Cure, The - Push Lyrics

Go go go
Push him away
No no no
Don't let him stay

He gets inside to stare at her
The seeping mouth
The mouth that knows
The secret you
Always you
A smile to hide the fear away
Oh smear this man across the walls
Like strawberries and cream
Its the only way to be

Exactly the same clean room
Exactly the same clean bed
But I've stayed away too long this time
And I've got too big to fit this time...

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Cure, The Push Comments
  1. 69somi

    Who’s still listening in 2020? Београд, Србија...

  2. valmir fernandes

    Great Band.

  3. Riccardo

    Discovered today ..... WOW

  4. Oscar Shapiro

    Para mi, su mejor canción, he dicho.

  5. zakvacen

    Unfassbar für mich, auf dem Konzert von The Cure in Basel 2016 stehen 16 jährige Teenies neben mir altem Eisen und singen „Push“ aus voller Kehle mit...hey, steht die Zeit still? Was ist geschehen? Des Rätsels Lösungen: Roberts Musik ist eben zeitlos....Danke.

  6. pimpis0980

    What a beautiful melody!

  7. Idelvan Adelino

    Simplesmente clássica !

  8. Zbigniew Kochanczyk


  9. 64SurrealistDreams

    Like a lot this song but I'm not catching at all what it does telling or from what perspective. What I understand, it's somebody trying to resist some old lover, cause now she's a best person. Am I right?

  10. joe scully

    Seen them play this at mad cool festival Madrid 2019 with my wife & 2 kids. My 11 year old said seeing the cure was the highlight of his life apart from being born 🤗

  11. Dave Wesley

    Who’s still listening in 2019?

    Dan Budden

    Hi Dave, yep me! I got thinking about an old girlfriend from about 25 years ago and I used to listen to this album a lot back then. Oh I wish I had a time machine and could do all that again.

    Dave Wesley

    Dan Budden This album was my summer of 85 ... I’m assuming you’re probably around my age which is 48.

    Monica Wejmar

    Listening for 30 + years.

  12. hubschab


  13. Jacqui Slade

    The sound of my teenage years. The 80's were such a cool time to be young. ❤ The Cure

  14. m0rdred1971


  15. Ilya Euteneier

    On earth and in Milky Way in whole solar system and far far away from here... In past in present in future billions years after the cure for for ever and ever.

  16. A. M.

    The Cure have an entire arsenal of amazing songs, but "Push" has always been one of my absolute favorites! So glad I've had the opportunity to see them play this one live - it's truly phenomenal!


    Absolutely agree with you, I had a chance to see them live one week ago and this song sounded just perfect, an absolute masterpiece

  17. Fawltee Montee

    My lost song...
    Or the song i've lost trace of, very long time ago, just because i couldn't remember its name, nor the album. It was back in the early 90's and quit searching for, i thought it was all in my mind, it sounded too good to be true. Looked up all over old cassette tapes, cd's, etc. What's so special about "Push"? I fell in love with The Cure whilst loving an angel. And this one here is like shouting, screaming, calling for life, for love...
    Welcome back, Push, and thank you The Cure, for such an amazing show 2 days ago in Bucharest! Still love The Cure, the angel is long gone...
    God bless The Cure and their fans!

  18. Ryan Edgar

    best band live, Glastonbury 2019 was ingenious, Robert Smith utterly timeless🤩👌 his version of this was unbelievable

  19. Chris Karababas

    Pure magic in those guitar riffs !

  20. Javier Rodríguez

    A masterpiece this track 😍😍😍

  21. James Plunkett

    Need this song in the next season of stranger things!!

  22. Carlos António

    plaid last night at Nos Alive, Lisbon, Portugal. Great concert.

  23. sam popel

    1985 was such a brilliant year for pop music.

  24. Night Ride

    That guitar, tho. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I keep coming back for that riff.

  25. Pablo gamer

    la mejor canción de the cure

  26. The UseLESS Diaries project

    Painfully beautiful as every breakup soundtrack

  27. Patrícia Lopes

    My forever ringtone.

  28. Edgard Morielo

    2019 Brasil# Pra sempre 🔊The Cure 😄✌

  29. george eskiadis

    Shivers everytime i hear it. Takes my 41 year old self back to when i was 15 and first heard this album. Epic

  30. Lorenzo Di Camillo

    Robert is God

  31. Stan Thomas Music

    fucking hell

  32. Ezequiel Cisneros

    This is the song I hear in my head when I skate around town at night.

