Cure, The - Closedown Lyrics

I'm running out of time
I'm out of step and closing down
And never sleep for wanting hours
The empty hours of greed and uselessly
Always the need to feel again
The real belief of something more than mockery
If only I could fill my heart with love

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Cure, The Closedown Comments
  1. Gergő Gergő

    The Disintegration album the best The Cure Album, forever!!!!

  2. MoeLarryCurly

    We don't like to live through pain but through music it's profound joy.

  3. lysergia25

    one of the best bands...

  4. Alexscort Alex

    Album numero 1 The Cure 😍

  5. Michael Jeffers

    Ive used this as lullaby for my newborn boy for the past month. Its been a lifesaver. The headspace it puts you into is trancelike and paradoxically uplifting.

  6. George Orwell

    Pull me under water and play me this song: I will survive.

  7. Zbigniew Kochanczyk


  8. Michelle Sullivan

    So Much ❤❤❤ From The Gulf Coast!!!

  9. Claudio Guglielmi

    Bellissimo brano pieno di emozioni per me disitrgation rimane e rimarrà un capolavoro dei cure da far scuola alle nuove band 🎸🎸🎸🎸

    Claudio Guglielmi


  10. Karin Stonner

    ...merci surrender...xxxpearl

  11. Nadz Laurin

    Still one of the best, and powerful intro to any song

  12. Fenris

    Tristan aimait bien...

  13. Michelle Mazur

    Absolute Perfection

  14. Danilo Araujo

    This song is the antithesis of "Push", a song which has a powerful intro as well.

  15. Conrad Dean

    Such an important record. Listened to this all the time

  16. TheStroomis

    The first time I heard this song, I assumed it was going to just be an instrumental track. Brilliant how there's just one great verse in the middle.

  17. Eric Giguère

    Summer of ‘92... had a summer job job and made friends with 2 guys in the same residence at the U of Toronto. Few beers in the evenings and this cd in the background. Happy memories. I’m 52 now and we’re still friends

  18. Chris

    If I had only one album to choose to listen to for the rest of my days Disintegration would be it. What an album

  19. Paul Rose

    I am Sad! You Millennials destroyed everything. Prove us wrong,


    I’m trying Paul. I really am. Good luck to you

    Time flies and Aeroplanes Crash.

    That's way too harsh!! Look at the world we have handed down to's fecked..they dint stand a bloody chance, poor sods!

  20. Fawltee Montee

    "Never enough" of The(M) Cure...
    Words alone aren't just enough to express and appreciate such a band.

  21. Mark Jennings

    still my favourite band Fucking brilliant

  22. Saul Peña

    Closedown! Probably the most beautiful song from disisntegration

  23. Saul Peña

    Lately i have been listening a lot this album!! And i realize is a total masterpiece!!

  24. Comunicaciones Luz

    I'm running out of time 
    I'm out of step and closing down 
    And never sleep for wanting hours 
    The empty hours of greed 
    And uselessly always the need to feel again 
    The real belief of something more than mockery 
    If only I could fill my heart with love

  25. Kristián Soják

    This song and full Disintegration album is in my opinion a masterpiece.. I think Robert Smith is a genius. These songs are so beautiful. They' re so nice, true and lovely.. Love this song.. love Disintegration.. love The Cure.. My favourite band of all time.

  26. Lara Parks

    This album still makes me cry

  27. Black Bembel


  28. Ella Lucy

    hopefully this is The Cure for this horrible flu ~_~

  29. JennRAll SeveN

    Sometimes seeing pure love breaks me in the sweetest ways ~~~

  30. CKD D

    To my brother Carlos B. I love you. -D

  31. Ayrton

    todas as faixas desse álbum são lindas...

  32. saberwolf332737

    The greatest intro ever, this album was given to me on my 14th birthday by my sister. I used listen to it on my way to Jr High and it really got me through a very difficult time in my life. Disintegration is one of greatest albums ever.


    Great album when you are depressed but want to feel like the is a glimmer of hope


    totally agree, unbelievable album .Your sister  cool !


    @MoeLarryCurly i agree

  33. AnalogKid82

    The guitar intro @ 1:03...

    Luis Mendo Tomás

    Not a guitar. It's a six-string bass. When I first listened to the album, it took me some time to realize that most "guitars" were actually six-string basses

  34. Jimmy Scutts

    I think this was 87' and I was doing a lot of cycling and this was just effin perfect in my head.

    Gandledore Yeet

    Jimmy Scutts this album came out in 89

    Jimmy Scutts

    @Gandledore Yeet well I was still cycling in '89 ya twat!


    Why are so many songs blocked? Really harshes my vibe lol

  36. George Stricker

    that bass running up and down that fret board!


    George Stricker underrated comment

  37. Sid

    This song reminds me of my best friends. I remember telling them how great this song was when we would listen to it. It will always take me to that moment

  38. Dameo Samreen

    Robert Smith I love you man

  39. Dark Dark


  40. Herbert Munson

    -Fart- ART


    Listening to this in my early 20’s. What a feeling. It speaks to my soul even now.

