Curren$y - Patience Lyrics

Really had some patience baby while I handle BI
Work like my plug isn't me, audio is the dopest triage
I ain't flying private less it's G5

I don't do the pills ma this a tree high, that's how we ride
Fingers crossed like eastside, we go so hard in the day it'll take a year to detox
All I see is pot, west coast trip for the restock mmmm
Monster feets on a monster beats snare
That bounce that bounce that bounce
It's kinda hard to keep still, hold up now let's be clear
I keep it stoned and cool, we pioneered this style
We got some kids through school, I'm in my own top 5
Nah nah really top 2, off this work I flew
It's sweet as ahh choo
I bogart the scene, shrimp po boy from jeans, brand new regime.

Had some patience baby while I handle BI
Work like my plug isn't me that audio dopest triage
I ain't flying private less it's G5

Hold up fix my chains, bow down kiss these rings
Fly that's my lane, high that's my range, don't miss this plane
Roll one up in public you motherfuckers love it
Off the mighty green nugget I tripled up in budgets
Take it easy
Clout chasing can cost your life sucker
Coming through the hood to get your car washed
You ain't grow up round that motherfucker
You wallen son but they
And them niggas where you really from you like super done
Super dead, fugaze street cred
Real consequences while I'm in the real big crib
Behind iron fences listening to war stories
My homies really did shit really from the trenches
They got love for me because I show them different
Brung em out the country, kick it, brung em round some bitches
Brung em to the dealership like damn my nigga pick some shit
Everytime the check hit that's how a nigga get

Had some patience baby while I handle BI
Work like my plug isn't me that audio dopest triage
I ain't flying private less it's G5
Scully tip to the side like I'm TI
Maccen this hoe she from
Hold up fix my chains yeah, bow down kiss these rings yeah
Fly that's my lane, high that's my range, don't miss this plane

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Curren$y Patience Comments
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    Watch out for la migra though

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    A whole tape by roddy x dza or trade x dza would be impeccable shit 🤙🏽

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    that voice dont fit

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    Spitta got that riding music for life

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    Dank Right!!!
    Sucka Free,CA.

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    Type of song to face a blunt in

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    Whole tape fire as usual

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    The 6 people that disliked this shit are assholes 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    High is my range dont miss this plane 🤙


    Samai Og Moreno #Life 🛫💯

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    Jay Mar it’s layered like that for a reason so many hidden gems to come .....Enough and we enjoy all he has Blessed us Wit #KeepLivin 🤙🏾

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    Dope af🔥

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    No disrespect to killa but Dza been the king of harlem for years now!!

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    I don't do the pills ma, this a tree high - said no young rapper in 2019


    EssDot Betts Dis Da Neva Die Corporation 🤙🏾🛫💯


    I've wrote a track 1 bar goes "like a bunch of kids we just tryna chill, Rollin up some tree I ain crushing down no pills" I'm a young rapper in 2019 💯😎

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