Curren$y - No Hook Lyrics

We could do it like how we used to with no hook
Got a nice little breakdown for a verse and shit

Uh, crumbling cookie crumbs into my bong and writing songs
Niggas you took too long to come get that shit, now it's gone
It sells itself when it's packaged this well
Can't sit on the shelf, they copping it in cases of twelve
I shoot my shot at a bad bitch and pick up my shells
We do our thing but don't kiss and tell, no paper trail
I keeps it real and that shit pay me well
On a major scale, but I still push for expansion, see it's really all about branding
Internalizing the business mechanics, big in that tactics
Got buildings in Cali, got ranches in Dallas, marijuana and cattle
We slinging it all, see it don't matter, one stop shop
Got the ZR1 with the top drop, I'm parked outside of the strip spot
These bitches delivering money knots, they all smiling when they walk out
Singles filed in a line, they buss it down, they give me mine
They love to give me mine, they love to see me shine
Baby had a sparkle in her eye, to me it looks like dollar signs (alright)

[Trademark Da Skydiver:]
Yeah, real nigga, authentic
Batman, Bruce Wayne, still kicking
Five cones, pour four, three cups, one nigga, two bitches
Real nigga from New Orleans, in the A, the booth still fucking with me
Trademark straight pimping, sauce dripping, six rings, Scottie Pippen
I was too real for them lames
I was always bout my change
Four solo albums in, still doin my thang, what the fuck is you sayin?
Y'all niggas faking and playing, me I've been about my business
Bank account that's my witness, got a hundred mill on my wishlist
No ain't speaking bout no money bitch, I ain't really trying to hear the shit
Talking bags in my convos, ninety bands stashed in the condo
Boss man, I'm the CEO
Tonto the head honcho
Tell your worker run them bags over, I need all my bands pronto

[Young Roddy:]
Living life on the edge, I'm taking a risk
I'm taking my shot, either make it or miss
Used to be broke as a joke, my nigga that shit is no myth
Was raised by queens, but still it ain't no love for no bitch
I'm cool as it get, I shine like the sun, I flooded my wrists
She told me a mill, I'm fucking her friend in the back of the Benz
Just me and my dogs, we killed this once, we gonna kill it again
My mama was working, my brother was trapping, my pop in the pen
They call it the ghetto, we call it the trap cause that's what it is
I told my lil bro, them niggas be talking, don't trap out the crib
I'm feeling like Mitch, I hustle like Nip, it's all money in
One life to live, my homie got shot, he took two to the ribs
Cooking that audio dope, they told me it's all in the wrist
It's still fuck a lame, it's still fuck the world and fuck how you feel
Could name a few kids who packing that steel, it be real in the field
My summers was cold, friends turn to foes, it is what it is

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Curren$y No Hook Comments
  1. Amber Monique

    That was a sermon, thank you Pastor Curren$y

  2. Amber Monique

    It's literally illegal how good this song is ❤️

  3. DougieHendo

    Trademark straight pimpin, sauce drippin, 6 rings Scottie Pippen 🔥🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

  4. slasher7456

    young roddy went off with his flow, the others did too for real

  5. matthew cubberley

    This is legit my favorite song ever made...

  6. Daniel McMullen

    1:53 That ruined the song.

  7. Fred Tibbs

    "I shoot my shot at a bad bitch. And pick up my shells"

  8. matthew cubberley

    Young Roddy’s verse.... 🙏🏻

  9. Colt Luger

    Fly Society... 🤙🏼 ✈️

    Real ones know what it is.

  10. C B

    🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿 life 💯💯💯

  11. 6.4L HemiPower

    "it don't matter one stop shop got the ZR1 with the top dropped I'm parked outside of the strip spot"

    "these bitches delivering money now they all smiling when they walk out single file in a line I bust em down love to give me mine they love to give me mine they love to see me shine baby had a

    sparkle in her eye 2 me look like dollar sign"

    pimp shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. matthew cubberley

    This should have 64 million plays not 64k but that’s the thing about the J-E-T-S, they too fly for all them suckas stuck on the ground

  13. Neta 562

    Yup 💯

  14. Izzy Liberace

    This made me shed a tear

  15. Plant Producedd

    i miss the crewwwww

  16. Shaqq Beats

    Curren$ys flow is still undefeated

  17. Abragram Stinkin

    Damn its good to hear Mingo, bro this seaux good to hear the triple threat

  18. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Classic LIFE shit

  19. _Kidnoplay_


  20. R32 Villian

    Trademark is amazing

  21. Sean Dafny

    Hold on i gotta pause it cause i aint kno i was gettin THIS spitta.

    Sean Dafny

    I cant look at da comments y he goin off like this

  22. Medi ocrity

    Jetlife to the next life

  23. Isaiah Moriniere

    Trademark came in clean with that bankroll flow 🔥🔥🙅🏽‍♂️

    Sean Dafny

    Dat flow hard lol thats 1 where i dont mind if its overused.

  24. Philip Jewel

    I've prayed for this

    Dom Nel

    Philip Jewel This is God talking

  25. jerrell ford

    Fuck it young Roddy top three...he rips everything he get on....go listen to uncommon this dude has flow bars and a real message in his music... Good Sense

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  27. Benjamin Moody

    Damn trademark always does it cool

  28. Martiel Babin

    Young roddy had the best verse, he ran that ho

  29. John Simmons

    this shit needs a hook........


    no it dont

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    Trademark the man !

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    Maan listen..

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    I’m glad that even tho they went their separate ways, they still get together and drop 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Thank that Instagram add #ghettogamerz213

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    Been waiting to hear them back together on a track!!🔥🔥🔥

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    Need the mixtape from this 3 Living Legends !

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    Used to my ass , y'all took no hook from peezy tape only difference is y'all industry artist aren't hungry anymore this shit sucks y'all wanna hear the real no hook check out peezy mixtape

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