  42. Agent 47

    Nice beat!

  43. Ace Alvarez

    The Maestros

  44. amalio suarez

    La favorita de the Cure me llego al alma está rola en el momento en que la escuche la primera vez, fue amor a primera vista

  45. dream

    Reminds me of the ballad of sister sue by slowdive

  46. Daniel Villalvazo jaramillo

    Es de las buenas#

  47. Marisa Payne

    "When I wrote this song, I was listening to the cure alot. "
    Only real the cure fans know what I'm talking about

    Brad Sutherlin

    Marisa Payne The Wedding Singer!!

  48. chitwn hood

    my teenage angst at it's most moody. the cure saved my life.

  49. Theremin

    Melancholy feels so good sometimes.

  50. LimeC

    0:40 the greatest

  51. Marcos Duarte

    Uma das mais belas canções da Terra...


    A verdade.

  52. Gen Kinsey

    Every beginning has a end just make sure to fill your heart with love before it's to late

  53. Andrew Munsterman

    I grew up listening to the Cure. This is a brilliant album!

  54. Yahir Romero

    every time i hear this "If only I could fill my heart with love" i fall in cry

  55. Ben S.

    The best song on the album. Timeless and extremely memorable.

  56. Gearoid Faherty

    this song get better and better every time

  57. Clint Brannan

    This song makes me hsppy

  58. Richard Martin

    This song means everything to hest words ever written--the empty hours of greed

  59. drub cannabizkitz


  60. Richard Martin

    Every emotion I have in me comes out to this song. Power this man has is truly amazing.

  61. Luana Amaral

    não tem como ouvir isso e não se sentir no paraíso

    Flaviana Pacheco

    Luana Amaral perfeita definição

  62. euro missiles


  63. Ronnie Delao

    the Cure will be relevant for a long time my friends


    Indeed, they have now been relevant for 40 years and counting.

    Dio Burando

    Amen to that

  64. The Ferriss Project

    A masterpiece.

  65. Richard Martin

    Sex driving happy sad. This song can be used for EVERYTHING!!! THANK YOU MR. SMITH

    woebel fisch

    please use kommas

  66. edward Shaw

    Speaks to me

  67. Brandy Jackson


  68. Vic Bautista

    THE CURE!!!!!

  69. Richard Martin

    How one song can put one through all emotions in minutes.... Thank you Mr. Robert Smith
    Always amazing. If your words and music were not here... I would be lost!.

    Tim Lukachik

    Same here. I can't even imagine where I'd be without them.

    Acadia Bonita

    I wouldn't be here at all. He got me through the 80's and out the other side, alive. <3

  70. ITIST1ME

    I'm 45yo and wish I could make my wife feel this the way I do. We are different...guess that's what brought us together. She would probably scoff at me for listening to such a sappy song. At first...she would have loved it, to be so adored...not so sure these days but maybe I'm just crazy.


    Songs can be very personal especially Cure songs. Either you soul is ready for this or not.

    Agnieszka Kowalczyk

    Why would she? Gave her a reason?

    Mark Moore

    Not crazy at all.. Look at is as your own little world of music.. Encapsulate yourself in the car! Enjoy it alone, as the cure should be enjoyed 😁

    James Ashford

    I feel the same man. My wife has no clue of the real type of music I love. No clue at all. But this music takes me so far away. It’s beautiful and inspiring to no imaginable end.

    Fawltee Montee

    @James Ashford ...
    Same here, brother.
    Some certain things can be done by and for ourselves only. And that's what The Cure is about from time to time. No matter how hard i try to make people understand and pass or share along my passion for The(M) Cure, in the end i feel happy. Why? Because i am taking it all to/for myself. Their loss...

  71. gamaimtc

    I'm running out of time
    I'm out of step and closing down
    And never sleep for wanting hours
    The empty hours of greed
    And uselessly always the need to feel again
    The real belief of something more than mockery
    If only I could fill my heart with love

    Keef Riffard

    We all do it

    Dan Star

    Is this The Narcissist's Lament???

    Michael Kennedy

    @Dan Star maybe, if you were a god.

  72. Dennis .Brown

    I got this in 1988. Never gets old. I love this song.

    Sonoyo Ogawa

    1988 is unlikely. Disintegration was released in 1989

  73. boost mobile

    I think I want this song played at my funeral someday

    Vladimir Zapata Gallardo

    Yo quiero que toquen todas y cada una de sus canciones!!!


    first comment ever that made me cry

  74. Gene Kinis

    It hits deep

    genie air

    when one is lost begin it only to be found even with someone new in bed its ok why to be lost its to be found !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is what it is Iam what Iam


    Gene Kinis Means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Conveys so much with so few words...not shallow ones either.

    Gen Kinsey

    I love you  Amanda,
      if only you will see  no one has ever love you more then me 
    we are growing old,  
    there will be never enough  gold.
     forget all those who never seem to have enough
    .let me see your little toes , that I can't get enough 😍
    your heart is mine and I know it
     let me fill it with love⛲