Cure, The - M Lyrics

Hello image
Sing me a line from your favourite song
Twist and turn
But you're trapped in the light
All the directions were wrong

You'll fall in love with somebody else

Help yourself
But tell me the words
Before you fade away
You reveal all the secrets
To remember the end
And escape someday

You'll fall in love with somebody else
Again tonight

Take a step
You move in time
But it's always back ...
The reasons are clear
Your face is drawn
And ready for the next attack

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Cure, The M Comments
  1. C. Hix


  2. The bachelors

    Still brilliant in it's simplicity ♥️

  3. Jane Sweet

    one of the best albums ever...

  4. Claudio Guglielmi

    M sta per Mary grande brano I primi 4 album dei cure sono mitici per sound dark minimalista 👍👍👍

    Claudio Guglielmi

    Bella musica sempre 👏👏👏

  5. Edgard Morielo

    👤📣The Cure Sempre📣🌎

    paolo assai misterioso

    Gli unici!

  6. Cheryl Moshiri

    Pretty much one of the most elegant guitarists ever- totally underated

  7. Not Bad lad

    The guitar tone is mesmerizing

  8. Jean Castro

    Genial solo the cure

  9. joe rolland

    A Classic , never to be forgotten!

  10. EEDI0TA69


  11. ronald van der Kleij


  12. kotor 11

    Obra de arte

  13. Fernando Carrazzoni

    That infernal bass...

  14. KeithThe Stones

    This guitar solo is so beautiful...


    AAHAHA, what a solo! oh man, ok, u love this part, i love it too, "solo is so beautifull"....loool!!! Just 4 U 2:10 ;-)

  15. Jose Pedregosa Diaz

    It sound a mass!!!

  16. David Griffiths

    Ready, for the next...ATTACK!!!

    Gil Saraiva

    That reminded me of PIL´s 1st issue - what ... an ... album !

  17. andrew charles

    countdown to zero

  18. Meb Themes

    Great guitar.

  19. Agata melata


  20. Monika Röttger

    Hammergeile Gruppe

  21. Rubes One


    celeste s.

    Rubes One 💙🌻💙

  22. Erin Lyons

    this song is so good

    Daniel Midi

    This album is so good.

  23. Stefan Milisic

    Very underrated song

    exit 1Ø1

    absolutely ...