Cure, The - Secrets Lyrics

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Talking all night in a room
All night
Everything slowing down
I wish I was yours ...

Nobody knows we love
I catch your eyes in the dark
One look relives the memory
Remember me
The way I used to be

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Cure, The Secrets Comments
  1. GustafAdolf

    I remember listening to this song back in winter 1984. With all the cold and cloudy days, upon nighime, I would feel enchanted by the sounds The Cure have always created. This was definitely one of the songs that made me decide to go see them live in Philly after they released "The Head on The Door" album. The gloomiest bur most wonderful concert I have ever gone to. They are my favorite band ever

  2. Kazilikaya

    Seventeen Seconds is *criminally underrated*. By far the most original album The Cure has ever produced. It has a unique sound that has never been repeated. They used some very clever recording techniques on this album.

  3. aimar 77

    amazing but too short!!

  4. Trvp visuals

    You can tell this inspired Interpol

  5. Can Müller

    Who's younger than 20 and is listening to The Cure ?

  6. Des Esseintes

    It makes me cry

  7. anonæmœsnona

    keep quiet...

  8. David Ellis

    Background vocal added late in recording. Originally only the talking vocal was used. Label pressure applied to add some commercial appeal to LP. Brilliant 17 Seconds. Out.

  9. Gael Guillard

    Cette chanson est magnifique, hypnotique....
    Elle m'a aidée..

  10. Ilaria Sometimes

    I adore!

  11. JuggaloSupreme

    Who the hell would give this a thumbs down? If you like The Cure, how do you not like this song? A classic from a classic album! Even if you just like MUSIC, you have to appreciate this beautiful, sad and haunting song...

  12. Drowning Man

    Best Band ever..the early Years are sooo Dark..

  13. michel Mich

    the best of the best band group , many thanks the cure for the hapiness of listening to you

  14. Jose Pedragosa

    No es su mejor disco,pero muchos matarían por poseer unas canciones tan parcas como irresistibles de este tratado importante en la carrera de los Cure,

  15. DexteR

    Empty life.

  16. frostszjams

    When you're in the mood for black metal, but you're not


    love both black metal and the cure.

    Sister Void

    black metal is ass

  17. MeloLand

    This song is wonderful....

  18. Romain Longo

    Faut que je puisse faire saturday night a la guitar.

  19. Romain Longo

    Bon c' est quoi le secret a la fin ?

  20. Gerard Kramer

    Superb! You can only make such a thing if you stay humble, do not get arrogant about any successes and always want to make something better next. And that is Robert Smith.

  21. Gael Barrere

    i had seeing Mr Smith on a tree in Paris during a concert in la place de la République for SOS Racisme.

  22. Chris Parker

    hang on in there to the Bitter End.

  23. Xavier Potiron

    Smoking musiq

  24. Erigorn - Erik

    It was thanks to these beautiful bastards that we got Billy Corgan. <3

  25. sonia Adco

    This Song is one of the most Hypnotic, Melancholic, Dark and Deepest Lonely Song of All Times. It deserves start to CRY in "Secret" thinking about your Painfull "Secrets" . . . I wish be a GHOST.

    Alan Flores

    Jerry Merry I’m crying.. indeed!!!!


    It isn't sad though.....its spooky & mysterious. Makes me think of spending the night in a quiet, unfamiliar place.

  26. Sven Jachmann

    I love the effect with that higher voice behind him singing along.

    David Ellis

    See my comment that Almost did not happen.

  27. Vicoland Tributes

    the angst of love...

    sonia Adco

    Of Course.

  28. thauriela


  29. Deamons Miles

    même clean toujours aussi bon !!!

  30. Fredy Arriagada

    siempre quedo bajao con este tema por la rechucha

  31. clairelenoir

    Share with another girl
    Talking all night in a room
    All night
    Everything slowing down
    I wish I was yours ...

    Nobody knows we love
    I catch your eyes in the dark
    One look relives the memory
    Remember me
    The way I used to be

  32. Caitlin Mathey

    I wish I was yours.


    We all wish.

  33. missescookie

    One of my favorite albums from them. Classic.

  34. Alessandro Rani

    Grandi Cure, basso da paura, chitarra che ci vadietro musicaliita nnn piu ritrovata.
    Scusate l-ortografia ma mi sta andando a puttane la tastiera wiifi

  35. willy565

    "Talking all night in her room."

  36. Karen Larsson


  37. Syd Poletaev

    Golden line-up of The Cure on the picture!


    Glad I'm not the only one

  38. Warrior Punk


  39. Veronica Harris

    Incredible Album. Thank you The Cure, love you. brilliant X

  40. TheAudiots

    Hey guys this is one of my favorite cure songs, it actually inspired one of the songs i have written with my band. CHECK us out. the song is called ANEMOIA. :) let me know what you think. BTW GREAT SONG HERE. click on my channel to here the new album.

