Curren$y - Paydayss Lyrics

Another day's dollar, holla if you hear me
Chillin' by one of my baddest bitch's older sisters
You know how them hoes be pretendin'
That they so close and kendrick to that jet pimpin', give them all that 4/20 vision
One spoke up on my stroke and the other one got defensive
They both figurin' out they both getting dicked down, kill em with my old schools
Bitch you car sick, huh? Chevy man see me in that Corsica
Or a GT Berreta, nigga low as fuck
If I'm not on tour Pimpin', I ain't doing much
Except rolling up, building scale model low rider trucks
In my Jet Study where I keep my books
Pilot Loft, each entry, each verse, each hook
About the shit I really saw and the chances I really took
Cars I really drove, women that really chose
No Phantom over here Pimpin', Cinnamon on my rolls
Breakfast, first-class flight from New Orleans to Houston Texas
Flight time 45 minutes 37 seconds
Wheels up to wheels down last time I checked it for the record
Flow deadly and alot of niggas respect it on a daily
Creating these speaker blessings
At the car wash, they finishin' my tire dressing
I'm on the conference call discussin' how my merch selling
Loot in coming for all directions
You want to mention 'no hustlers', but never play the cut with us
I got my numbers up, countin' in the sky
Burning doobies in the coupe, D.W. high

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Curren$y Paydayss Comments
  1. Joey Mars

    Friday brought me here 2019

  2. Jerry R

    Who listening in 2019

  3. slim dunkin

    K dee hittin corners.

  4. Don Smoke

    Whats the original song called they played this beat in friday

    Xavier Nehru

    "Hittin Corners" By K- Dee

  5. Oscar 602

    Every pay day as I get high.... Life

  6. Young Mark

    Still bumping in 2018

  7. Danny Childs

    Such a laid back song brings back memories 😎

  8. J H

    2018 still bumpin'

  9. Max Julien

    who's on the cover ? that's something Andretti ain't it, he race car drivers... someone school me. I always wondered

  10. casey Coolie

    2018 still rocking dis jernt jetlife

  11. Don’t Worry


  12. Trip Thomason

    The beat with the flow gots me memorized.

  13. PHILosophy 1990

    Im living in 2018......And it still bumps!

  14. realbrightmike

    Another day, dolla, holla if you hear me...#jetlife

  15. Wil Miranda

    I still listen to this when I get paid, smoke to it

  16. HangWithTeez

    still bumping this in 2017 with many more years to come 🤙

    Steve Solo

    HangWithTeez #Life

  17. Rizzo 660

    He killed that.

  18. larry hoover

    used to play this everymornin to get the day started. on that tree hustle

    Backcountry Bobcat

    I'm with you

  19. Benito Lopez

    this that roll in ya ride and cruise and smoke

  20. Michael Walker

    Mhmm This Shit bump

  21. Xavier Thurman

    Hittin' Corners.

  22. Xavier Thurman

    Hittin' Corners.

  23. ZombryaTheDark

    I jam curren$y all night at work. So chill especially this mixtape

  24. tmack727

    Jeeeets fooool

  25. justin time


  26. BeatsByCappa

    friday lol

  27. RTNProductionz

    K-Dee is a real mack, this shit can't even touch the 1994 pimpin' azz classic playa shiznit.

    Better check the original version of this track: K-Dee - Hittin' Corners released in 94' by Lench Mob Records (Ice Cube).

    Don Smoke


  28. DSmooth901

    haha im watching friday right now and that part just happened

  29. BeYaSelf90s

    @sneakerfiend219 the good ol times

  30. rob m

    @DatBoyChevy1 when nia long came in

  31. Evan Granstrom

    @liltray318 K-Dee - Hittin' Corners

  32. royalnaz1

    its ok.

  33. DaddyFatSaCCs

    currensy has been on the scroll keep up the good work bruh u doing yo thang keeping making that music that u can smoke too

  34. E-Pluribus-Unum

    shout out to K-Dee...this track is still in rotation out west....timeless classic

  35. rayswift707

    @SirDopeAlot uhh everybody and they mama does that. Its called a mixtape.

  36. Jerrod Motley

    another days dollar holla if ya hear me , chillin by one of my baddest bitches older sisters.

  37. SEAN Greene

    A lot of people know nothing about this Ass, Cash, or Gas K-Dee.
    Hittin Corners

  38. DoughnationCreative

    This nigga Curren$y dropped 2 albums within like 6 months, and a tape??? i had no idea about this that nigga on his grind

  39. markaup

    some 90's snoop dogg shit damn curren$y

  40. justokidd8

    isnt this the song from friday

  41. Roy Bowman Jr

    @x1ohcamo KDee Hittin Corners

  42. x1ohcamo

    what's the name of the real song. i remember hearing it on Friday & thought it was a good song


    k dee hittin corners

  43. Taghi Williams

    @Mynameworks i was just saying the same shit feel like i'm getting kool aid waiting for the day to go buy watching Friday EELlll ELELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  44. Taghi Williams

    @Mynameworks i was just saying the same shit feel like i'm getting kool aid waiting for the day to go buy watching Friday Yeaahh Yeahh

  45. skillz7854

    Spitta that nigga keepin real hip hop alive

    Jet Life in a Cole world

  46. ThatBoyDarren

    Each Day I'm Liking Curren$y More & More
    His music Is SOO Addicting
    And to Find Out that He got On This (Highly Slept On) K-Dee Beat Just Makes Him A Better Artist
    Jets Over EVERYTHING!

  47. _StayCoolin

    Too Everybody The Song Is..K-Dee - Hittin' Corners

  48. JCrossProductions

    Jet life

  49. BlowStreetBoozer

    Just Enjoy This Shit!