Curren$y - Jets @ Your Neck Lyrics

Jet life jet life jet life jet life

[Verse 1 Curren$y]
Yeah, G'r then youv'e ever been and everywhere you never went
A decorated veteran
My bitches keep it very trill say they swagga jackin daddy
I say fuck it baby girl we gon' let him live
Too much money not enough time to get it and want power before they drop the ball
Brand new socks and long jon draws I want it all
My young nigga told y'all it's getting cold out here dog
Bundle up motherfuck being the runner-up
4 niggas deep the number one is us
Text homie and tell him his number's up
You services are no longer needed
Rocka bye baby word to Kesha
Broad day jets and monsta beats kill niggas on tape
Many a track has met his fate at the hands of Spitta Andretti
Them niggas is half way shook and all the way not ready

And I'm gon' keep on driving and smoking
Long as baby keep rolling them nice ones up and passing 'em over to me
I done it how my triple O showed me
Smile when I ride by, they proud of a grown me
The climb was lonely
Got to the top and I stood there on my own feet
Trill niggas form the best crew now it's jets at ya motherfuckin' neck fool

[Verse 2 - Trademark da Skydiver:]
Sharvees on my feet
Cacky LRG jets fitted trees sticky
Just riding around the city smoking O's like fifties
Mind on a milli
Eyes on a rearview cause these haters out to get me
Fuck 'em, I just duck 'em like the bitch that was just with me
Simply I'm on a level where these lames can't gain no entry
Yeah, I stay high I don't fly on empty
Fill my lungs up with blueberry sour and piffy
Life of a jet bad bitches and good weed
Fast cars and glass jars of sour D's
Uhh TMSD the SV
Hover over land lovers like a g3
Jets nigga from the net to the tv
We came up quick and made this shit look easy
Yeah, now they go in cop my cd
Put 'em in they deck and ride around with them on repeat

And I'm gon' keep on driving and smoking
Long as baby keep rolling them nice ones up and passing 'em over to me
I done it how my triple O showed me
Smile when I ride by, they proud of a grown me
The climb was lonely
Got to the top and I stood there on my own feet
Trill niggas form the best crew now it's jets at ya motherfuckin' neck fool

[Verse 3 - Young Roddy:]
And it's jets over everything
I put that on everything
We been doing our thing anyway
Nigga slash anywhere
First let me twist this up I'm a tell my driver take me there
Secondly and back to back in and out I came prepared
Flashback dejavu coulda swore I saw this shit right here
Marley told me kill this shit just don't forget your niggas here
Bet I won't I done see blood sweat so many tears
Bet I blow
That's a fact point blank period
Break her off bust her up spread them legs up in the air
Slow it down and speed it up she tell me keep on drilling it
Show your right I keep it real
Something I'm familiar with
Money coming, money going
Man I keep on peeling it
My jet set camp
But really though what's really good
She know I'm dealing shit
She smell me dog, she dig my style, gangsta and gentlemen
I'm good like my jet insurance keep me with benefits

And I'm gon' keep on driving and smoking
Long as baby keep rolling them nice ones up and passing 'em over to me
I done it how my triple O showed me
Smile when I ride by, they proud of a grown me
The climb was lonely
Got to the top and I stood there on my own feet
Trill niggas form the best crew now it's jets at ya motherfuckin' neck fool

[Verse 4 - Whizz:]
Street wizzy money
Hoes and check clothes
Blowing on that fruity pebble shit that will have your throat chokin'
We ain't trippin' in this section full of cloud 9
Floaters is a crush I'm up in my zone
You already know see my grind
It's all up in my mind
I come up with designs that attack a nigga mental
Now they keeping off my rhyme, it's finesse
It ain't nothing less cause I don't waste time
Steady sippin' in the city money gettin' I'm fly
If you look up in the air you will not see me I'm so high
Bitch I'm perfect when I glide it's like a nerve up in the sky
Twisting turning ya holdin pussy shit for my land acrobat
Blink a eye and miss a act
Stacks up in the leather sack

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Curren$y Jets @ Your Neck Comments
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    One of the best classic

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    Jet set

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    A decorated veteran

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    how cool is it this 6 min long? this song a whole vibe mane

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    2019, and this is still one of my favorite spitta mixtapes

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    2019 and smoking a palm to this

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    Dope smoking song

  10. Scenery Aesthetic

    This is my favorite Jet Life song ever as a collective. It’s ominous, foreshadowing the come up for them, all of them murder it. The lyrics and vibe are classic JETS. I done it how my triple-o showed me.

  11. Mad Villainy

    Street Wizzy money hoes n Jet clothin

  12. Oscar Rod

    Still slaps 👋

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    I’m still rightchea spitta check tha date

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    Trademark killed it!....2019...🤙🤙🤙

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    One of they best sings ever....fuck it the universe!