  41. James Lewis

    Truly the pinnacle of mixing quality, lol.

  42. Adriana Bonifacio

    hey mate turn my vocal track up- Robert.
    piss off- producer.

    Augusto Pinochet

    Then Robert Smith realized: hey, I'm also a producer on this record


    Right - he says this album is perfect. He was obsessed with getting the sound HE wanted after what happened with Three Imaginary Boys. (Which I love...even though Boys Don't Cry is the better album - perfect if they added "It's Not You."

  43. Houria Nicol

    de la bonne musique bien rythmée facile à entendre

  44. Tali Love

    I would love to see Robert here in Bologna Italy in the fall, live at Unipol arena , but my boyfriend is not a fan! he can stand listening to it, but he likes prog rock. besides, he has limited money now, due to a broken fridge he replaced. And I would like to see Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues around the London area in September, but he has only announced 2 shows so far, in Oakland UK. only ten more to be announced, I hope

  45. gianni valdati

    Adoro i Cure, adoro Roberth SMith, e più passa il tempo più apprezzo questi capolavori che mi riportano ad un tempo ormai passato ma indimenticabile....grazie per le emozioni che mi avete suscitato e che mi suscitate ogni volta che vi ascolto

    zuzzo 1974

    sono i migliori,irragiungibili

  46. roger1724

    Took a sleeping pill and it didn't work. Now it's almost 4AM, and I'm in front of my house, drinking tea, smoking a cig and listening to this. I hope life gets better

    Augusto de Paiva

    Where are you now Roger? Hope you are okay. Greetings from Brazil.


    I hope it got better.


    Well, you can never go wrong with them


    @roger1724 Take Benadryl next time.

  47. Gustavo S.Lamarque

    Man,after Faith, Seveteen Seconds is one of their best albuns, and this song.... i wanna cry ;(

  48. cookaboorra

    Lovely, sorta mysterious, stunning. I wish I was yours...

  49. Gabriel Jose Sciascia


  50. seventeen seconds

    m a g i c

  51. AuditoryOdditor

    I've always been partial to the early 80's Cure albums. Pornography, Faith, Seventeen Seconds, its hard to choose a fave, so I don't.

    Stefanija Randjelovic

    Whenever someone asks me what my favorite The Cure album or song is, I want to strangle them. I mean, how could I ever choose? And why would I? It depends on my mood, certain things I'm going through etc. ;)

  52. Les A gogó

    genial !!!

  53. Camila Simões

    uma bosta essa porra de banda.


    hur dur, quer um biscoito cara?

    Cledimir Do Carmo Silva

    Kmiii Himura kiss my ass

  54. Angela Santamaria


  55. nicolas raoul

    Still great

  56. georgeharrison70

    Happy birthday, Robert Smith!!

  57. Gabitron Hinojosa

    Mi disco favorito y mi canción favorita de este disco, atmosférico e único.

  58. μέθεξις μουσικής λογοτεχνίας

    I think is the best Cure album...seventeen seconds...

    Maria Blum

    και η πορνογραφία το πιο βαρύ.. και γλυκά καταθλιπτικό..


    No idea what you wrote but I agree

    μέθεξις μουσικής λογοτεχνίας

    Θα συμφωνήσω...έχει δυνατά κομμάτια..hanging garden...figurehead...a strange day κλπ...Επιτέλους ξανάρχονται το καλοκαίρι Αθήνα!!!



  59. 5w33tLady

    Cant stop listening to this song :)

    e. spence

    5w33tLady 😁

  60. John Smith

    Darn shame that Seventeen Seconds received mixed reviews back in the day. It's quite odd how classic albums such as Faith, Pornography & Seventeen Seconds received mixed to negative reviews back in the 80s.

    Blackmoon Studio Games

    I think, the mood of these albums is too depressive, that's why people could hardly accept their sorrowful songs and understand the great ideas hidden inside them. In my opinion, "The Cure" in 80-s has recorded the most sad and deep songs in their career

    face.b stephane

    @BlacGoth that's true , these albums were so emotionally great and perfect and the mainstream audience couldnt understand

    Stefanija Randjelovic

    Who cares. ;))))) We have it all to ourselves ;)

    face.b stephane


  61. Gina Lozano

    BEST Band in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 

    Raquel Graciabuu

    Gina Lozano curto muito the cure me liga ples

    Raquel Graciabuu

    Gina te amo

    Raquel Graciabuu

    Gina plis respodme

    Raquel Graciabuu

    Gina brazil

    Can Müller

    Heyy Nirvana is also good😅

  62. Dan Downing

    Give me the Cure!

    Dan Downing

    An old skeleton Rach Ba found!

    Tod Keener

    Loved the Cure way back when they were raw singing songs like killing a Arab and the like, still love there music just find it more polished nowadays. 