  33. Luigi Mucciolone

    Brilliant song
    My favourite
    Intro to die for
    Brilliant pop lyrics
    Bubblegum pop lives
    Love ❤️
    Summer 1988 Melbourne 🇦🇺
    Like Strawberries and Cream
    It’s the only way..It’s the only way to be...
    I agree
    Head on the Door changed my life
    Thanks Mr.Smith..
    WOW 😲

  34. Laura Lewis

    This 🖤 this song because of the guitar riffs alone . That, combined with Robert's lyrics and singing style is probably my favorite - although there are SO many others that it's really hard to say ... However, I wonder does anyone on here know if Simon wrote - at least the guitar parts on this one, as it solely credits Robert with the writing? I would be EVER so greatful! And who couldn't just love the lyric "Oh smear this man across the walls like strawberries & cream, it's the only way to be...? ( This lyric could come across to many different people in very different ways - but to me it send more like a VERY "interesting"way of viewing someone's 'melon' either having been bludgeoned or shot off with their brains splattered against the wall as a result... That's "our" ( well, we the fans) Robert, whom many of us have learned to love & admire over all these years! An enigma through and through. After losing Bowie (Tragic day that was - however, amazing how he gave us a "farewell" album - Black Star and saw to it that it was released- right before he "returned to space"... ☹️ Wow! What an album it is! I know that I was floored!) I'm hoping that Robert and Simon will also continue to give us the gift of their unique songs - so long as they still wishs to share them...


    That stands the test of time.

    What a belting song

    June Asiimwe

    True. Such an underrated classic in their amazing discography.

  36. Yucumanita

    Go go go
    Push him away 😎😎😎😎

  37. Matt Celis

    One of the best song intros ever. Instantly recognizable and catchy as hell.

  38. RLee Roberts


  39. RLee Roberts

    I must have done 1 metric fukkton of lsd and had a lifetimes worth of the best sex to this album...thank you Robert.
    And the girls thank you too .

  40. Ruby Rust Records

    This song kinda reminds me of Blondie

  41. Paul Minnaar

    Saw The Cure for the first time in concert this past Saturday night in Johannesburg. What a privellage, I was in awe the entire time. A setlist of 26 songs..... this is one that stood out. What a night of musical genius.

  42. Monica Fiona

    Love the guitar

  43. Jason

    One of those slightly lesser known sleepers from The Cure... Perhaps my favorite type of their work, songs like this when Simon Gallup comes right out of the gate with some dank, driving bass line and tells the rest of the guys to keep up.

  44. esdfg

    1:44. When that guitar with that whirling melody joins in... Eargasmic.

  45. pedrozo 69

    in the 80´s I bought a poster with a big head but my mother forbade me to put a poster on the room door so I gave it my right through a louder sound system :)

  46. pedrozo 69

    best intro of the music history :)

  47. Silent wolve

    Love this song.

  48. Lucas Argandoña

    Reminds me of my young early highschool days :')


    Had a big Head on the Door poster on the back of my bedroom door.

  50. eduardo cezar

    the cure es Punk rock

  51. prospero

    SuperGood :>

  52. Abraham Balaghi

    Obra de Arte!!! Superrr!!!

  53. B Christopher

    Some songs just get stuck to your soul, and I'll bet no one in these comments needed more than the first few chords to know this was one of them.

  54. Jeffrey Gorman

    one of the most under rated cure songs
    great guitars , great emotion, pure cure

  55. richiemax1

    No existe ó no habrán ya inventado volumen suficientemente alto para escuchar esta canción?

  56. MaxOut

    "I guess the most distinctive thing about our music is my voice" - Robert Smith.

    In a lot of cases The Cure intros seem to be as good as the song itself? Here we get the sequence repeated in the middle and at the end to remind us how good it is. It's like a realised celebration and may fit the story of the song?

    There seems to be a lot going on in this music and the production lets the music come through. You can hear what the bright guitars, supported keyboard, drums and bass are doing within their parts and makes for a great 'Cure texture'. Another excellent release from a remarkable band.

    Thank you for posting with lyrics. Liked.

  57. silvia almiron

    Música para soñar despierto

  58. Virginie Duveau


  59. Gabriel Barajas

    este album me da ganas de llorar

  60. elsisters

    Love this song, love this álbum, love this band!

  61. elsisters

    Amo esta canción, amo este álbum, amo esta banda!

  62. Casa Cesario

    El mejor de todos los tiempos

  63. itkojecockot

    genius lyrics

  64. david garione

    Que temazo, por Dios.

  65. Laurent Gl

    Cette chanson me serre le coeur comme au premier jour...mes 14 ans sont pourtant loin !