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    Super Mario bros 3 intro I'm tellin yall

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    spitta got so many classics been listening to him for years and still find tracks that are so OG

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    Street wiz go dummy on this (2018)

  22. John Hudson

    Super Mario bros 3 intro

  23. daboycle

    Trademark got the hottest verse....hands down.

  24. Loyalty704 Royalty

    If this ain’t the best rapper ever. I don’t know who is. Mfs can say Andre 3000 but he ain’t dropped AS MUCH fire as this guy. He got some catching up to do. He cheated.

  25. Vault 187

    who is the last spitting?

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    They're proud of a grown me!!!!!💨🌊

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    Curren$y and Trade Legendary

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    Shit makes you wanna cry because this was the fucking shit when you first heard it after good years still bang smh

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    Curren$y always on point.

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    man 5 years later and I'm still vibin' to this

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    I love the mario bros. sample

    Al Jean

    AsunRe7 this some mario beat? lmfaoo Wavey

    Vault 187

    not the first time a currensy producer samples a videogame

    Inner Space

    AsunRe7 what's the exact Mario song title?

    Fernando Gonzalez

    @Inner Space high in the clouds my bad from super Mario Bros 3 or smthn

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    I used to be fried ..listening to this shit

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    This is my shit curren$y killed this shit

  38. Ayoo EZ

    it was either wizzy or roddy who went the hardest on this but i know its not a competition haha


    Street wizzy money, hoes, and jet clothing blowin on that fruity purple shit that have yo throat chokin everything after that is fire!! he killed the whole track bro

  39. Ayoo EZ

    street wiz goes off tho

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    Good shit'

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    Play this shit till, the next life!

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    Still a fucking CLASSIC.. I miss the old Jet dayz.

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    thumbs up if yu still playin this in 2014!!!

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    Sound like a underwater level to a sega game

    Sean Dafny

    ButterfingerBB stamp


    Lol it’s sampled from super Mario 3!!

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    jets at ya muthafuk'n neck fool...hah

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    so true and it isn't even his best shit... still bumps!

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    the bass is so soothing

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    Jet life to the next life

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    Who's the guy and girl on the cover

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    you stupid

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    Because they've probably only been listening to them for a year or so

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    why do you feel tha need to mention wiz on a CurrenSy video


    i never get tired of listening to this... expect the jet set to come up fucking sick this year!!!!!

  59. Disturbdindahed

    Wiz is a fucking punk, lol. He was fresh for a bit, but went rotten quick. Jets stick to the script.

  60. disdudebbakapb

    not gon lie al da chemist and spitta make a force 2 be reckoned wit but spitta and wiz 2getha make madness and 2 all those who dont agree listen 2 how fly all da way thru b4 u make ur opinion

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    @yungez5 the alchemist & curren$y = dopest duo.

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    im smokin

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    For all you retards...Street wizzy is not Wiz Khalifa

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    @brennencrippen3 i honestly think its because Wiz went mainstream. Wiz's old stuff is as good as this. Both are amazing though.

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    @yungez5 prod. by monsta beatz

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    text homie and tell em his numbers up

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    @Jbugg12321 Nigga u is xtra dumb. Wiz even said dat he dn't fuk wit blunts boi. so what the fuck are you talkin about.

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    i done it like my triple Os showed me... O my currensy trademark roddy and street wiz are all on top of their game so many ways to recognize

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    curren$y is way better then wiz!

    Loyalty704 Royalty

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    Thumbs Up if you think this mixtape is better than Rolling Papers

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    please forgive me i juss started listenin to this nigguh curren$y can some one explain young rody, trademark, and like jets i dont get it man... thanks
    ps. im not being smart

    Germaine Brown

    6 years later but better late than never.

    My cousin put my on Curren$y like 2012 and I haven’t stopped keeping up since. Simply put: let’s just say Trademark, Young Roddy and Curren$y are/we’re like 3 Musketeers.. establishing the Jet Life movement. Then there is Fiend & Street Wiz

    Think of em as kinda like No Limit

  79. M J

    @JetLifeToTheNextLife yes he is fool, at 4:30 he said "street wizzy"

  80. GHOSTFACE323

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    @LuiszThaKidd23 and street wiz is at the end...step yo shit up...JETS

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    this track gets heavy play in my ride... Im talkin on repeat .." Jets over everything, I put that on everything" that nicca went ham on that verse>>.Real hiphop Keep it comin dont stop get it get it

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    Man ..I swer!...isnt this on Mario bros 3?!....when your selecting a level on the world board?!?!?...forgot what world....but i remember this on a Mario game!

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  95. PBLK3

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