Currents - A Confession Lyrics

Whenever, I think about the times that we used to share
A tear begins to shed, as more follow in its place
I put my hands up to my face
I am soaked in disgrace
Left to wonder why, left to wonder why
Why you set a divide between you and I
What we had we will never get back
What we had I will always want back
You've tossed away the key and all the troubles with it, it seems
And you've moved on to bigger and better things
With the memory of a person you will soon forget
Along with the smile from the day that we first met
All I want is to hold you in my arms again and tell you the words that I've wanted to say
But that day seems so far, more like a dream that has come and gone
I want to believe that you'll wake up someday and see
That I was always there for you even when you turned your back on me
The imprint of what we had will always remain in me
Even though we have grown apart this confession to you means everything
There's not a word I'd take back
Nothing more I would do
Than have said these three words
I Loved You

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Currents A Confession Comments
  1. stoenchu122

    ,,That I was always there for you even when you turned your back on me. ''

  2. ReprogrammedToHate

    Inb4 Volumes lol

  3. Dylan Sambrano

    This song is what caused the tsunami in Japan...

  4. Quentin Nourisson

    Some people don't have enough money to make a pro studio mixing bud :)

  5. withinmyruins

    could have been mixed a hell of alot better

  6. frizzybob

    beheading the traitor - uppin the djent sound game, fuck ya love this



  8. Artur Wieczorek

    Fajna nuta ::)

  9. Ry Bailz

    1:40 dat groove

    all I want is to hold you in my arms again, and tell you the words that I wanted to say.

  10. adamtb16

    But that's the best part of it :)

  11. Greg Bromley

    I had a friend in highshcool, years ago, that destroyed his brand new guitar because he learned a Slipknot song so well, he got so hyped up he slammed it against a wall in sheer bliss... much to his regret, now. Gotta loves that testosterone...

  12. Greg Bromley

    As a guitarist, the vocals are the last thing I listen to. At that point you can accurately judge if they fit the 'sound' of the band. Have to agree to disagree with you here.

  13. qntmdrumz.

    I like everything except the screams. The first song they released was way better to me.

  14. Kev W

    This EP is too fresh. i love it

  15. Lone Star Lefty

    Song's so nice, you played it twice. :)

  16. backburner123

    liked right when 0:15 came in :P

  17. TheHerbalHealing

    yet another great laptob ive destroyed because of another amazing band!