Cure, The - The Baby Screams Lyrics

Give me a sign
Waiting for the sun to shine
Pleasure fills up my dreams
And I love it
Like a baby screams

Its so useless
How can you be proud
When you're sinking into the ground
Into the ground fills up my dreams
And I love it
Like a baby screams

Couldn't ask for more you said
Take it all
And strike me
Strike me dead

Waiting again
Like I waited before
Waiting again
Waiting here for nothing at all
Heaven fills up my dreams
And I love it
Like a baby screams

Couldn't ask for more you said
Couldn't ever let it end
Take it all
Take it all
And strike me dead


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Cure, The The Baby Screams Comments
  1. d_b

    🖤 💥💀💥

  2. carl jules

    So awful 1980s dx7 synths, cheap gimmicks, a completely dated production, and poor composition, it sounds like a Placebo number. The Cure sucks on that song

  3. gato faminto

    O bebê grita

  4. José Nascimento

    Amazing !!!
    Great !!!
    Fantastic !!!

  5. Askewlewyyy

    This is the most underrated cure song in my opinion it is one of their best

  6. Jimmy Scutts

    The Feelies sent me here. Swear to Jaysus.

  7. Jim Williams

    This came out when I was in mind vaguely remembers this, but my body knows every word...

  8. The Englishman


  9. Jim Stanley

    This song blew my mind when it was released.

  10. david garione

    When I hear this song I remember that terrible scene with the baby in Transpotting. The effect of drugs like heroin, for example.

  11. Gary Dalie

    This just kicks ass!

  12. Maximilian PS

    love it !

  13. marcelo Chacon

    Esto es the cure puro!

  14. Katie Alvarez

    One of my favorite songs from the cure 🖤🕸

  15. fred head

    and i love robert smith screams

  16. Geyza


  17. judderman37

    Had the album on Vinyl, played it until it was almost worn out!

  18. Gary Da Lie

    great song great baseline

  19. Gary Da Lie

    love the cure and this is fav of all their great songs..

  20. Patrizia Landi


  21. Max Todd

    One dislike.

    One. Dislike.


    B. Bennet

    An idiot
    Well, two idiots now -.-

  22. Antonio Carlos

    Absolutely fantastic! Amazing song!

  23. simone2k

    copied by blur in song 2

  24. brendo thedude

    I was impressed with this whole album, especially my first time listening to it. The melody, tune, lyrics, and everything about this album was spot on. This song in particular was my favorite from the album. Its absolutely fucking amazing.

    Wayne Cassell

    Bought this album when it came out still sounds amazing

  25. Robert E


  26. Frank Leonetti

    Holy shit, that band ripped off The Cure! I can't believe it and that's true for four other songs I listened to! I'm surprised they haven't sued for copyright infringement.

    Brian Kennedy

    Frank Leonetti not fuckin wrong I've heard countless songs by let's say "Britpop : groups that have ripped the cure of shamelessly. At least oasis admitted they were massive Beatle fans.

  27. ohjes

    listen to a place to bury strangers - keep slipping away,but first the cure ;)

    Paul Metzger

    Nearly an exact copy.

    Carsten Andersen

    Yup, stole a fair bit

  28. Massimiliano Rot


  29. MonkyMonk729 a baby screeeeEEEEEEEAOWWW!  Robert Smith will always be the shit!

  30. MaliaLei Sekou Jahad

        aNd I lOVe It.....I lOvE ThE CuRe!!!!!

  31. Joseph Coughlin

    this song still gives me the chills

  32. Dariusvivi Vividarius

    xellent ..

  33. John Brewer

    let the baby scream! Hell Yea!

  34. slyderc

    My boom box had a FF and REW feature that detected the silence between tracks. It couldn't have known how much I was going to ware out the silence between this track and anything that came before it.

  35. lolliwag


    Ukuu Mubako Lummuba Tafari

    lolliwag duh! It’s the CURE! ❤️👊🏾

  36. tomielmacho

    no se que mierda es un hipster, igual reitero hang the dj

  37. Boomer Day

    You are a loser my friend. idk who the dj is? culture hipster

  38. tomielmacho

    hang the dj


    I don't really care too much for them (two or three songs perhaps) but I think that is one by The Smiths.correct? =)

  39. Boomer Day

    Im kidding im 21 and im trying to find some samples

  40. Boomer Day

    Im 12 and i like this

  41. Vowel Ray

    are you like fourteen already! Damn!

  42. Vowel Ray

    you felt your age, cause you found this in your father box! Ha! you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old


    You are so right.


    Ah yes Full Tilt at the Electric Ballroom in Camben on a Friday. This was always played as a warmer. God I miss that now. 25 years ago is an age now.

  45. Largactyl Kid

    Close to Me...Worst single ever by The Cure.This should've been released instead.

    אסף הנוקד

    It realesed in a video search it

  46. John Gohn

    they had push they had this they had sinking and released close to me as single...


    Ilove this song!!!!!

  48. marine barian

    It sounds like Keep Slipping Away from A Place To Bury Strangers !!

  49. 42satin

    This song rocks !

  50. Saxon

    I love it when the baby screams...strike me dead...

  51. plushoom

    I got the tape in 85

  52. ScreamingxCookie

    Just found this in my father's vinyl box. Then I just listen to it because the cover was cool. That's how I felt in love with the Cure

  53. votezpeterf

    So far better than close to me, some live are amazing, more punk less pop !
    Peter Fuckoff

  54. lyonslaforet

    This great song could have been a single instead of Close To Me!

    Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Good point, but it's a bit of hidden treasure for those of us who didn't just go out and buy their singles.
    Listen to Pornography and hear all the hidden gems that offered us, like Figurehead, Short Term Effect and A Strange Day...

  55. Happy Radio

    This's just so...AH! My brain can't think of the words...

  56. Happy Radio

    The Cure....perfection and so much more...

  57. French Fry

    Suck it to all you haters..THE CURE IS THE BEST BAND EVER...



  58. Everincon

    underrated song... personally believe this is one of the cure's best songs

  59. Nite Owl

    Thanks! Reminds me when I was a teenager! Yes it was fresh on vinyl when I first heard it!

  60. ghosttroop

    Waiting; waiting like i've waited before. Waiting again; waiting here for nothing at all.

  61. timesizwierd

    I love that little clap