Curren$y - Modern Day Hippie Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Currensy:]
My satelite trippin', I watch TV at your girl house
My homies fell through, we had a smoke-out at your girl house
Dropped ashes everywhere, burnt holes in your girl's couch
Put a pillow over it
I was gone before she noticed it
Just a glimpse into the daily happenings
Of one of them flyest to ever try his wings at this rappin' shit
In love with the rap hustle, I never turned my back on it
I run after money that's why them bitches run after me
Whack rappers on a dope beat: simple battery
Hot Spitta on any beat: that's a fatality
Vicious how you do it? I don't know it just comes naturally
Spitters Spicoli, Zig-Zag
Rollin' with my Cali homies
My patience for the middle man has run out
Take me to the boss like the Mike Tyson code-own punch out
I'm really on my grind
You just lookin' for a ride
Like you standin' on the side of the road with your dumb mouth

[Hook x2 - Currensy:]
Spitta is chillin'
The Planes in the buildin'
The bitches like us cause they say we different
From all them other niggas say they just not with it
Smoke and make music, I'm a modern day hippie

[Verse 2 - Currensy:]
Still on my New Orleans shit, asthmatic
Spitta keep a bag of Dolium and some prolactin mist
I'm as vicious as it get
This is rap with rabies
I got a fetish for Chevy's created in the 80s
And you say you riding old schools too, you all mistaking
That's a 190E, just a old ass Mercedes
Know a lot of niggas hate me cause my pockets getting cakey
These fuck boys can't see the paper that The Plane see
Bumping Paper Planes by M.I.A
I'm partying in M.I.A
My bitches looking for me say I'm M.I.A
They trying to spy on me like the CIA
Call Cheaters on me, I just say "Homie"
Then I cruise the other way

[Hook x2]

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Curren$y Modern Day Hippie Comments
  1. Beretta 2YaHeada

    Who still here in 2020. I remember downloading this mix on datpiff like 12 years ago

  2. HUNK_Raccoon City

    2019 🔥🔊🔥🔊🔥🔊🔥

  3. demetrius Jennings

    B4 wiz was hip to the hot spitta

  4. Franco6893 oj

    This song has so many j rides under it's belt

  5. Raymone Levy

    and i used to have dis on my PS3 10 years ago in 2008

  6. Raymone Levy

    and it came out 2008 10 years ago

  7. Raymone Levy

    dis song came out when i was 3 years old

    Victor Lawson

    Still killing the game

  8. Reggie Camoufliyge

    Still for Eva a classic.ima always be a lifer🤙🏾

  9. Lil 40 Cal

    Best smoker song, this would be dope on the Vegas strip driving

  10. Tyler Smith

    Who here after sauce walka dropped his remix? Both fire tho💦🔥🔥

  11. Marvin Johnson

    only real spiita fans kno

  12. Reik WestPhilly

    classic spitta

  13. Jay Dill


  14. Shaw McCree

    luey shoes before they was poppin

  15. Otis Jiminez

    2017 and I'm still listening! Curren$y tha Hot Spitta! Even new songs be classics

  16. K B

    This is tiight

  17. Finally TSmith

    I'm sober y'all..

  18. fuck off

    This is fire

  19. Conscious Pilot

    Pulled a pillow over it, was gone befofe she noticed it :wow:

  20. Joseph Johnson

    Still slapping 2017 GMG shit

  21. K1DFLY

    pill life lol

  22. martez jones

    I can make.J.e.t.z...... zooooommmmm

  23. Vinco Andretti

    i swear spitta started the stoner wave

  24. NLSoulja99

    Spitta blessed this house track way before David Guetta ruined it with Akon & Ne-Yo..The planes n da buildin..Modern Day Hippie y'all stay high stay blessed peace out

  25. Tobin Cirullo

    Alice DJ beat love this spitta

  26. Papa Doc

    Hardest song ever! shoutout Curren$y Tha High Spitta!


    +Papa Doc its the hot spitta but who's countin.

  27. you and me Pixyjust

    I cant fuck with this, Haystak so much better hands down

  28. David LeRoy

    damn took me like a month to find this song.

    Angel Rodriguez

    Wiz khalifa has a song with the same beat

    Primro gaming Asmr

    +Angel Rodriguez not as good though and i like wiz too

  29. L. Ron Hoyabembe

    Frosted mini wheats, part of a balanced breakfast.

  30. Boss Don Hek

    best outta da big EZ eva man wavy shit owww

  31. Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I

    Song is Dank

  32. Tavias Guckenberg

    Good song all day. #replay

  33. Michael Gessner

    Curren$y does his own thing and doesn't need to have a sold out show to make it where he already made it! Btw wiz khalifa and Curren$y are close friends so comparing then is irrelevant

    jared p

    lol thats not what he ment by sold out

  34. DiscusT24

    My satellite trippin i watch tv at you girls house.... Fuck the bullshit!