  66. IOMetalOI

    18 again...

  67. Vagner Oliveira Pereira

    fez parte da minha adolescência, programa "Boys Dont Cry" Pop Rock 107.1 com Mauro Borba.

  68. Regina Santos

    sentimental ao extremo

  69. jkmarlowe lisa
    Which song came first?

  70. Erik Rudnik

    R.SMITH is GOD !!!!!!

  71. Ikaro Souza

    My fav band, Robert is the best <3

  72. Stephen Leyden

    80s British music - the cure, simple minds, the smiths, lloyd cole and the commotions, new order, U2, the pogues, etc, it doesn't get any better


    Simply amazing::: go, go ,go Pogo in arena!!Kisses

  74. Andrew McClenning

    This song makes me so amped. I feel I'm able to kick some doors down as this song plays.

  75. Jorge Carreño

    Esta cancion me hace llorar, sus notas son tan nostalgicas ....

    Luis Lizard

    Jorge Carreño tan vero

  76. Toño

    El sonido me anima!

  77. Si mon

    i love this song. Apparently his wife Mary does too!!

  78. Mr Worry

    Quickly! Find me a high school prom where I can have my heart broken and then weep in the corner.

  79. Kate 93

    Я так люблю первые 25 секунд! Это дарит такое невероятное чувство эйфории, наполненности жизни, радости и надежды и ощущения, что у всего на свете есть смысл!

  80. Paul Collins

    sounds like The Church


    The Church sounds like The Cure. More like, "does a feeble impression of.."

  81. Mogwai Cowabunga

    Wey, que rolón. Por este tipo de cosas agradezco que mi papá me haya enseñado muy buena música. Amo a mi papá

  82. 8Dark Knight4

    This song will not hit 1million until it comes out in a fucken movie like "IT" with "six different ways". All of a sudden England music is good. Typical two face America

  83. Artie-8356

    After a particular mental and physically arduous survey… I fortunately stumbled upon a heated air vent along a deserted side street close to this vandalised tram stop and settled down amongst several rubbish bags with some strange rodent like creatures scurrying around. It wasn’t an ideal shelter but it was away from the elements, under a large commercial waste silo, encrusted with, who knew what. I also had to contend with a screeching condenser unit, squealing and rattling loudly every few minutes… Not very peaceful, but it was adequately safe, warm and dry, that’s all I required for this moment now…

  84. robert parry

    Senior year in high school I bought this album and was mesmerized by this song. A timeless piece of work by The Cure!

  85. Delia V


  86. zero sand

    push me Baby
    push my tide
    push my shadow
    push my tears until my last kiss.....

  87. Scubacat

    "but I've stayed away too long this time, and I've got too big to fit this time..."

  88. Dark House 33

    The key to freeing oneself from a painful experience is to keep reliving, remembering it over and over again. The imprint gradually loses power over a person. If pushed away, suppressed, it will continue to cause anxiety.

  89. Lilli Armstrong

    I can't stop listening to this

  90. Marc Domicello


  91. v-town1980

    My God, the memories. I worked at a movie theatre in 1990 and bought this album used at a stand the mall next door had. I was on lunch break with the cutest girl...Jacy. I hope you're doing well, pretty girl.

  92. djamesfrancis

    Can't play this song loud enough

  93. m ruth

    Wow this has me a crying mess

    m ruth


    m ruth

    no i was drunk

  94. pupsterX

    35 people were smeared across the walls.
    Like strawberries and cream.

  95. B. Bennet

    This song makes me cry, and I don´t know why
    Love the cure!

    Victor Valenzuela

    Bella Bennet cargada de optimismo y un anhelo de libertad casi alcanzado. por eso lloramos

    Luis Lizard

    Bella Bennet same here .. and for what I’ve red other people too ... I guess the note hit the cords of ours hearts

    Silent wolve

    My favorite song of this Album.


    It's the chord.
    Progression, it has that effect....

    Maribel Castellanos

    You’re not alone!

  96. Eat_Drink_Sleep And_Watch_Hentaie

    One of the best intro i have ever heard in a song. It blew my mind at first listening, back in the days. A little diamond only fans know about, cause usualy not on best of (propably far from the million hits for that reason).

  97. Tom Davies

    Still one of the best intros of all time!!!

    Stan Thomas Music

    too fucking right

    Ilya Euteneier

    Time is nothing facet to the cure

  98. Tebanovich

    I first heard this in England, 1990. A most definite highlight in my life. Thank you for such a magical moment.