    Dan Downing

    @Todd Keener
    As with most things, not so much better, rather say...grown (sometimes for the better or worse) The old Cure or the new Cure is all good for me...I like my meds!

    Dan Downing

    @Rach Ba
    Yep, that would be music...all day long!

  63. Dave Jones

    love how urgent and bouncey these beautiful tones are.. nuff said. it's like cool bouncing round in a small space for 30 years.. bit more said sorry.

  64. Harry Anderson

    I think labeling  the Cure as anything other than post-punk/darkwave is doing them a disservice. IME they are NOT alternative rock! REM, The Jesus Lizard, and Husker Du are. 

  65. Todd C. Stone

    i adore this song :)

  66. Bender Rodriguez

    Fuck yea!!!

  67. Zionistathome123

    The most spooky sound ever.  

  68. Kazilikaya

    They are the Kings of Alternative Rock. They defined an entirely new electric guitar sound and pioneered the combo of guitars with electronic percussion.

  69. Kazilikaya

    17 Seconds is the BEST ALBUM EVAR. Cartman got it wrong. It is also by far the defining album by The Cure.

  70. Mannchild11

    They need a "cure".

  71. caterpillar girl


  72. journeystarr

    back when Porl had all his hair lol and I agree Simon is amazing, one of my biggest idols on bass

  73. Dana McKenney

    Iv falling in love once more. i Absolutely Love this band! The singer voice is amazing, his interviews are intriguing. Goddam I cant get enough

  74. Courtney Kennedy

    I wish i was Robert Smith's. Hes so gorgeous and perfect. <3 <3 <3 ;)

  75. Jorald Felciano

    A band of unparalleled depth, talent and creativity. No other band comes to mind that evokes such Nostalgia, yearning, dark beauties and yet at times such playful effervescence.

  76. 777Eliyahu

    yes, anyone that disagrees with you or expresses a contrary opinion is simply an inferior human being...good job

  77. PinPointer02

    i love it

  78. Anon Imos

    Share with another girl
    Talking all night in a room
    All night
    Everything slowing down
    I wish I was yours...

    Nobody knows we love
    I catch your eyes in the dark
    One look relives the memory
    Remember me
    The way I used to be

  79. mzbfromthebay

    3 people are stupid. This band perfect and always will be.

  80. Frederik Risom

    I didn't take what was true and degraded it with hate. I took what was nonsense and corrected it with reason.
    Say what you want. You still can't be the "most perfect" anything.

  81. Megan Sheridan

    This comment can explain why you have no friends. You took what was true, and degraded it with hate

  82. Chiara

    Secrets with another person ..

  83. Turma A Projecto

    still have to find a bad song by the cure. best band ever


    They are my all time FAVE band, and I own EVERYTHING from them. That said, the ONE song I cannot stand and just have never ever been able to get into is RETURN from Wild Mood Swings. I hate that song with a passion & skip it every time it comes on. I know what you mean though. Their last 2 albums were not the best, but they didn't really have any garbage one them. 4:13 did have a couple I could do without, but also had a b-side "Without You" that is one of the best Cure songs I've EVER heard. Over 30 years and only don't like one...MAYBE three songs? Best Band Ever!!! You're right about that.

  84. Frederik Risom

    You can't the "most perfect" anything. You're either perfect or not.
    But Gallup certainly is a great bass player, I agree.

  85. The4183914

    i have live this song 17 years ago with THE girl in her im not tired of any of those 2

  86. plushoom

    my mom agrees

  87. David Douglas

    The ultimate dark beauty of the these early albums can never be matched, ever. What a hauntingly sonorous exploration of the human condition!

  88. ★Ez2decieveU★

    I agree to the fullestt **** Mr1stcat** Some truth in this world full of lies

  89. Noegg

    unik always the great guitar bass

  90. coucou7863

    we need this kind of sound ... in 2013 !!!
    love robert s bass line ...

  91. calisto338

    Que pasada éste tema...

  92. Jnanachandra

    always the best

  93. mzbfromthebay

    2 people are ridiculously stupid.

  94. MyPolymerHeart

    That wonderful sends shivers down my spine. <3

  95. andrea letargia

    Ismerős Arcok - Születés

    what is it ???????

  96. Mr1stcat

    this song is beautiful it makes me think about how the truth is hidden amongst all the lies and secrets and slowly rotting away it makes me think about how us humans are always schemeing against eachother waiting to stab eachother in the back <:~(

  97. Alex Dorney

    Love this song!!

  98. PHAMTOM 125

    kary.....un saludo desde ecuador the cure me encanta su musica.............

  99. rovostror1

    I agree that Peter Hook, too. It's hard to believe that all members of JD began to play very latetheir instruments, when most musicians start as cildren or teenagers and so quickly come to perfection. I like both The Cure and Joy Division. Both group are brillant! ;)