Cure, The - Play For Today Lyrics

It's not a case of doing what's right
It's just the way I feel that matters
Tell me I'm wrong
I don't really care

It's not a case of share and share alike
I take what I require
I don't understand ...
You say it's not fair

You expect me to act
Like a lover
Consider my moves
And deserve the reward
To hold you in my arms
And wait
And wait
And wait
For something to happen

It's not a case of telling the truth
Some lines just fit the situation
Call me a liar
You would anyway

It's not a case of aiming to please
You know you're always crying
It's just your part
In the play for today

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Cure, The Play For Today Comments

    И какой дурак скажет что это похожа на Кино-Закрой За Мной Дверь Я Ухожу???? Совсем не похожа!!! Я и Cure и Кино слушаю и ничего не слышал похожего!!!!

  2. stevesnailfish

    One of my favourite bass lines......

  3. Diego Gamboa Zuasnabar

    The bass of Gallup in this song, is an active or pasive one? Please I need an answer 🙏

  4. Vincent Smits

    Played this song 10.000 times the last 40 years. Still not bored. It's pathetic.

  5. Иван

    Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу?

  6. Chris Edwards

    Top class.

  7. garcia G.

    Míster Smith tenía 21 años aqui, alguien que me corrija sí estoy mal?

    Elena Mayor Déniz

    Si , estaba muy lindo aquí ❤️

  8. nairobi luz

    John Cussak in the cure

  9. sixx sixx

    rob is dios

  10. Leonardo Carvalho

    is this song about divorce?

  11. Phoenix Smith

    This sounds like it should be in Bully Scholarship Edition

  12. Foxxx x

    What a style

  13. Runplays in HD 60fps

    великая песня, спизженная Кино

  14. Bernie Mckenna

    Young Bucks

  15. Ruslan Kulmagambetov

    Still awesome!!!


    Цоктор Вий и Кони фарева!!!

  17. Vladimir Pistsov

    Я думаю, ему надо сейчас , в 60 лет выглядеть так. Мейкап и растрёпанные волосы ему не идут.

  18. JOHN PAUL Jones

    Up to and including Pornography, The Cure were a superb and highly significant influential post - punk band. Love Cats made me cringe. Kind of hit and miss for me from then on.

  19. Dina Cutillas

    So so brilliant.

  20. Rudolf Hess

    Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу. (С)

  21. TheCartmansp

    In every Cure concert I love how the crowd chants out loud this song. Best band ever.

    Gabriel Mansilla

    The best part

  22. Ice man

    The bassline is banging. Love Robert’s style with the smart shirt, clean cut and earring

  23. itsangelll

    They are adorable, I love this song. I love all of there song. This was the band that took me into the beautiful heaven of music.

  24. Rodrigo Aduna


  25. Ιωαννάκι Μικρό Λακτάκι

    Παπακωνσταντίνου, ο Ρόμπερτ Σμιθ των φτωχών.

  26. vngnz

    this is so violent and sad. love it.

  27. PP Rockandroll The Best Playlists

    Song : Play For Today
    Artist : The Cure
    Album : Seventeen Seconds
    Category : Masterpiece

  28. Youk Youk

    One of my favourite songs with ( the Fabulous ) A Forest !

  29. Rasmus Karppinen

    Hear JJ Burnel influences when Simon Gallup is playing.

  30. Ale Smith


  31. Ale Smith

    Rober smith

  32. Jimmy Scutts

    This is so close in sound, vocals and riffs to Jumping Someone Else's Train I often get them mixed up. And that's a good thing!

  33. RF Historical

    Danny D can sing

  34. Ana Kasapu

    I really love that Cure from when Robert wasn't wearing any makeup lol

  35. Josep Duran

    This song in the Orange film/album is epic.

  36. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Love this!

  37. Pan Con Vidrio

    Bully - Vendetta Greasers

  38. Stevie Blunder

    I feel so edgy listening to this


    Росиянцы, так что у кого Цоюшка то песни свои плагиатил понемногу?

  40. chu no


  41. Сергей Контратьев

    Медведев за барабанами.

  42. Vilton Vilton

    Me lembrou Legião Urbana.

  43. Dalila La REBELLE

    Décembre,2018🌲🍁🌰 Cure💙Group Mythique 👍

  44. sacco alessandro

    Fantastic Group

  45. Hubert Marin

    Une des meilleures chansons du XX eme siècle. La classe absolue.