  35. PowayRudy

    @mrward93 hell yeah dawg, this was THE shit

  36. Eric Oakley

    Bad ass song

  37. JAMs

    Hey I'm a hip hop producer and love making beats like this. I'm tryna produce for Spitta one day if y'all could check out my beats that would be awesome! You won't be disappointed! Thank you and God bless!

  38. eddie james


  39. Nicolas Bucspun

    Currensy is the furthest fucking thing from a modern day hippie.

  40. BlackPowerfoLife

    smoke and make music imma modern day hippie! Best spitta song! his flow is outta this world

  41. giggitygoo21

    wiz sucks dont ever compare him to curren$y he has actually been putting in work since wiz was in diapers.

  42. fred flinstone

    no he copied it to from alice deejay

  43. Andrew

    Swag city bitch

  44. Dukedevils320

    actually the beat is from better off alone by alice deejay

  45. Danii DesRoches

    Thanks kijaune :)

  46. mrward93

    this was my shxt back when I was in 10th grade

  47. MistaDeadSnow

    drop ashes everywhere, burn holes in your girls couch.
    put a pillow over it before she even noticed it :D
    Stay blazed ☮

  48. shedrich Hughes

    This junt so bumpin

  49. BigBubba Doo

    Rollin wit Tha homiez kinda music!-Modern day Hippie!!

  50. Ando Commando

    The hot spitta!


    whats the original song called? beats hard

  52. amanda rocca

    love currensy

  53. rrw23

    This still my shit, this boy a dawg

  54. juneyerr

    comparing wiz and currensy is like comparing a football player and a basketball player you just look and sound stupid af its TGODxJETS foo get flown over

  55. giggitygoo21

    wiz khalifa sold out so hard. he was good when he collabed with spitta though

  56. Ron Burgundy

    TGODxJETS bitch.
    They are practically bestfriends, lame ass clowns always gotta compare people....

  57. Alex Chavez

    *** Jet life ***

  58. Brown Hippy

    "I smoke and make music; I'm a modern-day hippy."

  59. bopman666

    Such a sick album cover

  60. reptard

    curren$y the hospital

  61. division100

    wiz is a good rapper that likes to rap about weed and curren$y is the best rapper overall

  62. ocho85cincofan96

    lol your awesome, thumbs way up bro

  63. lilmj3


  64. CadenutZ

    Brotherjarome. A 190 E is still a piece of shit no matter what color it is.

  65. Joe homa

    curren$y has never sold out!!! Remember that!!

  66. JJeffrey171


  67. Bruno Ruswisck

    Curren$y and Wiz khalifa the best 4ever ;)

  68. Apollo

    Alice DJ - Better Off Alone, but Wiz Khalifa made his own remake called "Say Yeah"

  69. JJeffrey171

    Which is the original song with dat beat?

  70. ilias900

    alice dj - better off alone

  71. Crimsiin

    Curren$y> Wiz. By like 3,000 times

  72. Brad Farina

    Curre$y=wiz they're both good as fuck

  73. Zachary Stacy

    take me to the boss

  74. Rando R

    Thank you dislikers for making the like bar look like a burning joint

  75. picknrollsean

    I'm huge Wiz fan but Spitta killed this track

  76. Atlanta car scene

    Sequoyah high 2012 JET LIFE NIGGA!

  77. matt kelley

    Happy Graduation to everyone graduating! Class of 2012!

  78. DJ Redman

    People are getting too upset about people hating on this song. 722 likes for 20 dislikes...not bad.

  79. Elmer Olivares

    fuck all of you. dont know rap havin ass

  80. Salukiham

    spitta spicoli LOL, if you ever seen Fasttimes at ridgemont high, they gettin blazed in the van before school...spitta was def still in the smokin truck when dude gets out......jetlife...

  81. stefano cutr

    this is curren$y tribute to dance of 2000, if you don't live that period you could'nt undesrtand. the dance period was like a new 68. give this music a tribute thank spitta. this is rap

  82. primetime2SD

    woops, sent it to the wrong person, my b

  83. primetime2SD

    good luck in life

  84. Derek Warrior

    I thought dis beat was fuckin wack but when spitta get on it...its something ill JETSFOO!

  85. Charles Cox

    What's the remix on this?

  86. SuFoYa {Noble Ent.}

    this shit fly as hell

  87. mastrdzastr

    Like it.

  88. p3achFUZZ69

    whats the song the beat is taken from does anyone know ? I forget the name

  89. Joey Dentale

    curren$y and wiz are both fuckin dopee

  90. Josh Rod

    Smoken made music, I'm a modern day hippie.

  91. sam Shaheizy

    Hot Spitta on any beat: that's a fatality.

  92. ocho85cincofan96

    lololol why u hate on Curren$y aka Black Jesus?

  93. swirl

    im blazed

  94. Kaalundable

    @CanuckHazeMusic You will probably see a Canadian.

  95. Joenavi Navarro

    Im glad theres still people listening to classic spitta songs, taylor gang x jets were always gonna be ahead of these lames

  96. Clover Jetz

    ✈ - - ✈ - - ✈ ✈ ✈'s FO LIFE !

  97. JuPaTaGames

    Curren$y and Wiz both killed this beat