Curren$y - Defenseless Lyrics

For the homie I just seen
Just seen him for Thanksgiving

Tryna make a mil and not get killed
Cause your life only matters to your immediate family
Lil daddy this shit real they'll flip you
Looking through fear goggles
A successful scholar just a dangerous nigga
You get too close they squeeze the trigger, self defense ya
Take from the world something that was God given
And they keep doing it too
Got me nervous as fuck in the Coupe
Like I got 10 unwrapped birds in my Coupe
And I ain't riding with shit but a soda
Cop still drawing weapons on the pull over
Civilians playing sheriff too
Hunt ya down like it's the thing to do
I only said it cause it's true
Cause it's true

The vocal booth more potent than the voting booth
The vocal booth more potent than the voting booth
It's about the ruler keep your head up
The vocal booth more potent than the voting booth
Know you dealing with some real shit
Rest in peace to Joe McKnight
The vocal booth is more potent than the voting booth
Smoking one for his whole hood
Y'all stay up

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Curren$y Defenseless Comments
  1. James Hubbard

    Rest In Peace Joe McKnight.

  2. Cieran

    What song did this instrumental come from ?? I feel it’s an old school RnB joint.

  3. christian buczek

    Slept on by far

  4. Frequently Flyer


  5. steeler904

    This a monster track.


    Y'all Stay Up


    What is this off of?


    XSTAYUPX it's just a loosie

  8. Skunkwork909

    always consistent with his tracks. cant even catch up ha

    check my page if you need beats/instrumentals

  9. Mr. T Bean

    what album

  10. Tommy Corona

    In my opinion this is the Greatest song from spitta

  11. Ekali Brooks

    L la la la life... jet life to the next

  12. Patrick Vargas

    I play all sorts of various artist under ground. some the best ever exist. but none as constant as spittah.

  13. steeler904

    views views views.
    dat emotional shit for the real niggas.
    yo life only matters to yo immediate family

  14. joavanni avila

    route the rula keep ya head up

  15. Chae B

    Lit ! 🎶

    Terry Miller

    Right 💯💯✌

  16. Joey Alf

    When real shit happens, rappers write real shit. This song deep as fuck. Rest in peace Joe McKnight

  17. MrColdwilliam

    vocal booth more potent than the voting booth....Thank you Spitta. Necessary and life changing.


    curren$y has been so many fucking tapes i can't even named not even one


    all i gotta say is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Bessie Albert

    🔥🔥🔥🔥I fuck my bf to his 🎤all the time.

    Abragram Stinkin

    Bessie Albert you the real one ma.

  21. DannyGreenKP

    Name a artist more consistent and work harder that Spitta.....🤔
    Open to all comments

    black hippy

    +DannyGreenKP lol fr tho that mf prolly cough off Reggie

    Bob Barker

    @DannyGreenKP​ @black hippy​ yaw brainwashed Lil B is the rawest rapper alive he hit more licks and smokes more mota than Curren$y he got more songs yaw lost it,listen to all his mistakes on far-off get outta here ,

    black hippy

    +Bob Barker isee that raw form of meth is still available in your hood.#shootyourdealerlol


    Bob Barker how much does he pay u to "brain wash" new fans. Lil B been fake since that fake ass beef with Joey, and even in a fake beef, Lil B lost. Give it up bruh

    Anthony Lopez

    Money man

  22. deonte montgomery

    jets shit hot this fire about to roll up

  23. Nicholas Rolling

    smitty BEATS!

  24. Rolling High

    R.I.P. to them Real Ones

  25. Nasir Diggs