  46. Lucas van Kampen

    je hebt zijn liedje sgestolen

  47. Orak Neor

    jumping someone else's train + a forest= play for today UwU

  48. Artem Ray

    Музыка ничего, а вокал - блеяние какое-то

  49. A Certain Booster

  50. Konstantin Grechishkin

    Кино и Виктор Цой закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу.

  51. Patricia Molina Gzl

    Genio Rober Smith

  52. cookaboorra

    The Amazing new Wave

  53. sarlko SOA

    🎸🎙🎹Mon époque j'adore déjà 2018 et que le temps passe vite.🎸🎙🎹🥁<3

  54. MercyfulRealize

    J'adore! I love it!

  55. Ferdinando G.

    This fucking bass...

  56. Oswaldo Muñoz

    La mejor epoca the cure tremenda musica

  57. Lucas Marques

    Instrumental foda dessa música!

    The Cure!!!

  58. Anton Yakubovskiy

    Закрой за мной дверь

  59. Vina Tropica 黄慧娜

    I came here because of vendetta greasers music from bully video game

    Giordano Pezzutti Bini

    Wait, what's the connection? It plays in the game?

  60. AdB72 B.

    I guess they listened a lot to 'La colegiala' by Los Garcia while drinking a lot of Nescafé coffee when they recorded this song... 😀

    Jeronimo Díaz

    this comment deserves a fuckton of likes

  61. Rosie

    They just played this live at Hyde Park, amazing stuff. The sound was as clear as a bell.

  62. sezen akar

    robert is so cute


    Simon dice: "Toca el bajo así"...

  64. Ale Tiscareño

    Ben Affleck + Ryan Reynolds = Robert Smith

  65. Michael Colello

    Simon's the coolest MF in the band. Still.

  66. Dalila OL

    This is the song that better describes our lives.
    Thanks The Cure, lots of memories and feelings...

  67. Артур Коновалов

    Цой жив)))

  68. Kat Miasserian

    robert smith is away from this world but he made it somehow

  69. tear away

  70. Benedetto Bruno

    Always and forever, thank you to Great Britain and the British people whose creativity, since the 1960s, has given the rest of the World hundreds of unique bands such as The Cure and music of unparalleled beauty, quirkiness and atmosphere. What would our lives have been without British bands?

    Henry Vallejos

    nah,, the americans bands were better :V

  71. Mario Adabache

    Like si lo ves en 2018🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Viva México, The Cure Grupazo, ✌👍🇲🇽.

  72. geo

    pure 80's masterpiece !!!

  73. geo

    80's New its best.. feeling lucky for living such an amazing era of music

  74. Weiss

    Ralala si seulement Bob avait pu rester comme ça sans maquillage et aussi fin alors que Simon lui quand on les voit en concert de nos jours il a bien vieilli 👍 Par contre Robert est toujours aussi bon guitariste et possède toujours sa même voix si emblématique 👍

  75. Ferdinando G.

    Play for ..ever

  76. Albert Torne

    Freedom for catalonia

  77. Albert Torne

    Gallup. Power


    Que buen sonido, Cerati los aplicó al Rock en Español 👍

  79. Invisible Drummer

    This song and Boys Don't Cry got me into the band. I remember when I heard Play for Today on that compilation album Staring at the Sea. WOW, what a feeling it gave me! It's right on from the second it begins!

  80. djrubus

    17 seconds my fav Cure album

  81. sixty-nine

    This is my favorite The Cure song.

  82. Garincha


  83. Marghe M


  84. Jan Laz


  85. Ladelasojeras.

    I really love this song, but can we stop and look just the lyrics? They are beautifully rational, like all well planed

  86. joel santiago


  87. STAROSTA1000


  88. YaNanGotBeats


  89. Франц Жуковский

    В этом клипе Цой какой-то упитанный.

  90. Karina Hidalgo


  91. Sab Ali

    i've heard so much of the cure and every time i sit down to explore them i find new gems. i am in love with this song. the lyrics are hitting me.

  92. Sybrand Andringa

    wunderfull band !

  93. Valentina Talanova

    В 1980 году у меня родилась старшая дочь.Как давно это было.

  94. Ulises Adonay Guzmán Hernández

    Can't wait for Justice League to see Robert Smith as Bruce Wayne/Batman

  95. Lenin rojas

    el mejor tema que pude escuchar yeah!

  96. ctenochaetus

    So Fucking Awesome !!!

  97. Double Mac

    What with the awful dark blue tucked-in shirt, the singer was seriously cramping the band’s style.