thru it so free game I got to throw it to the listeners
Gifted in the art of deciphering rhymes
Conjured up in the confines of a powerful mind
Between the cars and broads, you're sure to find
The story of a man who drew his own guidelines
Inspirational, ain't it?
The way shorty set his goals tall and attained'em
Professional brushstrokes on canvasses
Finger-painting amateurs, can't handle it you do best to stay in your pajamas, kid
Blew my high when you came in with them cameras
Questions and peanut gallery suggestions
I hear some drummers comin' from your section, that's cool
But we got our own beat to walk to, fool!

Uh, drinkin' from the lemonade bottle
Tell the truth, do I look like a role model?
To the kid that chose me to follow...
Life ain't nothin but bitches and Impalas

I'm, drinkin' from the lemonade bottle
Now tell the truth, do I look like a role model?
To the kid that chose me to follow...
Life ain't nothin but bitches and Impalas

Nigga! Life ain't nothin' but bitches and Impalas, yea
Lyin' ass bitches, thievin' ass partners...
To the kid that chose me to follow,
Life ain't nothin' but bitches and Impalas
Thievin' ass bitches, lyin' ass partners... yea

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Curren$y Role Model Comments
  1. Frescobar

    Crazy how old this , absolutely timeless track.

  2. Chris K

    Everyday this song ring truer and truer, thank you spitta


    2019 and still here 🤙🤙🤙

  4. Austin Carr

    Makes me recover memories I lost

  5. Supreme 1

    Mannn my heart dropped when it started playing I had lost this song

  6. Scenery Aesthetic

    The sample is “Reunited” - Peaches and Herb

    Life ain’t nothing but bitches & impalas

  7. cwm662


  8. dun dada

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Alex J

    2019 and I’m still bumpin this straight jam

  10. Derek Jones

    one of my favorites from the OG spitta.

  11. Dr. Dale

    New car song

  12. Michael L

    Ahhhhhh the fuckin memories 2010 . Time waits for NO ONE

  13. basement borough

    damn i remember when all this shit dropped, Verde Terrace, all those classic tapes off DATPIFF. Its got almost a nostalgic feel to it

  14. Half n Halph


  15. Mike

    March 2018

  16. Steven Gipson

    life aint nothin but......

  17. Dr. Dale

    To being on top 🥂

  18. Ayoo EZ

    I met curren$y because my ex girl knew Spitta was one of my favorite rappers ever so she took me on a trip to Cali and bought me backstage tickets ! Spitta is one of my role models fr fr

  19. vincente decampos

    It's 2017 and I still find myself bumping this shit.. quit smoking, but this song gives me so many stoner memories I had back in HS. Timeless music 👌🏾

  20. Isaac

    All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls sample was a good choice

  21. mike Jordan

    Mannnn my heart drops listening to this song back in high school smoking blunts with the homies... damn

    Nick Gray Sr.

    mike Jordan 2011 was my favorite year from Spitta & Jet Life

  22. dirt mcgirt

    jesus christ this song is so slept on

  23. everrgreen42

    I been bumping this since day 1


    On god, still bumpin till this day

  24. boy1durrrr

    Just found this...what a gem

  25. Eugene Blyther

    dope song but currency got the role model joint from ice cube song gangsta gangsta


    yea i never noticed that untilli saw the straight out of compton movie

  26. Ryan Coke

    Bumping this 2015

  27. Minoxidil Journey

    Winner$ Circle.

  28. akil anderson

    killt this jurnt

  29. Dank Of England


    Eugene Blyther


  30. erzascralet48

    This deserves way more than just one verse from Curren$y. He needs to revisit this track! 

  31. Alexis Richardson

    Love this

  32. Matthew Roberts

    im finna cry my nigga.........IDK y tho??#LIFE

  33. ssj3gokou24

    this sample is from peaches & herb "reunited"..... never knew that.


    ssj3gokou24 yup thats wat makes it a clsssik g

  34. frostypops420

    this beats insanely good spitta should have done more than 1 verse

  35. Dylan Ayers

    @swagistremendous same here man...he earned all this respect!!!!! Big ups SPITTA!!!

  36. Jeremy Reid

    who's on the cover?

    Jamie Savage

    Jeremy Reid Mario Andretti

  37. ssj3gokou24

    you ain't ever lied.

  38. marcus ramirez

    This is my favorite curren$y song of all time

  39. Teezy Kingz

    this song was in my head all damn day

  40. marcus ramirez

    i could honestly listen to this everyday and never get tired of this

  41. Swagistremendous

    sometimes i just sign on youtube to read the positive comments on spitta

  42. robinaldinho01


  43. Curtis Leblanc

    @kronikjets me 2

  44. Trista Boda-Rachel

    tha best hip hop spitta ever aint n e 1 on his level......JETS TILL I DIE

  45. Brad Barrett

    I would punch a baby in the face to have a burn session with my nigga spitta

  46. PBLK3

    Still going hard

  47. itsSpinz

    currensy is the best

  48. Tavaris Dot

    Should have been on Pilot Talk 1 but still the best track on the mixtape...Just Enjoy The Shit...

  49. MalyGosx

    TGOD x JET$ ; This song slappps , Life aint but Bitches and Impalas, Lyin ass bitches thiefn ass partna's...