Curren$y - BBS Lyrics

This that go BBS flow
plastic nike air tags on your original 4's
niggas is z'ed on your mans and I'm rollin a O
leave em sleep I don't need them suckers listenin to me pack a bone for everything except the kitchen sink underneath wich I keep a set of Andy slippers
I could fix my nine in a four we go over by them bitches
a quick lil something cant get the back
I don't know where I left my hand mirror type of dillemas will never hinder my jet living
we juss chillin so don't come round here fake toughin
runnin off the wemon
bossed up all us southside the club waintin to tip them drivers who pull our cars up the fuck yu though this was dawg Imma trill muffucker after all
haters is dressed in safeteyness encouraging my fall wont catch me there
but you can catch me on air when my new shit premier
at watever media outlet decide to play it fair
fuck playin there pimin Imma play the bear grizzle seriously fish burn turn flip styles furiously this that 70 soul green alchemestry amen been a g since buddy lee's lames be cuffin they jeans and their bitches I be cookin these bird ass hoes running circles round
they rotissery chickens love got a shovel in her hand I see you diggin strike gold build your own coffin wit it deadass flick ashes on the girls in my pastence they tell us for the ones I was juss fuckin
the crib for the I was gonna get right back wit its easy to get tangled in the stars spangled mangeled in the night life livin out my bars... dangerous

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Curren$y BBS Comments
  1. Geron Fletcher

    Please get this mixtape on streaming services. This should have been an album from jump this shit classic

  2. qwertykevin1

    RIP a fucking dab and enjoy this shit to the max. Stay blessed spitta

  3. LETsGetLyFted



  5. blake hollie

    Curren$y one best that Eva did it 2018 && this shit neva gets old

    Willie Hurt


  6. SouthFlorida’96

    Beat so chill he Had to stop talking


    SouthFlorida’96 😭😭😭🙏🏼

  7. SteelSupreme1ne

    2018 still goes off.....

  8. Andrick

    This is probably the greatest verse in the history of Hip-Hop, I've been trying to do a documentary or a whole article explaining why.

    T Maher

    Well .... Did it ever happen?

    Last Call TV

    well.. did it ever happen!!


    Andrick is it out there tho?

  9. MsSweetJames Jones

    Favorite Spitta song along with Smoking in the Rain✈


    MsSweetJames Jones hell yeah !

    shawn pimpin

    MsSweetJames Jones Smoking in the rain is a straight classic

    MsSweetJames Jones

    @shawn pimpin Yess..Already

  10. Michael Padilla

    Timeless. Can't believe this video only has 20k views. Best rapper alive. In my top 5 currensy tracks for me based on lyrical content alone. JETLIFE

    Choppin It Up

    S. G. Pilot Talk 1 & 2, Covert Coupe (Which this is on) New Jet City, Cigarette Boats, 3 Piece Set, Verde Terrace, these are all albums/mixtapes, he honestly never misses I can keep going on & on but start with those

    Jets Set 5.0

    Jets Set 5.0

    S. G. *

    Quiet Storm

    S. G. All I know, Airborne Aquarium, A sign of things to come, Sake

    Ju Hardy

    Just heard this for the 1st time this week and I thought I was a fan Damn I missed this Wave, Shame on me

  11. mike honcho

    i remember when this came out and no lie i was shaving head with my Andis clippers. shit tripped me out lol

  12. chris g

    what does bbs stand for?


    then you obviously shouldn't be listening to this..

    Jets Set 5.0

    the wheels

  13. Xavier Caldwell

    alc produced the fuck out of this.

  14. mike thegodson

    Haters is dressed in safety nets encouraging my fall! Cold af.

  15. darkmatter96

    One of the best spitta songs and one of the worst videos lol

  16. Derek Chapman

    Only 76 like smh this shit hot

  17. manuel varela

    curren$y killing another beat never gets old

  18. Nba slams

    jet life

  19. emmholla

    Bossed up... All us... Outside the club waiting to tip drivers who pull our cars up.. The fuck you thought this was dawg?..